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Internal Communicator September 2, 1994Volume 2, Number 12. Note: This is a proof and not the completed issue. Topics include: Jollie Doran celebrates 25 years with the City, Birthdays, Change in garbage hauler, Fire Muster, PERA workshop.
Internal Communicator April 7, 1995A newsletter by and for employees of the City of Burnsville. Volume 2, Issue 4. This issue includes: Employee Recognition event, (Seems to be a proof of the newsletter without names added yet.)... Employees donate over 250 pounds of food to Community Action Council, Former Burnsville Fire Captian Bob Hultkrantz appears on national tv, Free cancer screenings, Photos - Police protective gear, Russian Visitors, Konat's Korner a message from the City Manager welcoming new employees.
Internal Communicator April 12, 1994Volume 2 Number 6. In this issue: Public entry to fire department moved, Greg Konat will be writing a vision statement for the City of Burnsville, DARE bike-a-thon, Earth Day Fair, Tornado tips, Gary Novotny transfers to new position.
Internal Communicator April 25, 1994Volume 2 Number 7 - Topics include: Nancy Broman joins the finance staff. Senior Community Service Employment program. Parks, Planning and Public Works, County Road 5 construction update, Loan precautions when borrowing, Internationally known lecturer Karen Kaiser Clark to speak at Prayer Breakfast.
Internal Communicator August 11,1995A newsletter by and for employees of the City of Burnsville. Volume 2, Issue 8. This issue includes: Bon Voyage to Deb Brodsho, who came to Burnsville in 1987 as an Associate Planner. Backpacks and bookbags needed for school kids, Fitness Coordinator Eric Carlson contemplates new fitness equipment, Christine Schwab, 12 year old daughter of Jim and Linda Schwab has lens and cornea transplant, Officers Phillips, Hawkins and Zehoski get new assignments, Photos of Terry Schultz, Dave Grommesch, Scott Patterson, Dan Hendrikson and Eric Hendrikson's fishing trip in Canada, Officer Roell to head relief effort to Bosnia- Herzegovina and Konat's Korner talks about ways to eliminate the GAP.
Internal Communicator December 1, 1995A newsletter by and for employees of the City of Burnsville. Volume 2 Issue 12 includes: High School Homecoming featured the children of two Burnsville employees- Jill Hendrikson daughter of Fire Captain Dan Hendrikson and Grant Fischer, son of Police Receptionist Linda Fischer were part of Home Coming Royalty. A story of Lee LaTourelle's deer hunting, Firefighter/Paramedic Dan Hove named to board of National Review of Fire test areas. Russ Lalim, elected vice president of the Burnsville Professional Fire Fighters. Employee discounts available when buying, selling or financing a home, Jim Schwab Fire Marshal and his son Tim compete is Taekwondo. Halloween photos.
Internal Communicator December 2, 1994Volume 2, Number 14 of the employee newsletter. Topics include: The City Store has new merchandise, Les Anderson turns 60, Marty Beckman an employee since 1986 retires, Employee Council update, Burnsville employees address Dakota County Quality Council, Employee Survey review.
Internal Communicator February 1, 1994Volume 2 Number 2. There will be changes to the Internal Communicator. Prior Communications Coordinator Terry Kucera has left, but the employee newsletter will continue with a slightly different look and publication schedule. Ice Fishing, A welcome to new employees, Burnsville trivia.
Internal Communicator January 13, 1995A newsletter by and for the employees of the City of Burnsville. Vol. 1 Number 1. In this issue:
Police answer call for holiday help - Randy Kopitzke wouldn't allow someone in need to go without help during the holiday season. And thanks to Randy and his friends in the Burnsville Police Department, the holidays went just a little bit better for many Burnsville families.

Deputy City Manager Tom Hansen, Organizational Development Coordinator Mike Crnobrna and Deputy City Manager Craig Ebeling participated in the March of Dimes Jail and Bail Fundraiser.

Insurance update, Organizational Development Plan approved by the City Council, High Achievers - Susan Bast, Captain John Deutsch, Karla Schrader and Jerry Hutchinson. Intern Kristina Terharr's last day.
Internal Communicator January 6, 1994A newsletter for the employees of Burnsville - Volume 2 Number 1. This issue includes: PERA video tapes available, Employees benefit from recent Council decision - a 2.5% range adjustment for regular full and part-time, non union employees. Also, a budget management program. Terry Kucera leaves Burnsville for position in Eden Prairie. Holiday photos, A total quality movement program.
Internal Communicator July 14, 1995A Newsletter by and for employees of the City of Burnsville. Volume 2 Issue 7. Topics include: Paul Hokeness leaves City of Burnsville for a new position in Prior Lake. Money saving great ideas garner awards for two staff, Volunteers needed for flower upkeep around City Hall, Gary Dahnke crew leader in the Parks/Planning/Public Works Division has volunteered to serve as city liaison to the Fire Muster Committee. New accounting codes. Staff picnic August 19, Sharon Hagen- zoning department leaves for new position in Las Vegas. Also new employees listed include: Leslie Revier -Police Officer, Rick Porras- Police Officer, Paul Turgeon - Fleet Maintenance and Frank Van Alstine - Intern.
Internal Communicator July 8, 1994Volume 2, Number 11 of the employee newsletter. Topics include: Welcome to Jenny Dahler, Rick Larkin fire fighter and paramedic injured on arson call, Bob Norman completes crime prevention course, Leadership skills, A photo of Eric Carlson, Common and not so common office complaints, John Deutsch volunteers in Costa Rica, James Skelly becomes Communications Coordinator.
Internal Communicator June 2, 1995A newsletter by and for employees of the City of Burnsville. Volume 2 Issue 6. This issue features: After 29 years Eldon Kohls retires, Plan ahead for supplies you may need, Dorothy McHugh receives Exceptional Customer Service Award by the Burnsville Visitors and Convention Bureau, New lights cast bright outlook for City facilities, How turning off lights can save money, Vernita Woods and Julie Holtz new employees, A rest station for bikers at Lac Lavon Drive and County Road 46, Konat's Korner by City Manager comments on Eldon Kohls retirement and nine city employees graduate from the Dakota County Management Academy program.
Internal Communicator June 24, 1994Volume 2, Number 10 of the employee newsletter. Topics include; The 5th Anniversary of the opening of the new city hall, Assertive Behavior, ideas to keep in mind, a photo of Mike Crnobrna, Charitable giving to the B. Robert Lewis House, Interviewing skills, Computer updates, The Better Way to Communicate.
Internal Communicator June 1, 1994Volume 2 Number 9 - topics include: New faces or places -A number of new employees are welcomed and a good luck to Mike Jacobson who has left. Mail sorting, New dialing plan - you must now dial area code with the number, a photo of Tom Venables Computer specialist, Thank you from Mike Crnobrna for employee participation in Vision Quest, Public Education booth at Fire Muster and data processing updates.
Internal Communicator March 10, 1995A newsletter by and for employees of the City of Burnsville. Volume 2, Number 3. This issue included: My, how times have changed! The City upgrades it's computer system with a new IBM AS/400 computer.

If you place a non-business long distance call from a City phone, please remember to reimburse.
Employee Recognition breakfast.
Photos: A look inside the new maintenance facility - City employees wish former purchasing agent Dan White best wishes - Mike Reardon the new Cable coordinator.

Grossed out by the condition of the lunchroom refrigerators?
Employee library a storehouse of information.
Konat's Korner - a message from the City Manager, who writes about the completion of the new maintenance facility.
Tom Hennum, fire captain, accompanied his wife Mary, a high school teacher, and nine Burnsville students on a week long trip to Washington DC.

Paul Broman is collecting old or unused access cards.
Internal Communicator March 18, 1994Volume 2, Number 5 - topics include: Gluing fingerprints together, A free workshop on deck design will be offered by the Protective Inspections Division of the Fire Department, Employee Training and staffing updates.
Internal Communicator March 7, 1994Volume2 Number 4, In this issue The journey to total quality in Burnsville is in the very early development stages, Partnerships for Tomorrow Community Forums, Employee focus group, Fire Education and Employee recognition.
Internal Communicator May 13, 1994Volume 2 Number 8 - This issue includes: Mike Jacobson a ten year employee with Park Maintenance Division accepts position in Anoka Couhty. Paul Hokeness receives a great idea award, Jenny Hager Burnsville High Senior and City employee is interviewed about the recent fire at the high school. Nicollet Avenue Clean up, a photo of Dorthy McHugh receptionist and a computer systems update by Tom Venables.
Internal Communicator May 5, 1995A newsletter by and for employees of the City of Burnsville. Volume 2 Issue 5 - includes: City's Police officer of the year Steve Hoppert receives award. Fly a blue ribbon to support police, Dean Olson worked his last day for the City of Burnsville, the former planning engineer in the parks and planning/public works department has accepted a position with BRW, a consulting firm in Minneapolis. Nicollet Avenue is spic and span. Bill Butters, head hockey coach at Bethel College featured speaker at prayer breakfast. Photos - Deputy City Manager Craig Ebeling and Gary Harker and Terry Schultz. Mike Reardon- Cable Coordinator for Burnsville/Eagan Cable earns award, Employee Recognition - 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years.
Internal Communicator November 10, 1994Volume 2, Number 13 - For the employees of the City of Burnsville. Topics include: Halloween photos, The new mayor Elizabeth Kautz and new council - Charlie Crichton and Deborah Moran, Partnerships for Tomorrow, Change the clocks on computers, City makes quality impression at statewide conference.
Internal Communicator November 3, 1995A newsletter by and for employees of the City of Burnsville. Volume 2 Issue 11 includes: Mel Johnson retires. Deputy City Manager Craig Ebeling leaves, Fire Captain Dan Hendrikson celebrates 25 years and Jeff Curlo new golf course supervisor. Minnesota Valley Transit moves into old maintenance facility, Insurance benefits, photos of Marathon 95, City Council to work on budget and Continental Cable TV looks to purchase Burnsville/Eagan Cable system.
Internal Communicator October 6, 1995A newsletter by and for employees of the City of Burnsville. Volume 2 Issue 10 includes: Craig Ebeling Deputy City Manager leaves, United Way/Health Fund donations up 20%, Fire Station open house, Staffing updates - Debra Peterson begins as Planner in Parks, Planning and Public Works, Tayna Sikorski is the new Community Service Officer, Barb Goerges moves to a position with police department, Mel Johnson Superintendent of Public Works announces retirement, Salley Johnson Administrative Coordinator leaving as is Steve Connelly. How to save money on mailings, Photos of a Fire Station open house, Mike Reardon elected President of National Cable Television Association and 1995 Golf tourney photos.
Internal Communicator Sept 8, 1995A newsletter by and for employees of the City of Burnsville. Volume 2, Issue 9 includes: Fire Muster Fever, A fire fighters memorial service, Get the Lead Out Campaign contributed back to school supplies, Tips on making purchases, Deb Bloom is the new Development Review Engineer. Don't use Directory Assistance, it costs money, Picnic photos, Julie Dorhak new fitness coordinator, Cieve Crowningshield's triplet grandchildren and Konat's Korner updates on the budget.
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