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Burnsville city logoThe new logo introduced in 1976 appears on envelopes and letterhead.
1966 City LetterheadAn invitation from the Burnsville Industrial Development Commission 1966 shows the letterhead being used by the city. The letter is signed by Howard Knutson chair of the commission.
1966 LetterheadNote, the address for the Village Hall is County Road 5 and 145th Street in 1966.
City of Burnsville logoThis is the logo design used by the City of Burnsville on letterhead, vehicles and a city flag.
Burnsville Letterhead A slightly different version of the City letterhead with the address appearing to the left of the logo.
Burnsville Minnesota LetterheadLikely the first letterhead after moving to 1313 East Highway 13. Note we are still using the Savage zipcode of 55378.
City of Burnsville Logo graphicBeginning in 2013, Burnsville residents may have started to notice an updated look to the City of Burnsville logo on publications, mailings and around town. The City’s original logo, derived from a flag developed as part of the Bicentennial Celebration in 1976, had been used by the City since the early 1980s.

After more than 30 years, Burnsville’s City Council decided that it was time for a “refresh” – opting for a variation of the logo that reflected the past, while setting the stage for the future.

Local designer Greg Preslicka of Preslicka Studios refreshed the City’s existing logo to give it a modern look and feel while maintaining its original imagery. The updated logo maintains
the deciduous and coniferous trees as well as the water that has long identified Burnsville.

The logo will be incorporated over the long-term – and only when items are due to be replaced. That means the old logo won’t disappear overnight. Items like letterhead, business
cards, vehicle decals or signs will be replaced with the new logo only after the old supplies run out – or the item is due for its normal replacement. Other items, like the City’s water
towers, will keep the old logo for quite some time.
Burnsville Letterhead # 4The mailing envelope with the BVILLE logo graphic. At the time of this printing the zipcode is 55337.
Burnsville city letterheadWith it's third letterhead the City is now using the BVILLE logo for Burnsville. Note on this letterhead the zipcode is now 55337.
Burnsville Letterhead Letterhead after the move to 100 Civic Center Drive.
City of Burnsville LogoCity of Burnsville logo 1977.
comparing business cardsTwo of Burnsville's prior logos appearing on business cards.
Burnsville Letterhead # 2The second version of the City's letterhead. Note the zipcode is 55378, same as Savage.
City of Burnsville LetterheadThis letter to the Burnsville Chapter of the Dakota County Historical Society shows the city letterhead - which had the B'ville logo.
1981 Letterhead for City of BurnsvilleA letter written by City Manager Micheal Falk to Senator Howard Knutson shows the letterhead being used by the city, which is identified as B'ville.
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