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July 15, 1964 Minneapolis Star Tribune provides the results of the election where Roger Richardson, board chair, is elected as first mayor. He received 583 votes over Gordon Hackman with 350 votes and Charles McDonald with 215. Warren Kelley, Ray Connelly and William Dolan running in a field of 15 candidates won seats as trustees.
Class ring design 1964November 26, 1964 Dakota County Tribune shows the design of the School's class ring.
Class ring design 1964November 26, 1964 Dakota County Tribune shows the design of the School's class ring.
Bomb scare evacuates 1,612 from Burnsville School.May 7, 1964 Dakota County Tribune:

“There’s a bomb in the school and it will go off within 1 ½ hours”.

That’s what a man’s voice told Mrs. Sharon Penz, Burnsville school secretary to the business manager at 1:15 p.m. Monday.

School authorities ordered evacuation of 1500 children and 65 teachers from the building by means of a routine fire drill, and then kept them outside away from the building until buses could take them home.

All activities were cancelled for the remainder of the day, while Dakota County Police and school authorities made a thorough search of the building.

No bomb exploded. No trace of a bomb was found.

Veteran Superintendent John Metcalf said it was the first bomb scare the school has ever had. It was the first he’s seen in many years of school work.

It was the first bomb scare in a school that we’ve ever known in Dakota County or immediate area.

Mrs. Margaret Dorn, elementary supervisor, who was naturally concerned about the bomb complimented the youngsters on their excellent behavior during the fire drill. She said they waited patiently outside until the buses picked them up. The evacuation was completely orderly and went beautifully, she said.

When the apparent “crank” call came, Mrs. Peters said the man hung up after the call was acknowledged. She took the information to the superintendent’s secretary.

Superintendent Metcalf was attending a meeting at Mendota of Missota school superintendents regarding the possible use of TV in high school, also the salaries of janitors and bus drivers. As Senior Principal Pomije was ill at the time, the superintendent had a fast discussion with Junior Principal Ronald Goedken, over the telephone.

“We couldn’t afford to take a chance”, Metcalf said. “We ordered immediate evacuation”

The children? Most of them thought it was a fire drill and took it good naturally. Rumors that something was up spread rapidly when they weren’t brought back into the building. When the youngsters spotted news cameramen and TV units appearing on the scene, they became quite curious.

School board chairman Len Shafer noticed the activity and joined Metcalf and other administrators. Metcalf himself made a thorough search of the garage. Officers Jim Pesek, Carl Breanna and Chief Deputy McClellan searched the building. Swimming pool activities were cancelled for the evening.

Metcalf said the district would prosecute the caller if they learn his identity. Conviction of making such a call would bring a jail sentence. School was opened Tuesday morning.

The Anoka school had a bomb scare early Monday morning, but the second school was checked out and pronounced safe by the time the youngsters arrived.
Future school sites 1964Undated Dakota County Tribune article 1964 - The Burnsville school board does not know the order in which buildings will be built on sites the district recently decided to purchase, but it's safe to say all these sites will have buildings....
Eagan fire department gets first call - Scott's storeMarch 19, 1964 Dakota County Tribune - The former Jim Scott general store building at Nicols station on Cedar Avenue provided the Eagan Fire Department with its first experience Tuesday morning of this week.

The building, which is owned by Joseph Kennealy of Eagan Township, was built in 1907 and was quickly reduced to rubble by Fire Chief Donald Van Engen and his crew...

The late James Scott, a native of Eagan township, who died in 1953 operated a general store there from 1907 - 1920...
Jim Scott's store in flames 1964Located at the rail road tracks of Nicols and across from the rail road depot, Jim Scott ran a general store from 1907 -1920. It was then used as a warehouse and later a home. The Eagan Fire Department set and used this as their "first fire". Dakota County Tribune March 19, 1964.
Burnsville Sewer plantJanuary 30, 1964 Dakota County Tribune: Sewer Plant in Burnsville is unique to the area, the operation is entirely below ground with the offices and machinery in the west walls of the plant. The plant is 70 feet in diameter and 27 feet below ground.
Burnsville Sewer plantJanuary 30, 1964 Dakota County Tribune: Blowers and pump used in the Burnsville sewer plant are in operation.
Cabin gives way to progress 1964May 14, 1964 Dakota County Tribune reports: A cabin owned by Tom Kennelly (story says Kennedy) is being torn down for a new Philips Gas Station.
Don Miguel visits Sioux TrailDecember 17, 1964 Dakota County Tribune reports: Don MIguel (KTCA TV) discusses objects in his Jcja Magico - magic box with Jill Harris, Miriam Olson, Kathleen Voell and Jerome Utecht, fifth grade. He was an early Spanish language educator on Minnesota public television in the 1950's.
Burnsville High Wood ShopNovember 19, 1964 Dakota County Tribune photo of the wood shop at Burnsville High School.
Burnsville High Wood ShopNovember 19, 1964 Dakota County Tribune photo of the wood shop class at Burnsville High School.
Emmet Zweber, one of Burnsville's longest operting businessesJanuary 23, 1964 Dakota County Tribune for Emmet Zweber insurance, now with an office in Burnsville in the Warrior Building, on Travelers Trail. In 2019, Emmet remains in business in Burnsville.
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