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Charles O'Neill of Burnsville obitMendota - January 8, 1883. Charles O'Neill Jr., aged 19 years, the son of Charles, an old settler of Burnsville, Dakota County, died at an early hour on Thursday morning January 4, 1883 not withstanding the efforts made by some of the most eminent medical men of St. Paul to save his life....
Charles O'NeillA brief biography written for the Burnsville Community History Newsletter.
Charles O'Neill 1825 - 1905Pioneer Charles O'Neill, there are no known photos of his wife Julia Cassady. Buried at St. John the Baptist, Burnsville.
Charles O'Neill dies 1905June 23, 1905 Shakopee Tribune - we have seen spelled O'Neil as well.

Charles O'Neill died June 19, 1905 age 85. He was born in the north of Ireland in 1820 came to America when quite young; and later moved to Burnsville where he has lived for the past 50 years....
Charles O'Neill Jr. 1863- 1883He was the son of Charles and Julia Cassidy O'Neill. He lived with his parents in Burnsville and died at the age of 19 in Burnsville. He was their 5th child.
Unknown with Charles O'Neill Family members believe the person on the left is either Charles' brother James of a good friend Tim Hayes of Burnsville. Charles 1825-1905 was one of Burnsville's first settlers.
Thomas Hogan and Elizabeth O'Neill (1865 -1903)She was the 6th child born to Charles and Julia O'Neill. After their marriage, they lived in St. Paul.
Ellen and Anna O'NeillDaughters of Charles and Julia O'Neill, Ellen Catherine was born March 28, 1860 in Burnsville and died December 29, 1863.
Her sisters Anna was born December 25, 1851 in Burnsville and died June 5, 1864. They are buried at St. John the Baptist Cemetery.
Ellen or Anna O'Neill Charles and Julia had two daughters die within a year of each other. Ellen 1860 - 1863 and Anna 1861- 1864. Family members are not certain which photo is which child.
Ellen or Anna O'NeillCharles and Julia had two daughters die within a year of each other. Ellen 1860 - 1863 and Anna 1861- 1864. Family members are not certain which photo is which child.
Jennie O'Neill (1869 - 1954) and husband Michael O'Toole (1870 - 1913)She was the 7th child of Charles and Julia O'Neill, Burnsville pioneers. After her marriage they lived in North Dakota and later St. Paul.
Jane O'Neill O'TooleJane (Jeanie) Catherine O'Neill born January 10, 1869 in Burnsville. She married Michael O'Toole November 8, 1898 and they lived in St. Paul.She died March 11, 1954. Daughter of Charles and Julia O'Neill.
Margaret Ann O'Neill (1855 - 1942)She was the first child born to Charles and Julia O'Neill. She entered the Sisters of St. Joseph - and her name was changed to Sister St. Joseph.
Mrs. Charles O'Neill - Julia 1904January 1, 1904 Dakota County Tribune reports on the death of Mrs. Charles O'Neill, JULIA, an aged pioneer who died of paralysis at her home two miles south of Hamilton (now Savage). She died Wednesday December 23 at the age of 74. The funeral was held Saturday from St. John's church with Rev. Kane officiating.

There survive a husband and three daughters Mrs. John McDermott of Burnsville, Mrs. M O'Toole of Dakota and Sister St. Joseph of Minneapolis. Mrs. O'Neill was a good neighbor, a cheerful helpmate for her husband through the many years of trials and privations of pioneer days and later years of happiness and prosperity....
John O'Neil Farm as it looked in 1980Most of his farm was in Glendale Township., but at least a 40 acre piece was in Section. 26 of Burnsville Township. Photo compliments of Terry Garvey.
Charles O'NeillCharles O'Neill naturalization records.
Charles O'Neill land documentO'Neil Charles Land Purchase in 1857.
Jennie O'Neill O'TolleShe was the 7th child of Charles and Julia O'Neill, Burnsville pioneers. After her marriage they lived in North Dakota and later St. Paul.
Elizabeth O'Neill HoganElizabeth O'Neill, wife of Thomas Hogan born September 18, 1865 in Burnsville and married Thomas Hogan October 27, 1890. She died December 9, 1903.
South Metro Water Rescue Workgroup A number of south metro agencies took part in a simulated water rescue exercise in Burnsville, Minn. on Wednesday, May 21. 2014. The exercise simulated a commercial airplane crash in the Minnesota River. Rescue crews were dispatched to the area, where they were tasked with locating a mock aircraft, establishing incident command and working with multiple agencies to conduct search and rescue on water and land. Photo compliments City of Burnsville.
Sister Joseph O'Neill May 1942Daughter of Charles and Julia O'Neill born in Burnsville August 12, 1855. At the age of four she moved with her parents to the farm
now owned by Martin Hayes, Burnsville. She attended rural schools near her home and also the Benediction Convent school at Shakopee.
At the age of 18 she entered the Novitiate of the St. Joseph Order located in St. Paul...She was buried at Resurrection Cemetery, Mendota.
Elizabeth O'Neill Hogan and Thomas HoganElizabeth O'Neill born September 18, 1865 in Burnsville. She married Thomas Hogan October 27, 1890 and she died December 8, 1903. Daughter of Charles and Julia O'Neill.
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