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Burnsville Jaycees 1971A 1971 Ad inviting men to join the Burnsville Jaycees.
Burnsville Jaycees sponsor circus 1975August 7, 1975 Minnesota Valley Review includes an ad for the upcoming Sells & Gray 3 ring circus at the Burnsville Bowl. One Day Only August 11!
Many volunteer opportunitiesPublished in the Burnsville Community Guide, Sun/Thisweek News years 2020 - 2021.
Included: 360 Communities, Burnsville Rotary, Burnsville Community Foundation, Burnsville Lions Club.
Burnsville Area Society of the Arts celebrates 25 years 2006April 8, 2006 Burnsville Thisweek News reports on the 25th anniversary of the Burnsville Area Society of the Arts.
Burnsville Rotary Club 1977Some of the members of the Burnsville Rotary. See the November 23, 1977 Burnsville Current for identifications.
Burnsville Flower ClubUnidentified members of the Burnsville Flower Club. Circa 1977 Burnsville Current.
Burnsville JayceesSanta Breakfast. December 14, 1977 Burnsville Current.
Burnsville Rotary ClubRotary members Herb Hauschield and George Nash. July 6, 1978 Burnsville Current.
Burnsville JayceesKurt Detlefseon at Burnsville Jaycees booth at the Dakota County Fair. August 17, 1977 Burnsville Current.
Burnsville Rotary ClubMembers of the Rotary donate the Resusi-Anne to the City. Shown is Mayor Ochsner. September 14, 1977 Burnsville Current.
Burnsville Rotary ClubPam Haulchild wins a television following a Burnsville Rotary Club raffle. Shown is George Nash awarding the prize. June 22, 1977 Burnsville Current.
Boy Scout presents to schoolsBurnsville scout Scott Schimmels presents backboard to Joanne Krueger, Burnsville High School 191 and Richard Barnes School District 196. June 22, 1977 Burnsville Current photo.
Army of 28 actors bring Hawkeye, Hot Lips to Life 1993The Burnsville Sun/Current November 3, 1993 presents a pre-run story about the Community Theatre's planned production of MASH.
Burnsville Visual Arts Society 2018Postcard for the Burnsville Visual Arts Society, 2018.

The Burnsville Visual Arts Society (BVAS) was formed in 1981 by a group of visionary residents from Burnsville and surrounding suburbs who came together with a common goal - to bring an awareness of the arts to Burnsville area and give residents access to experience and participate in the fine arts. Since then that dedication has enhanced South of the RIver quality of life by encouraging an understanding of the value and health benefits the visual arts provide.

After 37 years, BVAS' vision lives to cultivate lifelong visual arts appreciation that strengthens and inspires creative expression through community opportunities. BVAS also serves as a resource to help promote art events in the community as well as connects artists to organizations events to display their artwork. Burnsville Visual Arts Society is committed to a lasting mission to inspire, promote and strengthen the visual arts in the Burnsville area.
Arts grpups look forward to Alimagnet house The May 16, 1990 Burnsville Current reports that a group from the community theater will be meeting in an upstairs room, the Center director will be showing a group around the gallery and members of a drawing class will be in the yard. It's the first day in the life of the Lake Alimagnet Center for the Arts as envisioned by community members who have waited years to see a permanent home for community arts groups. That home will open May 19 and 20 at the house of Lake Alimagnet on County Road 11.
Arts Society seeking a permanent home 1988The Burnsville Current January 28, 1988 reports on the Burnsville Area Society for the Arts hope to find a permanent home. It is considering renting 2850 square feet in the basement of the Diamondhead Mall.
Margaret Cuneo, art society's first paid staff member October 3, 1990 Burnsville Current reports Margaret Cuneo has been hired as the coordinator for the arts association.
Burnsville Athletic Club 2022A listing of sports provided by the Burnsville Athletic Club 2022.
Baseball Association 191/ Alimagnet HouseFounded in 1988 by Richard VanderLaan, the Baseball Association 191 is a small sports & recreation club in Burnsville, Minnesota located at 10912 Dakota Court (near Lake Alimagnet) for youth in Burnsville, Eagan and Savage.

The "House" shown in the photo is used by the Association as their office and for storage and meetings.
Baseball Association 191A 2002 listing of their board of directors: Mary Lou Erickson, Neal Jeppson, Clifford Kip Peterson, Ken Slipka and 'Rich Vanderlaan.
Baseball Association 191Trophy case in the Baseball Association 191 office located in what was once known as the HOUSE at Lake Alimagment.
Burnsville Arts Eye permanent home 1988Burnsville This Week September 26, 1988 reports that the fine arts will enjoy greater stature in the Burnsville community when the Burnsville Art Center opens in the Alimagnet Park House next fall. Local artists and patrons anticipate the day when Burnsville has a single location for exhibits, classes, meetings and office space for area arts groups....
Burnsville JayceesKirk Deglefsen and Skip Nienhaus and two others at Jaycee Headquarters ground breaking in Burnsville.
Burnsville JayceesThis profile of the Burnsville Jaycees appeared in their 1980 - 1981 Burnsville Telephone Directory.
Burnsville Jaycees WomenThis profile of the Burnsville Jaycees Women appeared in the Jaycees 1979 - 1980 Burnsville Telephone Directory.
Casey Jones to visit Clown Around Days 1969Burnsville youngsters are invited to meet and greet Casey Jones during the annual Clown Around Days Celebration. Casey is due to arrive at the carnival site (near the Luger Boat Factory, 12th Avenue and Cliff Road) at 7 p.m. this Friday evening...

In addition to the visit from Casey, residents, adults and kids will be able to enjoy a weekend of fun filled activities including eight carnival rides, games, a commerce fair and a lashing competition by the Boy Scouts.
Cast for Guys and Dolls 1985The Burnsville Current February 25, 1985 reports that Director Renae Williams has announced the cast for the Spring production of Guys and Dolls.
Citizens League of BurnsvilleThe Citizens League of Burnsville was formed and chartered in the spring of 1966.
First clown around days a success says Jaycees 1968July 3, 1968 Minnesota Valley Review. It seems the Fire Muster was not Burnsville's first community event. Newspaper articles report that in 1968 the Burnsville Jaycees introduced Clown Around Days a three day carnival, a teen dance and an appearance by kids tv star Casey Jones.
NIne community members or organizations recognized as Community Builders 2018The Burnsville City Council recognized nine community members/organizations with their annual Award during the October 2, 2018 Council meeting.
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