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Frank Klingelhut owner of the EmbassyFrank Klingelhut when he owned the Embassy in Burnsville.
Embassy RestaurantAugust 22, 1955 Wedding party at the Embassy. Dolores Kearney married Len Berens. Shown are Marge and Clara Kearney, Delores and Len Berens, Ed McQuiston.
Embassy RestaurantAugust 24, 1955 Wedding reception at the Embassy Restaurant. Dolores Kearney married Len Berens.
Minotte's Restaurant - Jens' EmbassySeptember, 1973 Business Voice cover photo included Minotte's restaurant on 35 W in Burnsville. This was originally Jens' Embassy.
Burnsville Fire Department at Corner House fire 1978Once the site of Jens' Embassy, after being sold it became the Corner House, which burnt in January, 1978.
After the fire, a car dealership (Black Dog VW) was built on the property.
Embassy Club1934 and 1936 ads for the Embassy Club, Lyndale Avenue, one mile south of the Minnesota River.
Embassy Club1928 - likely one of the first ads for the Embassy Club also 1929 and 1930 and 1931 ads.
Black Dog Volkswagen 1978Black Dog Volkswagen before being renamed Burnsville Volkswagen, then located on 35 W on the former site of Jen's Embassy.
Embassy CafeMatchbook for the Embassy Cafe, Lyndale Avenue, Savage. It was located on what is now 35W in Burnsville. Burnsville's mailing address was Savage at this time.
Embassy RestaurantAnother old Embassy photo.
Break in at Jens' EmbassyFebruary 21, 1963 Minnesota Valley Review

Thieves netted about $150 in coins and miscellaneous items in a break-in at Jen's Embassy on Highways 13 and 65 on February 5...
Burnsville Men by Embassy 1972October 5, 1972 Dakota County Tribune

The well know restaurant has been closed since 1971 will be renamed Minotti's....
The Corner House 1976This ad for the Corner House appeared in the Burnsville Telephone Directory published by the Jaycees in 1976. This was the site of Jen's Embassy.
Corner House Restaurant fireFebruary 7, 1977 - A MInneapolis Star Tribune photo of the three alarm fire at the Corner House Restaurant, 12020 Highway I 35W. This had been Jen's Embassy Club and after the fire the building was removed and Black Dog Volkswagen was built on the site.
The Embassy is flooded 1965The Embassy Restaurant flooded in the epic flood of 1965. It was owned and operated by Jens Casperson. during the flood school students were encouraged to assist with sandbagging. The interstate was flooded.
The Embassy CafeOpen 11 a.m. Daily Monday - Saturday
Open Sundays 9 p.m. - midnight...
Visit our new Cocktail Lounge.
12020 Highway 35 W. This ad appeared in the 1971 Burnsville telephone directory.
The EmbassyOctober 22, 1967 ad for the Embassy.
EmbassyAd for what was known as Jens Embassy, on old Lyndale, now 35W.
Embassy Club adsVarious newspaper ads 1931, 1934, 1936, 1940, 1945, 1957 for the Embassy Club.
We learn in 1936 it is called Smith's.
Embassy Club 1967A 1967 ad for the Embassy appearing in the Burnsville Savage Polk Directory.
Embassy Club and Burnsville Auto Body ads 1965The Embassy Club - advertises noon lunches and Burnsville Auto Body advertises vehicle services in these 1965 ads which appeared in the Dakota County Tribune newspaper.
Embassy Club Sold 1972October 5, 1972 Dakota County Tribune: The former Embassy restaurant is presently undergoing renovations in preparation for its opening as an Italian restaurant named Minotti's.
The Embassy 19671967 Polk Directory ad for the Embassy also called Jens' Embassy on Highway 65 or 35W and 122nd Street. Note ad says Savage, MInnesota.
Herbie'sFrank Klingelhut with Herbie Pilger and Bill Bush.
Embassy Restaurant matchbookSmoking was allowed, ashtrays at every table and matches provided.
Embassy RestaurantThe Embassy takes on a new look, it later became the Corner House.
The EmbassyA December 2, 1967 ad for the Embassy.
Firefighters save Minotte'sNovember 2, 1972 Dakota County Tribune

Owners of Minotte's restaurant have credited the Burnsville Public Safety Department for their quick response in saving the restaurant...
Burnsville to hear liquor license pleas Dec 1964Then a village council- Burnsville hears pleas from Violet Pilger representing Herbie and Vi's and George Ellis representing the Embassy Club regarding on sale liquor licenses.
Jens' Embassy pen drawingA pen drawing of Jens' Embassy by the Dakota County Historical Society's Bill Wolston for the Burnsville Historic map.
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