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Geneology of Elnathan Judson Pond(partial)
June 1961
Our first ancestor in America of whom we have a record is Samuel Sammuell) Pond. He came to America in 1630 with Governor Winthrop. He was accompanied by his brother John but of the latter we have no other record. Samuel married Sarah Ware at Windsor, Conn., Nov. 14, ???2. His death is recorded as of March 14, ??ite House, Hartford, Conn.
This work is being done for the benefit of the members of the Pond Family Association of America, an un-incorporated organization which emĀ­ braces all descendants of Elnathan Judson Pond (84), and which has its inception and existence chiefly in and around Minneapolis, Minnesota,
altho there are contributing members in many other states now. Much of the information in this book has been gathered and donated by Mrs. Cyrus K. Ritchie, (see Scintilla S. Pond), the first Association Historian, and she has done a very fine job, both in scope and accuracy.
This "Genealogy of elnathan Judson Pond" is published under the sponsorship of the Minnesota Chapter of the Pond Family Association of America. This association organized at Bloomington, Minnesota, on June 10, 1933. Its membership is open to "All lineal descendants of Elnathan Judson Pond (1759-1845), and their wives, husbands, and members of the immediate families of these descendants, and also upon application, to any other descendants of Samuel Pond who came to America in 1630", Among the objects of the organization are "The collecting and publishing of genealogical and historical data relating to its members"
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