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Burnsville Then and Now - Dairy Queen on County Road 5
Burnsville Then and Now - Dolly's Store
Burnsville Then and Now - El Dorado restaurant
Burnsville Then and Now - Figura farm, County Road 11
Burnsville Then and Now - Fire Station 2 signage
Burnsville Then and Now - Herbie's on Travelers Trail
Burnsville Then and Now -Jens Embassy
Burnsville Then and Now -Jimmy's Lemon Tree
Burnsville Then and Now - Mac's Truck Stop and Bank's Cafe
Burnsville Then and Now - Valley View Motel, Highway 13
Burnsville Then and Now - Patrick and Nora Nicholson farm, Nicollet Avenue
Burnsville Then and Now -The Shamrock Club, Highway 13
Then 1960's and Now 2021Then 1960's - Brooks Superette
Now 2022 - Professional Export Services
4225 Nicols Road, Eagan, Minnesota.
Then 1899 until Now 2020 Buck Hill
Then 1969 and Now 2022Nicollet Junior High School under construction, now Nicollet Middle School.
The Connelly, Kennelly and Casey farmsMap identifies locations of the Jim and Anna Connelly, Joe Kennelly and Lawrence Casey farms at the corner
of Highway 13 and Cliff Road.
Then and Now Burnsville City Hall and Eden Baptist ChurchThen - Burnsville City Hall -
Now - Eden Baptist Church, Highway 13. photo 2020.
Then the Burnsville Village and City Hall - Now 2020 Eden Baptist ChurchEden Baptist Church 1313 East Highway 13 stands on the site of the second Burnsville Village and then City Hall.
Then pre 1967 - Then 1967 - 1989 and Now 1989 - present Town,Village and City HallBurnsville has utilized three buildings as their center of Government from the 1950's until today.
Then 1980's - Now 2020 Highway 13 and Cliff Road - the Kennelly farm
1974 and 1977 and 2022 view of Nicollet Avenue and County Road 42Between 1974 and 1977 and 2022 view of Nicollet Avenue and County Road 42. Historic photo from Bordner Consultants from the John R. Borchert Map Library.
Burnsville Then and Now - book 326 pages.
Then 1980 and Now 2021 -The William and Bridget and then Pat and Mary Connelly farm and today Highway 13 accessed through Riverwood Drive, Burnsville.
Then 1958 and Now 2022Originally the Erwin farm house, then William and Bridget Connelly's,
later Bill and Margaret Connelly and then their son Michael and Kathy Connelly.
Highway 13 and County Road 11.
Then the Connelly Farm Market and Now Speedway Gas 4200 East Highway 13.The Connelly family operated a Farm Market on their property in front of the Burnsville Bowl. Today this is the site of Speedway Gas at 4200 East Highway 13.
Then 1975 - Now 2022Then 1975 - The Joe and Janette Connelly farm being torn down. Prior owners Jim and Anna Connelly, Michael and Mary (Kennelly) Dunn and Walter and Sarah (Kennedy) Kennelly who purchased the farm in 1864.

Now 2022 - Town Homes at Highway 13 and Cliff Road, Burnsville, Minnesota.
Erwin and later Bill and Margaret Connelly farmThe Bill and Margaret Connelly farm - Bill shown in the 1950's with children Theresa, Tom, Bill and Mike and the site today
the intersection of Highway 13 and County Road 11. In 2020 the house still stands, behind the trees and townhomes.
John Connelly - Jim and Rosella Ryan home1920's and 2020 -
The John Connelly and later Jim and Rosella Ryan farm house located on HIghway 13 between County Road 11 and 12th Avenue.
Then 1950s and Now 2021County Road 11 near Highway 13, Burnsville
Bill and Margaret Connelly farm - now Connelly on Eleven Apartments
Between 1975 and 1977 and 2022 view of Nicollet Avenue and County Road 42Between 1974 and 1977 and 2022 view of Nicollet Avenue and County Road 42. Historic photo from Bordner Consultants from the John R. Borchert Map Library.
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