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1966 Committee to review Optional Plans A, B, C. August 1, 1966 - The Mayor and Village Council name: Duane Black, Thomas Campbell, Ralph Clover, Patrick Connelly Sr, Charles McDonald, Mrs. Paul Scheunemann, Ben Sevey, Leonard Nelson and David Naas to the review committee.
Clayton LeFevere attorney prvoides sampe ballot 1966Attorney Clayton LeFevere provides the Village of Burnsville a sample ballot for the Optional B question.
Burnsville will vote Nov 8 on proposal to alter government 1966Oct 4, 1966 Mpls Star reports: The Burnsville Village Council decided Monday over the objections of one of its members, to set November 8, 1966 as the date residents will vote on a proposal for new form of village government...
Thomas Campbell's letter to citizens on Optional Plan BAs chairman of the Citizen's Study Committee that examined the different forms of village government, I respectfully urge you to vote YES for Optional Plan B on November 8th...
Chamber of Commerce supports Optional Plan B - 1966In a letter to Mayor Hall and the Village Council dated October 3, 1966, Russell L. Streefland President of the Chamber writes that the Board of Directors of the Burnsville Chamber of Commerce has officially endorsed the report of the Citizens Study Committee..and place the responsibility with the voters at the general election November 8, 1966...
Change in Burnsville Government recommended by committee 1966In an undated article - The final recommendation of the study committee is reported.
Citizens Committee Gives Reasons for Favoring Plan BNovember 3, 1966 Minnesota Valley Review provides excerpts from the Committee's report.
Citizen's League of Burnsville endorses Plan B - 1966In a letter dated September 30, 1966 the Citizen's League of Burnsville writes the Village Council to endorse Optional Plan B.
Village Government Study Group reports 1966The nine member citizens committee appointed to study the different forms of village government met in Richfield on August 18. The committee was appointed by the village council on August 1, 1966.

According to Thomas J. Campbell, chairman of the committee, one conclusion has been made so far. This is that Burnsville should elect to have one of the optional plans of government. Presently Burnsville is under the standard plan which provides for the election of such officials as the clerk and treasurer. Under the optional plans A, B, C, the officials would be appointed with the mayor and council elected...
Burnsville votes change in Governmental form 1966November 9, 1966 Minneapolis Star reports: Burnsville voters gave more than 4 to 1 approval to the Optional Plan B form of village government with 8 out of 9 precincts reporting.

Under the new system, which goes into effect immediately, a mayor and four trustees are elected. They appoint a manager and clerk. The plan frees the council from some of its less important tasks by giving the administration more authority...
Vote YES for optional plan B campaign 1966Burnsville residents Pat Connelly, Arthur Puch and Michael O'Connor encourage residents to vote YES.
Option B form of government news 1966Barbara Puch (Dakota County Tribune) and Ruth Nelson (Minnesota Valley Review) update residents on Option Plan B.
Ballot for Option B of Government 1966This is a sample ballot for the November 8 vote on converting to option B Government.
Newspaper articles on the study of Optional Plan B 1966Special Study Committee appointed:

The mayor and the village council of Burnsville appointed a special study committee composed of nine members at the council meeting August 1, 1966 to undertake the study of the forms of village government. The committee has been given 90 days in which to make the study and report back to the council with recommendations...

Burnsville to study government change:

A Burnsville's citizens' committee will meet Thursday night to continue its study of a proposed change in village government from the standard plan to optional plan A or B....
Option B form of government vote results 1966Optional Plan B

Village of Burnsville, Adopted November 8, 1966

Final vote: In favor 2645, Against 589
Vote YES for optional plan B campaign 1966Burnsville residents Ben Sevey, Mrs. Paul Scheunemann, Erling Laugtug, Russell Streefland and Ralph Foster encourage residents to vote YES.
Option B form of government timeline 1966Summary of citizens study committee activities prior to the November 8 vote on proposal to form an Option B form of village government.
Vote YES for optional plan B campaign 1966Burnsville residents Myrl Mahaney, Alfred Hall, Ronald Goedken and Al Kraft encourage residents to vote YES.
Optional Plan B explained 1966In an udated article - 1966 Dakota County Tribuen, Optional Plan B is explained.
Norm Oelhafen, President of the River Hills Association favors Optional Plan BIn a letter dated November 1, 1966, Norm Oelhafen, President of the River Hills Association writes: I myself an in favor of Plan B for I believe it will best serve the interests and needs of Burnsville. The directors of our association and the civic leaders of the community have given their endorsement to the Plan...

It is for you, the people of Burnsville, to approve or reject Plan B. It is therefore incumbent on each voter to consider this plan of government and to cast his vote accordingly on election day...
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