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Then 1940s and Now 2021 view of 123rd Street WestA view of what was once the main street of downtown Savage.
Three views of Ottawa AvenueToday's Ottawa Avenue in 1908, 1950s and 2020.
Then and now Once named Vine Street, now Ottawa Avenue.
Then and NowThen 1964 - Dan Patch Bowling Lanes and
Now 2021 - The Guild Center at 12390 Ottawa Avenue.
Then and nowThen 1960's and Now 2021 - the Valley Shopping Center
St. John the Baptist campusThen 1976 and Now 2021
St. John the Baptist Church and Rectory
Then and NowThen 1982 and Now 2021 - The American Legion (formerly St. James Lutheran Church).
Then 1984 - Now 2021 Ottawa AvenueOttawa Avenue looking toward Highway 13.
Then and NowThen 1984 - the Evergreen Restaurant with the former Mark Egan Texaco/Oscar's Transmission and Bate Shop
Now 2021 - El Loro Restaurant
Then 1940s and Now 2021 Ottawa Avenue SouthA view of Ottawa Avenue South in Savage.
Then 1970s and Now 2021 -Originally Minnesota Street, now 123rd Street, Savage, Minnesota.
Then 1920 - Now 2021A 1920's view of Downtown Savage. Today this is 123rd Street.

The building on the corner was the Kaufenberg bar, then a laundromat and then Rid Hopps donut shop. The west portion of that building was Dr. Yee's dental office in the 1960s.

The next building was the original Savage First Bank. When the new bank was built , that space was Glendale town hall. When Glendale was annexed by Savage 1969 , that building became city owned and became Savage first public library. Later it became a bike shop and in 2020 a gun shop.
Savage Then and Now - The Dan Patch Lanes
Savage Then and Now - Mark Egan's Texaco
Savage Then and Now - Allen's Garage during Dan Patch Days
Savage Then and Now - The Kearney Store
Then 1980 and Now 2020 Downtown Savage2020 photo used with permission of Randy Monnens.
Then 1965 and Now 2021 -4990 123rd Street West, Savage, Minnesota
Earl and Dorothy's - also Brookside Inn and now Buffalo Tap.
Then and Now the Dan Patch Bowl siteThen 1950's Kearney Market Van
Then 1970's Dan Patch Bowling Lanes
Then 2000 - Vacant lot
Now 2021- Residential Care Center
Riley Store1908 view of Riley's Store.
Then 1982 and Now 2021The site of the Motor Mart - Intersection of 123rd Street West and Princeton Avenue, Savage, MInnesota.
Then and Now Downtown Savage Then and Now Downtown Savage showing former Garvey Store and 2019 Razors Edge Barbershop.
Then 1968 and Now 2020 - 4749 East Highway 13Originally Mark Egan's Texaco, then Oscar's Radiator Service.1968
Now the site of El Loro restaurant. Photo 2020.
Then 1940s and Now 2021 Ottawa Avenue SouthA view of Ottawa Avenue South included the Garvey Store (1940) now the Razors Edge Barbershop. 2021 photo.
Then 1984 and Now 2021 -12400 Princeton Avenue South, Savage, Minnesota.
Then 1908 - now 2020 Downtown Savage1908 - Riley Store, Garvey Store, Steeple for St. John the Baptist Church.
2020 - The Hamilton, a small house, Razors Edge Barbershop (only original building on street).

Then and NowThen 1903 - Riley Store
Now 2021 - The Hamilton
the corner of 123rd Street West and Ottawa Avenue, Savage, Minnesota.
Then 1965 and now 2019 The Savage Fire DepartmentView of the Savage fire trucks.
Then 1988 and Now 20211988 - The Brookside and 2021 - The Buffalo Tap.
Then the 1940's and 1960s and Now 2021The corner of Ottawa Avenue and 123rd Street West.
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