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Billy Goat Bridge1964 accident on Billy Goat Bridge, Dakota County Tribune.
Burnsville Village Hall interiorNovember 5, 1964 Dakota County Tribune - Interior photos of the Burnsville Village Hall during a meeting, location County Road 5.
New Bleachers at high schoolSeptember 10, 1964 Dakota County Tribune - New Bleachers at Burnsville will seat 2144 people.
Burnsville water tower1964 Dakota County Tribune view of Burnsville water tower.
PTA CarnivalFebruary 13, 1964 Dakota County Tribune, the annual PTA Carnival at the school.
New N.W. Bell office in operation 1964April 2, 1964 Dakota County Tribune reports: New Northwestern Bell telephone central office in Burnsville went into operation Monday, starting to change over their customer numbers to the new 890 exchange from the present TUxedo 1 and 8 numbers. Where Connie Winkle, central office foreman, checks a report in front of the telephone testing panel...
New N.W. Bell office in operation 1964 April 2, 1964 Dakota County Tribune reports: Power supply board at the new 4500 square foot central office building in Burnsville. Standing before the unit, which converts commercial AC power to DC for charging batteries is Roger Paulsen, Richfield, an installer for Western Electric. The batteries could supply power for about 8 hours if commercial power fails. The new $1,000,000 building is located one mile east of Savage just west of the junction of Highway 101 and former state highway 13.
Frank Gibson BarbershopApril 16, 1964 Frank Gibson's Barbershop Rosemount eventually ended up at historic Dakota City, Farmington.
For some living in Burnsville or those attending high school in Rosemount, this was their barbershop.
Black Dog in Burnsville, Supreme Court rules 1964April 30, 1964 Dakota County Tribune reports: With the Minnesota Supreme Court's decision that Bloomington's attempted annexation of Black Dog plant was null and void, the Minnesota Municipal Commission can meet to consider Burnsville's petition for incorporation...
35 W shown in aerialAugust 13, 1964 Dakota County Tribune aerial of the expansion of 35 W.
Downtown Savage on Dan Patch DaysAugust 6, 1964 Dakota County Tribune, Dan Patch Days, cropped photo showing some of the downtown businesses.
New offices completed in Burnsville Hall August 13, 1964 Dakota County Tribune: These new offices have been placed in the Burnsville City Hall. Shown is chief Edward Farrell.
Wally Day for County CommissionerAugust 27, 1964 Dakota County Tribune ad shows Wally Day's run for County Commissioner.
Working on 35 W freewayAugust 13, 1964 Dakota County Tribune, work on 35W near Buck Hill.
Flower show in Burnsville 1964August 27, 1964 Dakota County Tribune features: The Beauty of Burnsville Flower show at the Burnsville Elementary School (part of today's high school).
River Hills United MethodistAugust 20, 1964 sketch of the proposed River Hills United Methodist Church, highway 13.
Savage Lumber and Dan Patch DaysAugust 6, 1964 Dakota County Tribune, Dan Patch Days photo cropped to show downtown Lumber yard.
Allen's Dodge, Dan Patch DaysAugust 6, 1964 Dakota County Tribune Dan Patch Days photo cropped to show Allen's Dodge.
Burnsville's first mayor Roger Richardson 1964August 6, 1964 Dakota County Tribune. Burnsville's first mayor Roger Richardson and his wife during the Dan Patch parade. He was just elected Burnsville's first mayor.
Savage. Dan Patch Days 1964August 6, 1964 Dakota County Tribune, Dan Patch Days, full view of the Main Street in Savage.
Two boys held in bomb scare 1964The May 9, 1964 Minneapolis Star Tribune reports: St. Louis Park police have arrested two 14 year old youths who admitted turning in false bomb alarms in two Minneapolis surburban high schools. The two boys, both from the Burnsville area, were turned over to the Dakota County Sheriff's Office..a bomb threat was made Monday at Burnsville...
New bus garage at high school to be ready soon 1964November 19, 1964 Dakota County Tribune reports: New bus garage at Burnsville Senior high is almost completed and ready to use.
Carl Anderson for trusteeJune 9, 1964 Dakota County Tribune ad for Carl Anderson for trustee.
Annual PTA CarnivalFebruary 13, 1964 Dakota County Tribune: School board members Warren Smith (left) and Bill Williams try their hand at hawking pop corn at the school fair last Saturday. Youth unidentified.
Burnsville Chamber meets 1964January 9, 1964 Dakota County Tribune: First meeting of the Burnsville Chamber of Commerce.
Chief of Police is professionalSeptember 27, 1964 Dakota County Tribune reports: Many years of police education and experience characterize the career of Burnsville's Chief of Police Edward Farrell...
Class ring design 1964November 26, 1964 Dakota County Tribune shows the design of the School's class ring.

Pictured above is the design for the Burnsville high school ring. Except for the change of year in the choice of stones the design will be the same for each graduating class. Prices of the rings, which are purchased from Jostens of Owatonna, range from $21.50 to $28.60 depending on the ring size. Promoting the adoption of the school ring was the high school student council, advised by Mr. Mr. Fullerton and Mister Schueble.
Burnsville police 1964December 24, 1964 Dakota County Tribune reports: The resusitator in the new police station wagon was initiated last Wednesday December 16, 1964 when Lt. Robert French of the Burnsville Police department received a call that a child was suffocating in Timberland Knolls. The call came from Mrs. Robert Scott, wife of Burnsville's Justice of the Peace, who was seeking help for a neighbor...
Tom Stellmach dog catcherOctober 22, 1964 Dakota County Tribune profiles Burnsville's dog catcher Tom Stellmach.
What do council and mayor earn in 1964?A 1964 Dakota County Tribune editorial addresses salary of the council and mayor.
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