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Patrick and Ann Gallagher farm -The site of the Patrick Gallagher farm (last owner son Enos) on Travelers Trail.
Fancis X GallagherBorn in Burnsville later lived in Lakeville, Frank Gallagher for State Representative.1950 election.
Frank Gallagher for State Representative1954 campaign of Frank Gallagher
Frank GallagherFrank Gallagher upon his retirement 1972 from the Savage Liquor Store.
Frank Gallagher retires, Savage Liquor StoreFrank Gallagher, last day of work February 1972.
Gateway Business ParkThe Gateway Business Park is located on the Gallagher property, 2021.
Gateway Business ParkThe Gateway Business Park is located on the Gallagher property 2021.
Rose Gallagher teacherEarly Burnsville resident and One room school teacher Rose Gallagher.
Sandhill crane at Gallagher farmSandhill crane, rare in Minnesota, found by H. J. Dunn, 579 Selby Ave, 3 miles east of Savage. The bird is 7 ft - 9 in from tip to tip. In the photo from left to right - H. J. Dunn, L. Hackl 155 West 3rd Street and Enos Gallagher (uncle of Dunn), Savage Minnesota. The Gallagher farm was on Travelers Trail in Burnsville. Prior to 1964 the mailing address for Burnsville was Savage. Clipping compliments of the Fahey family.
First Cousins - Jim Connelly and Enos GallagherBoth life long residents and walking history books of Burnsville, Jim Connelly and Enos Gallagher at the Burnsville Library's "old timers' recognition program.
Frank GallagherFrank Gallagher, manager of the Dan Patch Liquor Store, prepares for St. Patrick's Day 1970.
Frank GallagherIrish Frank Gallagher around 1980.
Frank and Ruby GallagherFrank and Ruby Gallagher. Frank born in Burnsville son of Patrick and Ann Gallagher lived in Lakeville after his marriage.
Marty GallagherThe son of Patrick and Ann McCann Gallather, Marty (Martin) was born January 27, 1893 and died May 9, 1975 living his entire life on the same farm in Burnsville.
Marty GallagherLife long Burnsville resident doing "road work" in Burnsville early 1900s.
Martin (Marty) Gallagher diesA life long Burnsville resident with a love of playing and watching baseball, Marty Gallagher died May 9, 1975.
Marty Gallagher visits IrelandLife long resident Marty Gallagher visits Ireland, where his father was born.
Marty Gallagher diesMay 9, 1975 life long resident Marty Gallagher dies.
Memories following death of Michael Gallagher 1913 -(2 pages)M. L. McLouglin of St Paul recalls the Burnsville Gallagher family.
Patrick (1841 - 1907) and Ann McCann ( 1856 - 1945) Gallagher WeddingSeemingly, the original of this wedding photo no longer exists, but an aged photo copy creates the illusion of a sketch
showing Patrick Gallagher and Ann McCann on their wedding day on February 12, 1874 at St. John the Baptist, then in Byrnesville. They would have 15 children.

Mary September 26, 1875 January 19, 1882

John January 25, 1877 January 5, 1908

Neil November 24, 1878 January 22, 1882

Ann Conroy December 8, 1880 March 26, 1977 .

Rose Gleisner March 27, 1883 May 26, 1954

Mary Dunn February 9, 1885 June 16, 1943

Julia Fahey February 9, 1885 February 11, 1975 .

Patrick June 4, 1886 November 24, 1958

Bridget Dunn December 30, 1888 May 30, 1980

Catherine January 24, 1891 December 27, 1941

Martin January 27, 1893 May 9, 1975

Enos February 22, 1894 January 13, 1989

Eileen January 28, 1896 March 5, 1914

Francis October 11, 1898 April 22, 1984

Neil February 11, 1901 March 16, 1944
Anna Gallagher Conroy diesDaughter of Patrick and Ann McCann Gallagher dies at 96, March 1977.
Neil Gallagher dies 1944The son of Patrick and Ann McCann Gallagher (brother of Enos and Marty Gallagher) died March 16, 1944. He was survived by his wife Mary Faricy, son James and mother Ann Gallagher, four sisters and four brothers were living at the time of his death.
Patrick and Ann McCann Gallagher 1874Wedding of Patrick Gallagher and Ann McCann.
first home of Patrick and Ann GallagherThe first home of Patrick and Ann Gallagher burnt February 4, 1907. Another house would be built and remain in the family until the death of Enos Gallagher.
Patrick GallagherHusband of Ann McCann, father to 15 children, including Enos Gallagher farmed the property near what is now Burnsville Crosstown where AAA stands.
Patrick Gallagher dies 1907He was married to Ann McCann his children included Enos and Marty Gallagher (who lived their entire lives on the Gallagher farm on what is now Traveler's Trail). At the time of his death 13 children were living.
Patrick Gallagher 1907Obituary for Patrick Gallagher Burnsville pioneer.
Patrick Gallagher W.W. I draft registrationSon of Patrick and Anne McCann Gallagher - draft registration.
Airplane Crash Gallagher farm 1942May 1942 photo following airplane crash at the Marty and Enous Gallagher farm in Burnsville. Published May 14, 1942.
Pilots escape death in two air crashes in three days 1942May 15, 1942 -

Plane burns, pilot leaps, second plane crashes at Gallagher farm...
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