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Ed Connelly dies 2002Ed Connelly, age 94 died January 4, 2002. He was son of William and Bridget McCann Connelly and grew up on what was last known as the Pat Connelly farm on Highway 13. He was the youngest of eight children. He graduated from Cretin High School and the Minneapolis School of Business. He owned and operated Sunny Acres Mobile Home Park in Burnsville...
William and Bridget Connelly and familyEarly 1900's. Jim (top left), Mary, John, Bill and Catherine.
Front - Pat, mother Bridget, Ed, Tony and father William.
Entry to the once Bill and Margaret Connelly farm 2017This photo provides a comparison to the air view of the Connelly farm, found on our website. The original farm house is still standing, likely the oldest in Burnsville.
Erwin and Bill and Margaret Connelly farmOriginally the Erwin farm, then owned by WIlliam and Bridget Connelly, then Bill and Margaret Connelly on County Road 11 near Highway 13.
Artist Mary Schutte created for Connelly on Eleven Apartments.
Erwin - Connelly farmBelieved to be built in 1870 by the Erwin family and later owned by William and Bridget, then Bill and Margaret and Mike and Kathy Connelly, this house is on County Road 11.
Farmhouse for saleOriginally owned by the Erwin Family, later William and Bridget Connelly, then Bill and Margaret Connelly and then Michael and Kathy Connelly, this historic farm house was being sold.
Erwin, Connelly farmOriginally the Erwin Family Farm, then William and Bridget Connelly's and then Bill and Margaret Connelly's farm, County Road 11 and Highway 13. Artist Mary Schutte.
Erwin - Connelly farm County Road 11.This listing confirms the House on County Road 11 as first being the Erwin farm.
Sale to William and Bridget Connelly in 1912.
Erwin and ConnellyFrom 1910 until the 1970s the farm at Highway 13 and County Road 11 was owned by the Connelly family. First William and Bridget and then their son Bill and his wife Margaret and family. The original owners were the Erwins.

The Erwin family provided this brief history of the property sale.
John Connelly Farm hosts family reunion circa 1938Front row (l-r starting with cross-legged boy):
Joe 1930?, Mary Margaret 1930, Teresa1932, Richard Kennelly 1931, Jean 1927?, Gerald 1929?, Patrick 1928?, Tim 1932?

Second Row: Anne, Margaret, Anna with Rosemary 1934?,
John with Joanne, Bill with William, Jim, Tom, Mary, William, Teresa Kennelly, Bridget, Joe B, Catherine, Mary with Robert, Pat with Ray

Top Row: Ed, Virginia, Margaret, Mary Catherine, Mary Ellen, Joe Kennelly, Eileen, Francis Kennelly, James1918?, Tony, Kay

(missing Owen b 1925 and Terry, b 1929, adopted)
Farm couple planted firmly in the present - Pat and Mary ConnellyJuly 17, 1985 St. Paul Dispatch features life long Burnsville residents Pat and Mary Connelly.
Four Connelly's at homesteadMary Kennealy, Patrick, Jim and Ed Connelly. Their father was born in a cabin in 1859 and died in 1944. Their mother was Bridget McCann. All except Ed, were born in the old frame house erected in 1868 (shown).
Frank, Ann Connelly and Jack KennellySecond cousins - Jack Kennelly with Frank and Ann Connelly (children of Pat and Mary) 1951.
Frank and Mary Connelly's produce standThe Connelly's stand is open on 12th Avenue, next to the family farm which was homesteaded by his great grandfather in the 1850s.
Frank Connelly 1943- 2011.Great grandson of James Connelly, Grandson of William Connelly, son of Patrick and Mary Hayes Connelly, a member of one of Burnsville's first families also is buried at St. John the Baptist.
Erwin - Connelly farmThe porch and kitchen were an addition to the original 1870s farmhouse built by the Erwins, later owned by William and Bridget Connelly.
Erwin - Connelly farmThe cellar in the historic Erwin Connelly farm house.
Gene Connelly Savage dies 2014Gene Connelly born July 10, 1927 died June 14, 2014. He as the son of John and Anna Connelly. Gene grew up on a farm in Glendale/Savage, his grandparents from Burnsville. He was married to Edith Skluzacek on October 12, 1954.
Descendants of the oldest standing house in BurnsvilleGrace Kennelly Raleigh and husband Bernard. She was daughter of Elizabeth Connelly Kennelly.
Mary Connelly KennealyMary Connelly, 1894 - 1988, daughter of William and Bridge (McCann) Connelly who married Tom Kennealy of Eagan.
Burnsville is home to the Connelly'sJune 5, 1979 Dakota County Tribune interview with life long residents Pat and Mary Connelly.
1976 Burnsville's oldest Standing houseBuilt by James Connelly, he and his wife Mary Condon Connelly in 1868, and then home to their son William and his wife Bridget McCann from 1891 - 1905. In 1904 William and Bridget moved to what people may remember as the Pat and Mary Connelly farm on Highway 13. The next to live in the original house was Johanna Connelly Lannon, after the death of her husband and she lived there 16 years. At the time of the photo the house was more of a shed on the Bill and Helen Lannon property.
Burnsville is home to the Connelly'sFrom the scrapbook of Marian Bohn 1978 - 1979 a feature story on life long residents Pat and Mary (Hayes) Connelly, both born in Burnsville and lived on the well known farm at Highway13 and 12th Avenue.
John ConnellyBorn in Burnsville, but after his marriage farming in Savage, John Connelly.
Erwin - Connelly farmA chicken coop located at what was the Erwin and then Connelly farm in Burnsville.
Jim Connelly 1980sJim Connelly (1892- 1985) lived his entire life in Burnsville, always in a house on Highway 13. He was the son of William and Bridget McCann Connelly, His wife was Anna.
James Connelly dies 1895The "first Connelly" to come to Burnsville - James died as a result of an accident in St. Paul Minnesota. He was born in County Cork Ireland and came to the United States in 1845 - first to Boston and later to Alabama. There me married Mary Condon in 1854 and that same year came to Byrnesville. He was 70 years old.
Jim Connelly carAlthough the photo says Jim Kennelly, we believe it to be Jim Connelly's car.
A wheel made by James Connelly 1800's today From Mary Lannon McMillan: In the 1850s our grandfather's great-great-grandfather migrated from Ireland to Escape starvation from the Potato Famine. With his wife up the Mississippi through Alabama to Minnesota the Connelly's homesteaded on the Minnesota River Bluffs. In Burnsville Minnesota. Our ancestor Mr. James Connelly was a Wagon Wheel Maker by trade. The table is made from a wagon wheel that James Connelly crafted in the 1800's. History has a sweet remembrance.
James Connelly (#1)1825 - 1895 Pioneer founding member of the Burnsville Connelly family. His wife was Mary Condon (1835 - 1905).
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