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Long ago, Burnsville was ByrnesvilleIn an August 1, 1993 Burnsville Thisweek newspaper letter to the editor, Frank and Catherine Byrnes Miller share her relationship
and stories about the Byrne family, which Burnsville is named for.
Daniel ByrnesDeath record of Daniel Byrnes/Byrnes 1887.
Pius Byrne 1888Pius Byrne died at the home of his father, 114 Twentieth Avenue North of consumption last Monday night. He was the brother of Rev. Father Byrne... His remains were taken to Byrnesville for burial...
Family Search.org finds for two Byrne Births:

Kathryn borns 1860 Byrnsville, Minnesota and dies September 20, 1952 in St. Paul.

Mary Ann born 1874 Byrneville, Minnesota and dies March 10, 1929 in St. Paul.
Cecelia Byrne markerSt. John the Baptist Cemetery, Burnsville.
Burnsville spelling due to clerical error Nov 26, 1963A Minneapolis Star Tribune article addresses the town founder being WIlliam Byrne, with the original spelling Byrnesville and the undocumented change to Burnsville.
John Burns Glendale TownshipMarch 16, 1893 Shakopee Argus -

John Burns has so far improved as to be able to get around with the aid of crutches.
Daniel Byrne- Byrnes a farmer 60 years of age killed, probably murder 1887The Minneapolis Star Tribune files for November 10, 1887 report on the death of Daniel Byrne (Burns), a farmer some 60 years of age, residing at Burnsville, a town 12 miles up the Minnesota River from St. Paul...indications murder. A Daniel Burns is buried at St. John the Baptist Cemetery with a death date of 1887. Another obituary uses the Byrne spelling for the name. He was the son of William Byrne and Julia Doyle.
Daniel ByrneAnother obituary for Daniel Byrne (Burns) following his murder.
Daniel Byrne dies 1887November 10, 1887 St. Paul Globe obituary for Daniel Byrne believed murdered.
Daniel J Byrnes markerd. Nov 8, 1887 aged 54 years - a native of Ottowa Ont.)
William Byrne death 1877March, 1877 death of William Byrne, who the village/town and city of Burnsville is named in honor of. Strangely, there is not a longer obit or documentation on his death.
Dennis Byrne grave marker
Descendant of Byrne family tells of early Burnsville (2 pages)At the dedication of William Byrne School in 1967 Dorothy Byrne Benson along with nephew Douglas Byrne provided a family history and stories of early Byrnesville/Burnsville.

She notes there are no photos of William Byrne who donated the land for the cemetery and St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. Original spelling of the township is shown as Byrnesville - with no explanation as to the change to Burnsville.

Dorothy Byrne Benson at school dedictionIn 1968 Willian Byrne school built in honor of the person the township/city was named. Shown in this clipping is his great grand daughter - Dorothy Byrne Benson.
Byrne - Burns listingsDakota County abstract book showing early records relating to Byrne/Burns family.
Dorthy Byrne Benson 1961The Star Tribune August 29, 1961 reports on Dorothy Byrne Benson's frustration that Burnsville is not using the original spelling of Byrnesville. The town was named after her Great Grandfather William Byrne and his family.
Elizabeth Byrne markerElizabeth Byrne marker
Baptism of John Francis ByrneThe family of John Francis Byrne in 1984 requested his Baptism record from St. John the Baptist, which was located in Byrnesville in 1860 when Baptized. He is the son of Martin and Helen Byrne, grandson of William and Julia.
Ann Gunn dies 1895Shakopee Argus - February 1895

This obituary identities Ann Gunn as the mother of Mrs. William Byrnes. Age 94 (another obituary states over age 100). After the death of her husband, Mrs. Gunn removed with company with a daughter and son-in-law William Byrnes, to Minnesota settling here in 1853. It seems the William Byrne family she is living with is her grandson, not her son-in-law.
Nellie Byrnes Haas dies 1898Published September 15, 1898 Shakopee Argus

Nellie Byrnes Haas was the daughter of a William and Marion Byrnes from Hamilton...
Harold Byrne marker
Byrne Graves in the winterIn the original section of St. John the Baptist Cemetery you will find a number of Byrne family graves. Founder William Byrne's tombstone now lays in the ground, this was erected for a son and his family.
Byrne Graves in the winterIn the original section of St. John the Baptist Cemetery you will find a number of Byrne family graves. Founder William Byrne's tombstone now lays in the ground, this was erected for a son and his family.
James Byrne dies 1890Obituary of James Byrne, Son of William who dies July 27, 1890.
John Byrne
John ByrnesA brief obituary appears in this June 24, 1892 Burnsville Column in the Northwestern Chronicle:

On last Wednesday occurred the death of John Byrnes, aged 33, of quick consumption. Mr. Byrnes was a first cousin of Rev. Father Byrnes of Minneapolis, an exemplary young man.
John ByrneInformation on John Byrne, son of William, from his Find a Grave listing, death 1909.
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