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Stark's Bar 2021Stark's Bar, December 2021 stands empty for over a year. A bit of its past is revealed as it likely awaits being torn down.
Starks pool area - Eagan 2017
Side view of Starks 2017Long time Eagan business located at 3125 Dodd Road, Eagan.
StarksMenu from Starks, which closed 2021.
Starks Bar 20192019 - photo used for a fundraiser by the Eagan Fire Department, photo Mike Scott.
Starks 2018Side view of Starks, Eagan.
Side view of Starks 2017Long time Eagan business located at 3125 Dodd Road, Eagan.
Starks Water tower - 2017Long time Eagan business located at 3125 Dodd Road, Eagan.
Starks Bar 20192019 Stars Bar - photo compliments of Mike Scott.
Valley House to openApril 13, 1957 - Valley House to open in Eagan Township.
Starks 1992August 23, 1992 profile of Starks Saloon, Eagan.
Cedar GroveThis map appeared in most ads for Cedar Grove during the 1960s.
Cedar GroveJune 1960 ad for Cedar Grove homes.
Cedar Grove Housing May, 1960 ad for Cedar Grove.
Cedar GroveMay 8, 1960 this information about Cedar Grove water appeared in their Minneapolis Tribune ad.
Mendota Bridge opensNovember 7, 1926 - Minneapolis Tribune - the opening of the Mendota Bridge.
Cedarvale Shopping MallJuly 11, 1996 Minneapolis Star Tribune ad for Cedarvale.
Sewald JewelersMarch 12, 1987 - one of the first jewelry stores in the area was at Cedarvale in Eagan.
Eagan's Lone Oak Tree to be cut down 1984March 29, 1984 Minneapolis Star Tribune reports Eagan's historic Lone Oak Tree will be cut down April 9 and 10....
Road construction 35 E and Cliff RoadRoad construction May, 1983 at Interstate 35E and Cliff Road, Eagan.
Eagan's Lone Oak symbol is no more 1984April 10, 1984 MInneapolis Star Tribune reports a part of Eagan's heritage was uprooted Monday when the Lone Oak Tree fell to a buzz saw...
For sale NicolsApril 25, 1939 Minneapolis Tribune -

Property for sale at Nicols, likely owned by Jim Scott.
Lone Oak Tree, Eagan city symbol to come down 1983December 28, 1983 Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Eagan soon will lose a landmark when the Lone Oak Tree is removed from the Intersection of Highway 55 and Lone Oak Road...
Lone Oak TreeThe Lone Oak Tree as it looked in 1983 before being removed.
Starks when it was the Halfway House/Town TavernJanuary 6, 2010 Minneapolis Star Tribune features a history of Eagan as it celebrates its 150th anniversary. Shown is the Halfway House/Town Tavern now known as Starks.
State honors Lone Oak Tree 1976April 15, 1976 Dakota County Tribune

The Lone Oak tree has now officially been given the distinction of obtaining Heritage Tree status in MInnesota...
Nicols Station was important to development of the valley 1979July 18, 1979 the Burnsville Sun reflects on the history of Nicols Station, as the city council votes to change the name of what is presently Cedar Avenue, to Nicols Road. The story also recalls Jim Scott, who operated his store at Nicols as well as the Berrisford Store in Burnsville.
Joe Reid - Eagan Historical SocietyEagan historian and volunteer Joe Reid presents a history of Eagan one room schools - 2022.
St. Peters Catholic Mendota HistoryA seldom seen view of St. Peter's Catholic Church in Mendota. This is Minnesota's oldest Catholic parish and standing church.
St. Peters Catholic Mendota HistorySt. Peters Catholic Church is the oldest Church in Minnesota, located in Mendota priests from here served the pioneers of Burnsville and Eagan.
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