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Pond at 1410 McAndrews Road EA pond at 1410 McAndrews Road E near County Road 11.Aug 06, 2021
Pond at 1410 McAndrews Road EPone at the town homes at 1410 McAndews Road East.Aug 06, 2021
Fish story invades oceans of mediaJuly 16, 2021 Burnsville Eagan Sun/Thisweek News

Overgrown goldfish, some reaching 18 inches and 4 pounds have been found in Keller Lake.
Jul 25, 2021
Earley LakeA view of Earley Lake and Day Park 2021.Apr 23, 2021
Lake Avelon renamedIt is the June 2, 1911 Savage News column, about a Lake in Lakeville, on the border of Burnsville.
Lake Avelon renamed Orchard Lake, ties into the new development of Orchard Lake....
Mar 06, 2021
Sunset PondMap showing Sunset Pond.Feb 07, 2021
Map showing Lake AlimagnetLake Alimagnet is on the Burnsville and Apple Valley border.Nov 18, 2020
Burnsville LakesA list of Burnsville Lakes, 2010.Nov 08, 2020
Earley LakeEarley Lake 2020, compliments of Experience Burnsville.Nov 02, 2020
Early Lake 1980sEarly Lake and County Road 5, compliments of City of Burnsville.Oct 16, 2020
Minnesota River ValleyMinnesota River Valley Fall 2020.Sep 27, 2020
Earley LakeFall 2020 view of Earley Lake.Sep 21, 2020
Minnesota River Crossings have always been a problem 1980March 18, 1980 Burnsville Sun:

Del Stelling recalls stories of pioneers crossing the Minnesota River...
Sep 10, 2020
Minnesota River potential reviewed by local leaders 1979July 25,1979 Burnsville Sun by Del Stelling:

Bill Kennedy and Jens Casperson, members of the Lower Minnesota River Watershed board are guests on a recent river cruise.
Sep 10, 2020
Faces of MInnesota cities importance of River Traffic 1981August 4, 1981 Burnsville Sun -

Ronald Johnson, former editor of the MInnesota AAA Motorist writes of the significance of river traffic to the development of the state...
Sep 10, 2020
Minnesota River once known as the St. PierreUndated Minnesota Valley Review article and photo -

The name of the Minnesota River has been changed at least three times...
Sep 10, 2020
The golden ear of steamboating included the Minnesota RiverJuly 5, 1979 Burnsville Sun.

Del Stelling writes about the river.
Sep 03, 2020
MInnesota River described as the highway to the world 1980September 30, 1980 - Burnsville Sun.

Del Stelling recalls the Minnesota River.
Sep 03, 2020
Minnesota River 2003A view of the Minnesota River near Cargill.Aug 19, 2020
Minnesota River 2003A view of the Minnesota River near Cargill, Savage.Aug 19, 2020
1879 map Lake AlimagnetLake Alimagnet - 1879 map.Jul 18, 2020
1879 map Lake Early and MiddlrLake Early and Middlr - 1879 map.Jul 18, 2020
1879 map showing Round LakeRound Lake - Burnsville 1879.Jul 18, 2020
1879 map showing Crystal LakeCrystal Lake 1879.Jul 18, 2020
A view of the MInnesota RiverA view of the MInnesota River, April 2020.Apr 24, 2020
Lake AllimagnetLake Alimagnet appears on 1890 map.Jan 30, 2020
Lake in Burnsville drowing in mud 1979August 2, 1979 MInneapolis Star Tribune: Lake Alimagnet is a classic example of what happens as builders of houses and roads continue to spread the city further into the countryside...Dec 30, 2019
Minnesota River potential reviewed by local leadersFrom the scrapbook of Marian Bohn 1978- 1979: During the cruise, the Captain pointed out the historical significance of the Minnesota River...Dec 07, 2019
MInnesota RiverA fall view of the Minnesota River from Leonardo DRS, Burnsville.Nov 15, 2019
Houses advance - farm land retreatsMay 9, 1968 Dakota County Tribune photo of housing surrounding Lake Alimagnet.Oct 30, 2019
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