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Katherine ByrneDeath came to Kathrine Byrne 92, native and last survivor of Byrnesville founded by her grandfather Wiliam. A cousin of the late Msgr. Byrne. Burial - St. Mary's Minneapolis. Her parents John and MaryAnn are buried at St. John the Baptist Cemetery.
Kathyrn ByrneKathryn Byrne, 92, the last resident of the Byrnesville family founded in 1820 (wrong year) by her grandparents....
Kitty and Frank Miller share their Byrne ConnectionAs work began on the Burnsville History Book in 1975 and during the first years of the Burnsville Historical Society, efforts were made to find members of the BYRNE Family who founded Byrnesville/Burnsville. Most connections were people in California.

In a letter to Jack Kennelly, of the Burnsville Historical Society, Kitty and Frank Miller. Her Byrne Link is a Francis Byrnes. Within the letter they reference the founder of their family as Byrne, with their branch using Byrnes.
Death of Lizzie Byrnes 1898September 1, 1898 Shakopee Argus

Died at her home in St. Paul, August 27, 1898 Miss Lizzie Byrnes, daughter of John and Anna Byrnes, formerly of Burnsville. The interment was in the Burnsville Cemetery...
Lizze Byrnes 1869Published March 14, 1896 Shakopee Argus

Death of Lizze Byrnes (Byrne) daughter of Daniel.
Michael Byrne marker
Pioneer Woman Mrs. D.J. Byrnes dies 1904December 3, 1904 St. Paul Globe reports: Mrs. D.J. Byrnes, who has lived in St. Paul for 29 years died yesterday at Byrnesville MInnesota in his 71st year. Her husband died some years ago. She was the sister of Martin Flannigan, of Mrs. James O'Donnell and the late Mrs. P. Moran. Mrs. Byrnes lived in St. Paul from 1855 - 1884.
obit - Patrick Henry Byrne - 1917Born 1830 Hamilton Ontario, Canada, died 1917 in Hennepin County Minneapolis. He was buried at St. Mary's Cemetery, Minneapolis. He is listed as son of William Henry Byrne and Julia Doyle.
Patrick Byrne notesCarol Shipilov, member of the Byrne family provided this information on William and Julia's son Patrick including facts about his
serving in the Civil War, application to be admitted to the Minnesota Soldiers' Home, his will and obiturary.

"With his father and eight brothers, Mr. Byrne came to MInnesota in 1852. They took eight homesteads in Dakota County, about one mile distant from the present village of Savage and named the locality Byrnesville, by which it has been known ever since...."
The will of Patrick ByrneWritten May, 1911 - the Last will and testament of Patrick Byrne, son of William Byrne. His niece Kate Byrne is executor.

Civil War Veteran and State Pioneer.
Patrick Henry Byrne, veteran of the Civil war and the Minnesota outbreak and a pioneer settler in Dakota county, died Sunday night at the home of his niece, Miss K. B. Byrne, 709 Sixteenth avenue north. He was born in Ottawa, Canada, 87 years ago.

With his father and eight brothers Mr. Byrne came to Minnesota in 1852. They took eight homesteads in Dakota county, about one mile distant from the present village of Savage, and named the locality Byrneville, by which it has been known ever since. When the Sioux Indians rebelled in 1862 Mr. Byrne became a defender as a member of A company of the Sixth Minnesota. After the uprising had been quelled he accompanied General H. H. Sibley south, serving through the rest of the Civil war. He never was married and his closest relatives are nieces and nephews living in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Funeral services were held Wednesday at Ascension Church. Burial in St. Mary's cemetery. (From the Minneapolis Chronicle, July 27, 1917)
William Byrne School dedication slated for next SundayJanuary 11, 1968 Minnesota Valley Review

Photos of the new school located in South River Hills, named in honor of William Byrne.
marker for Pious ByrneSt John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery
marker for Pious ByrneSt John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery
Pious Byrne 1888Obituary for Pious Byrne March 1888. Grandson of William Byrne.
Dorothy Byrne Benson letter to editor Oct. 25, 1965Dorothy Byrne Benson, great grand daughter of William Byrne writes a letter to the editor addressing the original spelling of the township being Byrnesville.
William Byrne School named for area pioneer 1968January 11, 1968 Minnesota Valley Review

William Byrne Elementary School will be dedicated Sunday. William Byrne, after whom the present village of Burnsville was named...
M. A (Ann) Gunn dies 1895February 6, 1895 Lakeville, Rosemount, Arbitrator

Mrs. M.A, Gunn of Hamilton died on Wednesday January 23 of extreme old age. She was one of the first settlers of Burnsville, having moved here from Canada, with her son-in-law William Byrnes in 1854 she was over 100 years old and has great-grandchildren grown up. Her remains were interred in St. John's Cemetery.

Census records show her living with a William Byrne in Glendale Township, Scott County, which may be her grandson.
Rev, James Byrne appointed Vicar General August 26, 1916 Catholic Bulletin.

Fr. Byrne was born in Byrnesville November 1858... son of James Byrne.
Dennis Byrne dies 1907July 20, 1907 obituary for a Dennis son of John Byrne, buried at St. John the Baptist, Burnsville. We are not certain his relationship to William Byrne, who Burnsville is named for.
William BurnsMarch 16, 1907 - obituary for a William Burns. We are not certain if he is part of the Byrne, Byrnes family that our city is named after, or yet another William.
Rev. James Byrne June 17, 1904 Minneapolis Journal - Grandson of William and Julia Byrne, born in Byrnesville/Burnsville.
Dorothy Byrne Benson death 1977Dorothy Byrne Benson was interviewed in 1965 about the spelling of Burnsville not being Byrnesville. She attended the dedication of William Byrne School, named for her great grandfather. We have found a couple of newspaper clippings where she wrote of wanting to see the town's spelling corrected. Her death notice makes no reference to her great grandfather or connection to Byrnesville. This appeared in the March 14, 1977 Minneapolis Star Tribune.
Rev. James Byrne diesJune 13,1942 MInneapolis Tribune death notice for: Rev. James Byrne, who was born in Byrnesville in 1858 and ordained in Rome 1883. He was the grandson of William and Julia Byrne.
Pius Byrnes 1888March 15, 1888 death of Pius Byrnes burial Byrnesville.
Anne Byrne diesAugust 1904 - death of Ann Byrne, wife of John Byrne (daughter in law of William Byrne).
Parents of MaryAnn and Katherine Byrne, who are buried at St. Mary's Cemetery Minneapolis, not St. John's in Burnsville.
Baptism record of Thomas ByrneBelieved to be the Baptism record of Thomas Byrne, son of William and Julia Doyle, born in Canada.
Thomas Byrne Baptism recordAlthough Byrnesville was named in honor of William Byrne and his family, no one, including relatives have photos or much documentation. The family knows William and Julia Doyle Byrne left Ireland and said to Canada, settling in Hamilton Canada, where 9 of their 10 children were born including Thomas. A member of the family sent the Historical Society this Baptism record 1824 which seems to be for their Thomas (the parents names match).
marker for William Byrne died March 6, 1877Although the Town of Burnsville is named after William Byrne and his family, there are no photos of him. He is buried at the St. John the Baptist cemetery. Also the William Bryne School is named in his honor.
Family of William and Julia ByrneInformation likely created when William Byrne School opened in 1967. (12 pages)
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