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Death of Tim O'Regan 1903April 3, 1903 Shakopee Tribune - Death of Tim O'Regan age 76. Children Timothy, John, Alice and Lizzie, Mrs. Lannagan, Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Faricy. The O'Regan farm was at the corner of Highway 13 and Nicollet Avenue (Cub Foods and mall and apartments and businesses on that corner.)
Tim and Hannah O'Regan farmThe O'Regan farm was located directly across from the present Burnsville High School.

Tim: born 1828 died 1903
Hannah born 1833 died 1913.
Eight Children.

John O'Regan barnThe O'Regan farm stood at the corner of Highway 13 and Nicollet Avenue, the property now includes Heart of the City Cub.
John and Catherine O'Regan 1908Family and friends shown with John and Catherine O'Regan 1908. Their farm was located at the corner of Highway 13 and Nicollet Avenue, today the site of the Heart of the City Cub store.
Tim and Hannah O'Regan farmEventually the Tim O'Regan farm became a riding stable known as the Wagon Wheel. This was located directly across from the High School on Highway 13.
John and Kate O'Regan
Hannah O'ReganBirth: 1833 -County Cork, Ireland Death: Dec. 16, 1913 Dakota County wife of Tim O'Regan and mother of:

Catharine O'Regan (1855 - 1857)*
James O'Regan (1859 - 1866)*
Ellen O'Regan (1861 - 1861)*
Hannah A O'Regan (1865 - 1901)*
Timothy I O'Regan (1868 - 1943)*
John H O'Regan (1872 - 1952)*
Adeline E O'Regan (1875 - 1882)*
George T O'Regan (1878 - 1882)*
John O'Regan farmLocated at the corner of Highway 13 and Nicollet Avenue, the farm became the site of Burnsville's first KMART, which was replaced by the Heart of the City shopping area with a Cub Foods.
John O'Regan farm todayThe Heart of the City Center including Cub Foods is on the land where the O'Regan farm stood at the corner of Highway 13 and Nicollet Avenue.
Hannah O'ReganDecember 27, 1913 obituary for Hannah O'Regan widow of the late Timothy.
Hannah O'Regan 1913Mrs. Hannah O'Regan widow of the late Timothy O'Regan died at the home of her son John H on Tuesday December 16, 1913 at 3:45 a.m. She was born in County Cork Ireland December 15, 1833. She came to this country when 20 years of age and settled in St. Paul where she resided for one year and where she married the late Timothy O'Regan. They moved from St. Paul to Washington County, residing there three years and then came to their present home in Burnsville. She is survived by two sons and five daughters... Internment Savage Minnesota...
Tim O'Regan, where to sell wheat?St. Paul Globe Dec. 10, 1878 - Where will Burnsville's Mr. Tim O'Regan (although story says Regan) get the best price selling wheat?
Wagon Wheel Riding StablesLocated directly across from the Burnsville High School. Prior ranch name - Long X Ranch, originally the Tim O'Regan farm.
John O'Regan farm burntThe John O'Regan farm located at Highway 13 and Nicollet is burnt to make way for a KMART Store, now the Heart of the City. April 8, 1973.
Burnsville Landmark gives way to progressThe John O'Regan farm, Highway 13 and Nicollet is burnt to make way for a KMART Store (now Heart of the City). April 8, 1973.
KMART honors O'Regan family rootsBill Butterfield manager of the Burnsville Chamber of Commerce presents a wall plaque to Tom Hilt, district manager of KMART stores in preparation of that store's opening in Burnsville. He carved the plaque from wood he collected from the O'Regan bar, which stood on the site since the 1880s.
John and Kate O'Regan to move to St. PaulApril 7, 1939 Dakota County Tribune-

The O'Regan farm was located at what is now Highway 13 and Nicollet Avenue (Heart of the City Cub Food store etc). The family settled the land in 1857. John and Kate will retire to St. Paul, renting the farm.
Kmart opens on site of famous barnDecember 1973 Business Voice reports - the new KMART store in Burnsville will stand on the site of the O'Reagan barn.
John O'Regan farm becomes KMARTThe entry of the KMART store at Nicollet Avenue and Highway 13 displayed a plaque made of the barn from the John O'Regan farm. The KMART store has since closed and the site includes the Heart of the City Cub and other stores. It read: "The lumber in this sign was part of O’Reagan's barn which stood probably here for over 80 years. This barn has seen bad and good crops, campfires, Indians, wagon trains, snow, flood, drought – life. Through these old boards may we remember the past and dedicate this land to Kmart."
Landmark (the John O'Regan farm) gives way to progress 1973 (2 pages)The Dakota County Tribune reports that one of the first homes built in Burnsville went up in flames during a public safety department training session. The home, once housed all the farmlands required to farm over 1000 acres of Burnsville farmland owned by the O'Regan family. John O'Regan was an early member of the Burnsville Town Board, treasurer for the town and active in civic organizations. It is believed the house was built around 1860. The property would become the site of a KMART store, which later would be torn down for the Heart of the City shopping center. * Note Tim O'Regan (John's brother) owned a farm across the road from today's high school. It too would be burnt in 1974 as fire training.
Two of the businesses on Tim O'Regan farmA number of businesses are located on the site of the Tim O'Regan farm, which is located directly across from the Burnsville High School.
Tim/John O'Regan farm today 2017Approximate address: 300 E Travelers Trail, includes a number of stores along with Cub Foods. This is near the site of the O'Regan home and barn. In the 1970's a KMART Store, which included a sign made of the barn's wood with the O'Regan history, stood on this site.
The Timothy O'Regan /John O' Regan farm 2017Within the land farmed by the O"Regan family at the corner of Highway 13 and Nicollet Avenue, is this combined commercial businesses and apartments. Approximate address: 300 E Travelers Trail
O'Regan HomesteadSeptember 30, 1980 Drawing by Joe Grenges

The old Timothy O'Regan home for many years was located on Highway 13, across from the prison site Burnsville high school. Tim O'Regan, a pioneer resident, was elected in 1877 to service supervisor for Burnsville Township. He also served as treasurer of school District 15. This sketch was prepared by Joe Grenges, 2269 Clark St., Egan, as part of an art project for the Burnsville chapter at the Dakota County historical Society, which presently has a display at the First Bank of Burnsville on County Road 42.
O'Regan home removedThe O'Regan farm was located at the corner of Highway 13 and Nicollet Avenue, the property including the Cub Store at the Heart of the City.
O'Regan farm for sale January 19, 1943John O'Regan, is selling his farm at what is now Highway 13 and Nicollet Avenue (site of the Heart of the City Cub Food and other stores).
Auction - John O'Regan farmMarch 31, 1939 Dakota County Tribune -

John O'Regan retiring and moving to St. Paul. He has rented his farm and there will be an auction.
From the O'Regan farm to KMART and now Nicollet PlazaWritten around 1976 this story tells a brief history of the O'Regan family who farmed what is now the corner of Highway 13 and Nicollet Avenue. The family said goodbye to their farm in 1939 when John and Catherine retired to St. Paul. The family did not sell the farm, they rented it first to the Lynhurst Dairy.
O'Regan farm remembered at KMART 1982 photoPieces of the aged bar which stood on the Tim O'Regan farm were saved and made into a plaque remembering the Tim O'Regan family who farmed at the corner of Highway 13 and Nicollet Avenue and it hung in the lobby of the KMART STORE. A decade later the KMART store met a similar fate being removed for the Heart of the City development.

It was 1856 when Tim O'Regan, a roving sailor, fisherman and second mate on a river steamer going from St Paul to New Orleans decided to settle in Pigs Eye (ST PAUL), where he married Hannah Coakley. One year later they purchased land in Burnsville, which would their home with 13 children.
O'Regan obituariesHannah O'Regan 1901, Tim O'Regan 1903, Tim O'Regan 1943
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