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James McManmom and Catherine Gallagher weddingEstimated year 1889 - she was daughter of Michael and Maria Gallagher, who lived in the District 16 area of Burnsville.
Gallagher and Fahey wedding 1891Michael Gallagher and Catherine Fahey Married May 12, 1891 at St. John the Baptist, Byrnesville.
The best man is Michael Gallagher’s brother Martin Patrick Gallagher. The maid of honor is Catherine Fahey’s sister Nels Fahey.


John Oswald - Birth: Feb. 27, 1878, Germany,Death: February 10, 1914
Mary (Mayme) Gallagher Oswald - Birth: Sep. 1, 1872
Death: December. 10, 1970 She was daughter of Michael and Maria Gallagher.
Bertram GallagherBertram and three of his daughters with a team of horses around 1940. He is from the Gallagher family who lived in School District 16.
Bailing Straw Gallagher FarmThis is the Michael Gallagher farm, not related to Patrick Gallagher family.
Mayme Gallagher OswaldMayme Gallagher Oswald, the youngest daughter of Michael and Mariah Gallagher. She was married to John Oswald. Photo 1966.
A group of GallaghersHeaded to town: Joe Gallagher, Frank Ditty, Mary Lou Lauth, Mary McManmon Ditty, Mike Egan, Herbert Lauth, Gertrude Gallagher Lauth, Martin Gallagher, Genevieve Gallagher and Wallace Gallagher at the reins.
Two Gallagher children die young Michael and Mariah Gallagher became the parents to 12 children, two died at a young age. Matthew 1866 - 1867 and Mathias born 1874 -1878.
They are buried at St. John the Baptist Cemetery.
Gallagher and SlatersBertram Gallagher, Ellen Slater, Catherine Slater, Joe Slater, Wally Gallagher November 4, 1923.
Bertram and Catherine GallagherBertram and Catherine Gallagher's graves at St. John the Baptist. He was a grandson of Michael and Marish Gallagher, the son of William and Bridget.
Bertram Gallagher and Catherine SlaterBertram Gallagher and Catherine Slater wedding November 4, 1930.
Attending - Ellen Slater (bride's sister) and Wallace Gallagher (groom's brother).
Bertram GallagherVisiting the Grotto in Iowa.
Bertram Gallagher dies July 16, 1970Bertram J. Gallagher son of William and Bridget Kennedy Gallagher was born July 28, 1906 in Burnsville, where he grew up. He married Catherine Slater of Burnsville and they then farmed in Credit River. He was buried at St. John the Baptist Burnsville.
Bertram Gallagher 1970Bertram Gallagher dies July 16 age 63.
Bill, Wallace and Bertram GallagherBill Gallagher and sons Wallace and Bertram.
Bridget Kennedy GallagherBridget Gallagher with son Bertram - Fall 1906.
Bridget Kennedy GallagherBridget Kennedy wedding to William Gallagher November 22, 1904.
Herter, once a Gallagher home burnt in training 1970December 24, 1970 Dakota County Tribune story on the use of the historic farm for training.

Herter ( original Gallagher) home burnt in training
December 24, 1970 Dakota County Tribune: Once the John Gallagher home and final owner identified as the Herter family, this farm house is burnt in training by fire fighters.

In the name of progress, another old homestead in Burnsville was burnt down on Thursday, December 17, 1970.

Located on Judicial Road, the farm, more recently referred to as the Frank Herter place, but for many years known as the John Gallagher farm was burned to the ground by the Burnsville Public Safety Department.

The reason for the conflagration, according to Cy Rengel, fire training officer, was for practice. The farm has been purchased by an investment company and the farm house would have had to be razed to make room for future development in any event, so the owners gave permission for the house to be burnt by the Public Safety Department. Permission for the fire was also received from the Pollution Control Agency.

Rengel added that some five new people have been added to the Public Safety Volunteer program and this offered the opportunity for them to practice forcible entry, chopping on floors, opening walls, etc.

Burnsville’s Public Safety Volunteers is a voluntary program comprised on male employees of the village.

The house was burned down by degrees. The volunteers were split into two shifts; the morning shift burned the barn, leaving the house for the p.m. shift.

Another Gallagher farm referred to as the Pioneer Farm, located on Burnsville Crosstown, will be burned early in 1971, according to David Cooper, Public Safety Director.

Historically speaking, the two Gallagher farms were divisions of the original Gallagher estate, according to Russ Streefland, one of Bursnville’s longest residents.

Built prior to 1890, the house belonged to the Gallagher Family (Michael and Mariah) until it was purchased by Frank Herter some 20 years ago. Herter was president of the Savage State Bank. Mrs. Marie (Gallagher) McDonald of Savage grew up in the house.
Michael and Mariah (Eagan) GallagherGallagher parents arrived 1855
The site of the Michael Gallagher and Jim Egan farms today 2017This is the corner of Burnsville Parkway and County Road 42. The "Data" building is basically in the area of the Gallagher farm. Jim Egan's house was west of Abdullah Candy just a bit
Catherine Gallagher - dies as a childThe grave of Catherine Gallagher, daughter of Michael and Catherine (Fahey), grand daughter of Michael and Mariah born April 17, 1896 and died November 2, 1896.
Catherine Gallagher - Katie dies 1896November 5, 1896 Shakopee Argus reports the death of Katie on October 31, 1896, age 7 months. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gallagher.
Catherine and Bertram GallagherCatherine Slater and husband Bertram Gallagher.
The Gallagher womenSeptember 1958: Catherine Slater Gallagher, Liz Gallagher Kane, Mayme Gallagher Oswald, Mary Gallagher Nilsson, Kay Gallagher Oxborough.

Catherine Slater Gallagher (wife of) BERTRAM GALLAGHER.

Gallagher family gathering aournd 1948Front row Joe Gallagher and sisters Kay Gallagher Oxborough and Liz Gallagher Kane; Back row: Mary Gallagher Nilsson (sister) Bertram Gallagher (father), Mayme Gallagher Oswald (aunt), Tom Gallagher (cousin), Wallace Gallagher (uncle).

Mayme Gallagher Oswald and Tom Gallagher were first cousins, their father's Michael and Thomas, were brothers.
The death of Michael Gallagher 1913Michael Gallagher, age 87 dies September 17, 1913. He was married to Maria (Mariah) Egan who died in 1878...
Mary Ellen Gallagher and Bridget WalshMary Ellen Gallagher (Oswald) and Bridget Walsh (Slater).
Gallagher farm 1955There were two Gallagher families in Burnsville - not related. This farm was owned by the family of Michael and Mariah Gallagher.
Gallagher Farm Is Century Old (Michael and Mariah family)December 31, 1954

The Gallagher farm, known aa the “Pioneer Farm,” was pre­empted 100 years ago, New Year’s Day. Since then, five generations of the Gallaghers have at one time or other, set foot on the place.

Today, William Gallagher, who was 84 on December 1st, and Mrs. Mary Oswald, 82, his sister, re­side on the farm with Bill’s son Wallace. Another of Bill’s sons —Bertram Gallagher of Lakeville —has five children which would comprise the fifth generation. Those children are: John, Mary, Elizabeth, Joseph, and Catherine.

It was no doubt a cold New Year’s Day, in 1855, 10 years before the Civil War, that the Gal­laghers came by borrowed ox team, to the Burnsville prairie land surrounded by woods. The locations would be ideal for farm settlement, and defense against the Indians.

Actually Thomas and Margaret Gallagher had come from County Galloway in Ireland. They went to St. Louis where they settled a year and a half. Then they came up the Mississippi to a little town called St. Paul. Most of the persons coming to the United States at that time, landed in either New York or Bos­ton, but the ship the Gallaghers were on lost its course and landed in New Orleans. It was three months on the way.

Mr. Gallagher and his son worked in New Orleans loading cotton bales for some time. Then they went to St. Louis where they worked on the railroad. They es­tablished a home there and the mother and the rest of the family came from Ireland and they lived there for about
1 1/2 years.

A terrible epidemic of yellow fever came while they were there and the people died like flies. Among those who passed away was their only daughter, about 17 years old.

When they came to the Burns­ville farm, there was no govern­ment survey in those days. Everyone who settled "just squatted on the land,” Bill declares, until the government could catch up with their pioneer movements.

Bill said Thomas and Margaret Gallagher had a son Michael who was about 25 years old then. Michael who later married Maria Egan, was the father of Bill and five other boys and three girls. Mrs. Oswald of the home farm, and Martin of St. Paul, are the only other survivors

Bill remembers the first build­ings on the Gallagher farm were made of logs. He said he remem­bers at the age of about 9 years they went through 30 or 40 tee­pees at a spot now west of the Lyndale avenue bridge.

At the time of the famous New Ulm massacre, all the neighborhood farmers banded together at the Gallagher place, and made & fortress out of it. They were afraid of the uprising in Burnsville simi­lar to that of New Ulm.

The men were armed with everything from pitchforks to flint shotguns, living in the log buildings for several weeks. How­ ever, nothing happened and every­ thing quieted down.

The Indians once begged bread from the settlers. They went hunting and fishing for a living. It was a common site to see an Indian and his squaw start out to fetch game. They’d walk past the farm starting out with practically nothing, and return laden with all kinds of food. They really knew how to hunt and fish.

Bill said the settlers had a hardy spirit; one time his father walked—that’s right, walked,—all the way to Redwood Palls and back to straighten out the title to his land. They had no horse. It was a round trip distance of an estimated 300 miles!

But the pioneer forefathers sur­vived the early hardships, and were none the worse for their experiences. In fact they pro­bably owe their long life and good health to the vigorous outdoor fresh air and exercise.
Farm family - Gallaghers - heirs find a gift a burden 1994July 10, 1994 Burnsville Thisweek reports: The Gallagher clan from County Galway, Ireland, homesteaded what is now the corner of Burnsville Parkway and County Road 42 in 1855 and today their heirs face high taxes and assessments on the remaining property.
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