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1939 Orchard Gardens UpdateMarch 24, 1939 Dakota County Tribune snow and road update at Orchard Gardens.
Huddleston StoreDecember 3, 1975 - Christina Huddleston to close her store. It opened in 1923.
Orchard Gardens Station in the winterOrchard Gardens Station, winter 2023.
Orchard Gardens Station in the winterOrchard Gardens Station, March 2023.
Orchard Gardens Station in the winterOrchard Gardens Station March 2023.
Orchard Garden StationPhoto following the re-painting of the historic landmark.
Sketch of Orchard Gardens Station 1980 project with the art students at Burnsville High School, certain historic sites
preserved through art. Artist Keri Larson.
Dan Patch patrons oppose petition to abandon railroadAugust 7, 1917 Minneapolis Tribune -

Patrons of the Dan Patch electric line testified in United States District Court...
Orchard Gardens1912 reference to Orchard Gardens area.
Orchard Garden's Golf CourseMay 26, 1973 Minneapolis Star Tribune - Features Orchard Gardens Golf course, now in its 5th year.
Orchard Garden's Golf Course May 26, 1973 Minneapolis Star Tribune - photo of Orchard Garden's Golf course.
Orchard Gardens HomesJune 16, 1968 Minneapolis Star Tribune ad for Orchard Gardens Homes in Burnsville.
Huddleston's General StoreLocated in Orchard Lake (now considered Lakeville) on the border of the Orchard Garden's Station and a mailing address of Savage.
Orchard Gardens Station In the background on the left is the last surviving passenger shelter on the Dan Patch Line. It’s located on Dakota County Highway 5 & 155th Street in Burnsville. The station stop was called “Orchard Gardens”. Notice the rails disappear into the grass and the lack of a railroad crossing sign showing how evident it is that the tracks and right-of-way haven’t been used or maintained in years. - Text and photo: Eric Ecklund 2019.
Orchard Gardens StationLimited seating inside the Orchard Gardens Rail station on County Road 5.
Sea Girt Inn soldUndated, sale of the Sea Girt Inn on the border of Lakeville and Burnsville.
Orchard Garden StationInterior of the Orchard Garden Station.
Orchard Garden StationA portion of the tracks remain at Orchard Garden Station on County Road 5.
Orchard Garden StationA view of the Orchard Garden Station circa 2000.
Letterhead graphic for Orchard Gardens1914 letterhead graphic for Orchard Gardens.
Orchard Gardens Station and rail tracks Photo byVern Wigfield. Comments from Orchard Gardens former resident Leon Hendrickson: The road you see on the left is Crest Drive. On the right is the driveway to Drangsveit’s who lived on the other half of Horseshoe Lake. The train is approaching the crossing on 155th St. from the South. I remember the little switch house and the siding. We used to climb on the trains that they had parked on the siding. Great memories.
Orchard GardensOperational trains at Orchard Gardens, Burnsville by Vern Wigfield.
Orchard Gardens Station 2017Earlier photos show a sign with the words ORCHARD GARDENS attached to the building. In 2017 that sign no longer appears.
Orchard Gardens Station railroad signal 2017A rusted unused railroad signal remains at the once used tracks at Orchard Gardens.
Rail tracks at Orchard Gardens 2017The once used tracks at Orchard Gardens are overgrown with brush.
Orchard Gardens Station 2017A full view of the station, once used tracks and signal from
Co. Rd. 5.
Orchard Gardens Railroad signal 2017Two "railroad signals" remain at the tracks, one without lights the other with. Both are rusted with age.
Orchard Gardens Station pen drawing.A pen drawing by Bill Wolston, Dakota County Historical Society for the Burnsville Historic Map.
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