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Burnsville's general store in SavageMoved to Savage around 1902, following the St. John the Baptist fire this became the Garvey Store and in this photo Antiques being sold. Jens Bohn purchased the building and it became the Razors Edge Barbershop.
Visitors from England enjoy Berrisford store site 1983November 16, 1983 - Burnsville Sun

English visitors - the Sisson's of Checkley England, recently visited the Razors Edge Barbershop in Savage built by John Berrisford, who was also from England...
Burnsville's first merchant gained skills in UttoxeterAugust 31, 1983 - Burnsville Sun

Del Stelling visits England and town where John Berrisford came from...
The location of Burnsville 's only storeToday it is the corner of Judicial Road and Williams Drive. It was the site of the John Berrisford Store and St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.
John Berrisford first owned the business, then sold to William Campbell, who in turn sold to Mr. O'Brien. Sometime after the 1902 fire of St. John the Baptist Church, the building was moved to Savage to later become Ed Garvey's Store. Most recently it was the Razors Edge Barbershop owned by Jens Bohn.

The EARLY SETTLERS portion of our website contains information on the Berrisfords and his store, the Campbell's (Campbell Hall and Store) and O'Brien (Hall and Store).
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