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May 6, 1904 Burnsville NewsDakota County Tribune column includes Burnsvlle and Hamilton/Savage news.

Note the inconsistent us of the town name Hamilton and Savage..
Burnsville New 1904July 1, 1904 Dakota County Tribune columns include West and East Burnsville.

Fourth of July in Hamilton (Savage)
Rose Gallagher closed her term of school last Friday
Mr. and Mrs. Wm Connelly have a new son...
June 17, 1904 Burnsville newsDakota County Tribune Burnsville column reports:

The wedding June 8 of Lulu McDermott and Patrick Walsh.
Antler's ParkAlthough located in Lakeville, Antlers Park was a popular activity for Burnsville residents.
Downtown Savage 1914One of the oldest photos of downtown Savage, believed to be 1914. Shown at the right is the Garvey Store, which was moved from Burnsville after the 1902 fire at St. John the Baptist Church - rebuilt in Savage.
Foreman and Clark 19281928 - Affordable suits Upstairs! John Kennelly and Enos Gallgher always went to St. Paul to buy their suits.
Burnsville farm 1932A cow and the barn at the Luke McCoy farm, Burnsville.
1933 News the Kroohn familyDakota County Tribune - July 28, 1933.
"I dropped in at Nels Kroohn's the other day where he is operating a 500 acre ranch for the Lake Street Investment Company of Minneapolis, just off Lyndale in Byrnesville. This farm is operated exclusively by the Kroohn family and they are doing a mighty good job of it. For years they milked 50 cows, but two years ago the T B Test caught 32 of the herd and they are now milking but 40. They also keep about 100 head of hogs. The buildings, which are located back from the road, consist of a fine home for the family, and many buildings, sheds etc including a barn 40 x 100 feet. Everything about the place is modern and well kept. The Kroohn family has been managing this place for 15 years, coming to it from Golden Valley.

The 1940 Census shows:

Nels Kroohn 54
Calma Kroohn 52
Merlin Kroohm 25
Irving Kroohm 22
Mary Kroohm 18
Ellen Kroohm 15
Automobile salesman strike 1937August 27, 1937 Dakota County Tribune

The automobile salesmen's strike is being felt in Burnsville. A Minneapolis man handling second hand cars was followed to Bob Allen's garage in Savage...
Cars 19371937 - Heading to Rosemount to buy a car.
Sea Girt Inn 1938June 1938 ad for the Sea Girt Inn.
1939 Telephone book listingTelephone listing for Walter Kennelly farm, Burnsville.
Burnsville baseball1939 update for Burnsville baseball - April 28, 1939 Dakota County Tribune.
New 1939 Frigidaire refrigeratorAd for L.N. Gephart, Lakeville for the new refrigerator. March 3, 1939 Dakota County Tribune.
Town of Burnsville TaxesJanuary 27, 1939 Dakota County Tribune - list of residents owning property and tax.
Early farm kitchenThis Dakota County Fair exhibit recreates the early farm house kitchen.
Crystal Lake 1922Tourists and residents come to Crystal Lake with their cars.
Farm Scene at Mike and Molly Dunn FarmMIke and Molly Kennelly Dunn lived at the corner of Highway 13 and Cliff Road. Originally her parents Walter and Sarah Kennelly's farm and later owned by Jim and Anna and then Joe and Janette Connelly. Now the site of Millpond Apartments.
Buying a carriage1902 ad - St. Paul is a source of a new "vehicle".
Buying a piano1902 - St. Paul is a source of a piano for a Burnsville home.
Burnsville News - Dakota County Tribune 1901April 19, 1901 Dakota County Tribune Burnsville news

Miss Rose Gallagher is teaching the summer term in District No. 15.

The new store of Lawrence Begley is progressing rapidly towards completion. It will be constructed two stories in height and will have a resident building attached.

Miss Annie Kennedy returned to St. Paul on Saturday.

Charles A. Forbes, county surveyor, was engaged last week in surveying a new road for the town of Lakeville. The road reaches and connects with a Burnsville road near Buck Hill...

Savage and Burnsville news 1912April 5, 1912 Dakota County Tribune - Savage and Burnsville news

Orie Streefland has closed a deal in which he disposed of a farm owned by a Chicago man - east of Crystal Lake.

A number of citizens attended the J.H. Casey funeral...

Rev. J. A. Kane has returned from St.Paul, where he underwent a successful operation.

C. E. Jewett is shipping 100 tons of hay...
Savage and Burnsville news 1912April 26, 1912 Dakota County Tribune - Savage and Burnsville news

The Dan Patch Company are doing road grading near McDermott's which had been interrupted last January by extreme cold.

A large quantity of lumber will be sawed here by the Kline Brothers...

Much improvement is noticed on the former Benham land in Burnsville. About a dozen new buildings have been erected...

August 11, 1911 Savage NewsDakota County Tribune column with Savage and Burnsville news:

August 16, 1907 - Savage and Burnsville NewsDakota County Tribune column includes - Art Streefland, baseball, and other news.
Savage and Burnsville news 1912August 16, 1912 - Dakota County Tribune - news of Savage and Burnsville.

Kaufenberg;s new building is complete.

Tim Hayes Jr. had his barn, granary and machine shed struck by lightning and the buildings and their contents are a total loss.

Arie Streefland made a business trip to Hinckley last week.

Ed Connelly of St. Paul visited his old home...
August 18, 1911 Savage and Burnsville newsDakota County Tribune Savage column includes Burnsville news.
Burnsville News 1939August 18, 1939 Dakota County Tribune Burnsville and Eagan news

John Kennelly has mastoid operation.

Burnsville Juniors Baseball update

Arie Streefland has been busy shock threshing for himself and his neighbors...
Burnsville Baseball 1939August 25, 1939 Burnsville Juniors Baseball. For no explained reason the team was called the Juniors - there was no senior team.... and the words do not relate to high school years, since Burnsville did not have a high school then.
August 30, 1907 Savage and Burnsville NewsDakota County Tribune column includes:

Heavy rains,
The Savage Race Track is completed
Frank Dowdle, Henry Coffey... have finished threshing....
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