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Burnsville Community TelevisionThe Burnsville Bulletin newspaper profiles Burnsville Community Television Fall 2017.
City produced brochures -2018City of Burnsville Utility Bill - 2018 rates. An informational brochure created by the City of Burnsville to announce the 2018 monthly rates and charges for residents and businesses.
Burnsville shines bright at Northern Lights awards 2019Summer, 2019 Burnsville Bulletin reports: The Minnesota Association of Government Communicators recognized the City of Burnsville Communications Department and Burnsville Community Television with three awards...
City produced brochures City of Burnsville I volunteer - a brochure created by the City of Burnsville listing the variety of volunteer opportunities and experiences available for people of all ages and expertise. Administration - Ames Center- Burnsville Community Television - Inspections - Natural Resources - Parks and Recreation and Facilities, Public Safety and more. More than 1000 people volunteer each year. 2018 publication.
Burnsville, Burnsville, Burnsville... Minnesota late 1960sOne of the first publications marketing Burnsville. "Here is a new City...Burnsville... south gateway to one of the nation's largest urban markets and manufacturing centers. Burnsville...rich in industrial recourse and dynamic in its growth... Burnsville people with bold ideas, highly developed skills and exciting plans for tomorrow.... Here is room to build and grow. Here are the makings of a great opportunity.

Within the booklet information includes: Industrial Resources, Transportation and People, Comprehensive Planning, Where people blend creative interests and active lives and photos of 29 Burnsville Industries.
City of Burnsville's new website 2018December 23, 2018 Burnsville Eagan Sun/Thisweek News reports:

The city of Burnsville’s website just got a major overhaul – its first redesign since 2011. Users can now more easily access city events, activities, services and more at www.burnsvillemn.gov.

Over the past year, Burnsville’s Communications Department worked with staff and residents to learn what people like, don’t like, need and don’t need in a city website. The new site attempts to keep things simple with relevant information that’s easy to find, and navigation that is more “user-centric” rather than organizing information by city departments.

Several new features and sections were also added to the updated site, including:

• Graphic buttons: Colorful buttons on the homepage and specific interior pages to direct users to popular pages and timely information.

• Permit Portal: All permits and licenses located in one area making things easier to find.

• Make a Payment: A “Make a Payment” page with payment links for things such as city utilities and ambulances services.

In addition to a new look, the city also took the opportunity to change the website’s address. While www.burnsville.org will remain operational for some time, the city will begin the transition to www.burnsvillemn.gov, and asks anyone who has the site “bookmarked” to begin updating the address.

“Our hope is that visitors to the website will find that much of the information they needed on the old site is still there – hopefully it’s just easier to find and use,” said Burnsville Communications Coordinator Marty Doll. “We are very excited about this change, and are hoping that our residents and businesses will have a much easier time navigating the site.”

To see the new website, visit www.burnsvillemn.gov.
Parks and Recreation 1988Published by the City of Burnsville featuring summer activities and a map of Parks and Recreation locations.
Parks and Recreation 1990A publication of the City of Burnsville featuring summer activities and a map showing parks and recreation locations.
Burnsville Parks and Recreation Summer 1989Summer activities and a map showing all Burnsville Parks and Recreation facilities.
Parks and Recreation 1998Published by the City of Burnsville featuring summer activities and a map showing parks and recreation locations.
Parks and Recreation 1996A publication of the City of Burnsville featuring summer activities.
Parks and Recreation 1997A publication of the City of Burnsville Parks and Recreation - New in 97 - Teen Events, youth camps and Gardening clubs.
Parks and Recreation 1999Summer Fun - a publication of the City featuring summer activities.
Parks and Recreation 2000Summer fun 2000 - published by the City of Burnsville featuring summer activities including the Garage Teen Center.
Water Quality brochureHow Burnsville residents can help preserve it...1990s.
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