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Then 1974 - 1979 and Now 2022Highway 13 and Nicollet Avenue, Burnsville. Earlier photo includes KMART and the Lucky Twin Movie Theatre. In 2022 this corner is Nicollet Plaza with the Minnesota Valley Transit Station across the street.
Then 1952 and Now 2022The corner of Highway 13 and Cliff Road, then owned by John and Margaret Kennelly.
Now 2022 at that corner Walgreens and Racks Sports Bar and Sports Grill.
Burnsville Then and Now - Intersection of County Road 5 and Highway 13Then 1960 - Under construction initial building for the Burnsville Shopping Center
Now 2020 - Captain Towing, 1800 Highway 13 West
Then 1925 and Now 2022 - Oscar Dally's PlaceOscar Dally's Place at Crystal Lake in 1925 and sign marking location in 2022.
Then and NowDeShaw farm, County Road 11 and McAndrews Road.
Then 1960's - Now 2022Rahn Road and then Beau D Rue Drive, Eagan MInnesota.
Then 1990's and Now 2020 Fire Department VehiclesFire Department vehicles leaving their garage. Photo compliments of City of Burnsville.
Then 1972 and Now 2020 Burnsville Fire Stations
Then 1967 - 2010 and Now 2022Then 1967 - 2010 - Burnsville Bowl
Now 2022 - TriState Bobcat
Then 2000 - Now 2022 Aerial view of Nicollet Avenue and Highway 13. In 2000 the empty Kmart store appears.
Then 1964 - Now 2021 The Gallagher farmOriginally homesteaded by their parents Patrick and Ann Gallagher, the last sons to live on the property were Marty and Ennie. Here is a view from 1964 and today as Gateway Business Park.
Then 2020 and Now 2021Gideon Pond Elementary School sign designed by Burnsville's Precision Signs & Imagining LLC. 2021.
Then 1970s and Now 2021Highway 13 and Interstate 35W.
Then 1980s - Now 2023Then 1980's and Now 2023 - Burnsville High School.
Then 1965 and Now 2022The site of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, County Roads 5 and 42.
Then 1970 - Now 2022Burnsville's longest standing restaurant building Highway 13.
Bus service at Burnsville is Big BusinessOctober 1, 1965 Dakota County Tribune: Last year Burnsville school district spent approximately $82,000 to transport students to and from its various schools...
Then 1979 and now 2021 -The Kennelly farm and now town homes, HIghway 13, Burnsville.
Then 1960s - Now 2022Then 1960s - Now 2022 Earley Lake, County Road 5.
Then 1964 and 1972 and now 2020 - The Burnhaven Library
Then 1978 - Now 2023Then 1978 - Now 2023 Cliff Road looking toward Highway 13, starting at Mary Mother of the Church.
Then 2018 and Now 2021McDonalds, 2901 West Highway 13, Burnsville, Minnesota.
Then 2008 and Now 2023Then 2008 and Now 2023 - the Inn at 1101 West Burnsville Parkway.
Bicentennial Garden Bicentennial Garden sign 1976 and 2019.
Then 1965 and Now 2022 - Highway 13 and Nicollet AvenueAnother major Del Stelling photo find - the corner of what is now Highway 13 and Nicollet Avenue, Burnsville. You can see one of the Lucky Twin movie theatre screens and the John and Catherine O'Regan farmhouse (Today the Nicollet Plaza property).
Highway 13 and 35 W - then and nowThe intersection of Highway 13 and Lyndale Avenue (now 35 W) has changed circa 1940s and 2017.
Then 1970s and Now 2021 -The corner of Highway 13 and Cliff Road.
Then the abandoned Tim O'Regan home No - Fergusen Bath, Kitchen and Lighting and othersAfter his marriage, Tim O'Regan Jr (who grew up on a farm on today's Nicollet Avenue) moved to this farm. It later became a horse ranch.
Today 2020 this is a business area that includes Fergusen Bath, Kitchen and Design.
Then 1950's - Now 2021 The John O'Regan farmJohn O'Regan farm at corner of todays Highway 13 and Nicollet Avenue, now a shopping center with a Cub Foods store and surrounding apartments. View photographed from the top floor of the Maven Apartments.
Then 1960's - Now 2022County Roads 5 and 42, Burnsville, Mn.
Painting by Jody Olson.
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