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Allen's towingAllen’s Service started in 1958 out of a small gas station with two service bays. As a locally owned and operated towing company, we have over 40 years of experience that we apply to every job. All of our drivers are licensed, bonded, and experienced in operating a tow truck and providing basic car maintenance. We operate a fleet of over twenty late-model flatbeds, wreckers and landoll.

The entire team is dedicated to making your life easier and providing you with unbeatable prices and unmatched services. Our business was awarded American Towman award in 2009.

They operate from two different locations – Savage and Lakeville.
Fort CargillToday, September 7, 2020 marks the 78th anniversary of when construction began on the first ship built at Port Cargill. When the U.S. entered World War II in 1941, the military realized they needed additional ships to support the U.S. Navy’s efforts in the Pacific region. Before World War II, Cargill, Inc. had become known for building large barges to haul grain. This reputation, combined with the large local labor pool, prompted the Navy to select Savage as the site for a new military shipyard in 1942. The wartime labor shortage led to women being allowed to work in shipyards for the first time, and they made up a quarter of the workforce at Savage.

To handle the new, larger ships that would be constructed at the shipyard, the Minnesota River had to be dredged. The river was normally only 3.5 feet deep, but it was dredged for fourteen miles to a minimum depth of nine feet. This work cost $250,000.

The yard’s first ship, named the USS Agawam, was launched on May 6, 1943, in front of a crowd of cheering shipyard supporters. The ships were launched publicly, to increase morale. At one such event, five identical sisters launched five boats simultaneously. The internationally famous young women were the world’s first surviving quintuplets, and the event drew some 15,000 people
Dan Patch BowlThe Dan Patch Bowling alley photo used for a Then and Now by the City in 2020.
Savage Depot
The Savage Depot

The Savage Depot, a historical landmark of railroad days gone by, is located on the southern frontage of Highway 13.

Important Dates Regarding the Depot

1880 | The Savage Depot was originally built by the Chicago and North Western Railroad Company
1970 | The Savage Depot closed after a new depot was built on the Savage-Shakopee border.
1973 | The Savage Depot was sold to Murphy's Landing (now The Landing) and moved to the living history museum's 88-acre site in Shakopee.
2002 | The Dan Patch Historical Society sent a letter to Three Rivers Park District indicating an interest in The Depot if Three Rivers, which had recently assumed ownership of Murphy's Landing, no longer wanted the building.
2004 | Three Rivers Park District agrees to sell the Savage Depot as part of a move to reduce the number of buildings the District maintains.
March 8, 2005 | The Savage City Council hired a consultant to develop a site plan for the public square that could possibly be the new location for The Savage Depot.
March 16, 2005 | The Dan Patch Historical Society agreed to raise the funds to move The Savage Depot to a location in Savage, remove the foundation at The Landing and restore the land to its original state. The Society also facilitated acquiring volunteers, contributions and a general contractor. A slogan of "Bring the Depot Home" was adopted.
July 28, 2006 | The Depot was "brought home" to Savage after a 33-year residence at The Landing (formerly Historic Murphy's Landing). A partnership between the Dan Patch Historical Society and the City of Savage made the relocation of the Savage Depot possible.

The Depot now rests just across from the site where it was built on the Minnesota River. The building is owned by the City of Savage and decisions on the restoration were made by the Depot Task Force, which consists of two elected city officials, two representatives of the Dan patch Historical Society and three City employees.
Anna and Arthur SuelAnna and Arthur Suel, Glendale (Savage) pioneers. Photo 1885.
George Allen House built 1888The house was built by George Allen in 1888 who died of pneumonia during the building process. The home remained in the Allen family until 1908, when it was purchased by the McColl family, who owned it until 1984.
Hamilton Station1890 - Hamilton Station - downtown Savage.
George and Mary AllenSiblings, George and Mary Allen around 1894.
Hamilton and Glendale election results 1896March 12, 1896 Shakopee Argus

The results of the 1896 election for the Village of Hamilton and Town of Glendale.
There was no reference in this issue of the paper to how the three-way tie was resolved.
Running for election Hamilton 1897March 4, 1897 Shakopee Argus - Hamilton news, profile of people running for office....
McLaughlin sells plants and shrubs 1897January 21, 1897 - Shakopee Argus

M.L> McLaughlin, Hamilton is selling plants and shrubs...
Dance in Hamilton 1897February 25, 1897 Shakopee Argus -

The dance Monday night was a grand success in every way except in the number of ladies present; but all present enjoyed themselves...
Village's town hall update 1897April 8, 1897 - Shakopee Argus

The village council of Hamilton met in regular session Monday night and opened all bids for the building of the new town hall...
Gendale elected officials 1898A list of Glendale officials.
Hamilton elected officials1898 - a list of Hamilton elected officials.
Hamilton News 1901March 14, 1901 Shakopee Argus includes the listing of elected officials of Hamilton and Glendale.
Flooded Savage early 1900sThe Minnesota River over its banks at the Savage bridge...the Taj Mahal in the background...which was the site of the Dan Patch stables. The whole valley is covered in water.
Picture postcard for Savage Minnesota including: St John the Baptist Catholic Church, Dan Patch and the Dan Patch stables.
1910 wedding of George Allen and Margaret EganWedding of George Allen and Margaret Egan
Martin Allen and Jane Egan witnesses.
1909 and 1910 Savage Pacers Baseball TeamLeft to right first row - Fred Coakley, Tom Duffy, Andy Studer, Norm Dahlberg and Tom Fahey. Second row - Mark McDonald, George
Allen Sr., Ernie Sanderson, George Coakley and Mike Zeller.
George and Joe Kearney at Savage depot 1915George holding his son "George Joseph" Kearney at the Savage Depot. This station has been moved twice from its original location. In 1973 it was moved to Murphy's Landing in Shakopee and then it was moved back to Savage in 2006. The book "The Chicago And Northwestern In Minnesota" (Luecke, 1990) claims this station was built in 1883.
Marion Savage Summer Home 1916Located in Bloomington, it overlooked Marion Savage's stables in"Savage". Shown are Rose, Henry, Rosella, Mary and Esther Sheridan.
Downtown LakevilleDowntown Lakeville, 1916.
Savage Pacer Masthead 20192019 Masthead for the Savage Pacer.
Antler's ParkLakeville's Antler's Park around 1925.
Dog Racing in Savage 1928From the Dan Patch Historical Society archives. The former Dan Patch track became a dog track. The photo was shot in 1928. To find the location of the track today, use the Windmill Cafe as a reference and look straight north across HIghway 13. The land is owned by Cargill.
Dog Racing in Savage 1928From the Dan Patch Historical Society archives: Wes Belz is shown with a group of greyhound dogs that he exercised at a dog track located at the half-mile track at the International Stock Food Farm. The dog track photos were shot in 1928. To find the location of the track today, use the Windmill Cafe as a reference and look straight north across HIghway 13. The land is owned by Cargill.
Dog Racing in Savage 1928From the Dan Patch Historical Society archives. The former Dan Patch track became a dog track. The photo was shot in 1928. To find the location of the track today, use the Windmill Cafe as a reference and look straight north across HIghway 13. The land is owned by Cargill.
Anna and Arthur Suel1932 - Anna and Arthur Suel, Glendale (Savage) pioneers.
Savage Village HallSavage Village Hall circa 1935 along with fire hall.
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