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Last additions - 1997 - 1998 Bulletin
City of Burnsville 1997 Summer ActivitiesAn informational booklet published by the City of Burnsville for residents featuring activities for youth, teens, young adults and the entire family.Apr 01, 2018
Welcome to our new Burnsville BulletinSpring 1998 -The Burnsville Bulletin announces a revamped format...Jan 03, 2018
Burnsville Bulletin Winter Fun - 1998A special pull-out section of the Burnsville Bulletin published December 1998 featuring winter fun activities.Jan 01, 2018
Burnsville Bulletin Winter 1998Volume 8, Number 6 - A publication of the City of Burnsville. Topics include: Ames $250,000 donation fosters Burnsville Foundation, 1999 City Budget set in December, Dog and Pet licenses, Safety tips for winter, Community Fix up fund, Get together over garbage, Heart of City area ready to grow, State Grant and Council Action makes the Garage a reality, Have you captured Burnsville History? Surf Burnsville online, A review of transportation in Burnsville, MVTA facts and figures, Trunk Highway 13 update, Snow maintenance guide, Burnsville volunteers monitor marshes, Conserving water, Community Builders recognized, 64% voter turnout, Photo contest winner named. Also included a four page winter fun guide.Dec 27, 2017
Burnsville Bulletin Spring 1998Volume 8 Number 2, A publication of the City of Burnsville. Topics include: City's Finance Department receives certificate of excellence award, Grant to target auto thieves, Mike Slice Officer of the year, County Road 42 a balancing act, Old Maintenance facility becoming center for youth and teen activities (THE GARAGE), Burnvsville Hockey Training Center, Burnsville Skate Park, Crystal Lake Beach openings, Fire Department shows double digit increase in calls, Burnsville Parkway streetscape under construction, Burnsville wetlands, Cleaner streets result in cleaner lakes, Help you lawn and the environment, Alimagnet project a state test site, Ballfields, a lot happens before the first bat is swung, Dog rules, 1998 Road construction, Dakota County Eco site, What can I recycle? Farmer's Market coming to the Heart of the City, Task force updating comprehensive plan and Welcome to our NEW Burnsville Bulletin.Dec 27, 2017
Burnsville Bulletin Fall 1998Volume 8 Number 5. A publication of the City of Burnsville topics include: Vote in the general election, Voter pre-registration, Basic information about the fire department, Jaycees and Lions lead community effort for thermal imagining device, Auto theft prevention, Is your smoke detector working? Rot and Roll is here to stay (Recycling program), Halloween safety tips, Transit options abound, Cable TV 16, Development and redevelopment a part of Burnsville's past and future, Economic Development Authority, Southcross Business Coalition, Co. Rd. 42 corrridor study, A Water Conservation Plan, Reduce water use, America Recycles Day and Burnsville addressing Y2K Technology Issues, City Council considers changes in utility rate structure City receives of 35,000 calls.Dec 27, 2017
Summer 1998 (two issues are summer)Volume 8 Number 3, a publication of the City of Burnsville. Topics include: Clean up and fix up after May 30 storm, Election 1998, Sirens- the story behind that 3 minute sound, Task Force meeting for City's comprehensive plan, Curfew for youth, Burnsville Parkway streetscape, Burnsville Skate Park, Help build a youth center, Takin out the trash, A Good Neighbor Crime prevention program, Neighborhood Watch, National Night Out, Finance a fix up, 42 Flex, a new way to ride the bus, Water conservation, Home improvement's that don't hurt the environment, Burnsville Memories photo contest, Fire Muster and Be connected to your neighborhood.Dec 27, 2017
Burnsville Bulletin Summer 1998 (2 issues with same date)Volume 8, Number 4. A publication of the City of Burnsville. Topics include: County Road 42 Corridor Study, Storm clean-up nearing completion, Council to set Max Tax levy, A new way to look at local tv - Burnsville/Eagan Community Television comes into existence, Burnsville Ice Center, Hockey and more, Burnsville Moments photo contest, Volunteers play key role in youth sports, Burnsville Fire Muster, Park Improvements, Keeping illegal activity out of rental housing, Retail crime prevention, Police Department nationally accredited, School safety partnerships, Make a home escape plan, Trunk Highway 13 solutions sought, Fall tree sale, visit Burnsville's website, Recycling basics, Vote 98 and check if you are registered.Dec 27, 2017
Burnsville Bulletin Summer Fall 1997 (Second of two issues with same date)Volume 7 Number 3 was published in 1997. Number two has same title: Topics include: Cities Week Celebration, Helping hands needed for gardens, Students look inside fire department, Reacting fast to fires, Do not feed deer, Terrace Oaks Parks needs your help, Citizen input sought on cable tv and telecommunications needs, New signal systems coming to key intersections, Home Fix up loans.Dec 21, 2017
Burnsville Bulletin Summer Fall 1997 (Two issues in 1997 have same title)Volume 7, Number 2 - A publication of the City of Burnsville for residents. This issue included: Corridor study underway on County Road 42, Community Survey shows satisfaction with City services, State Legislature caps city levy, Who pays property taxes in Burnsville? DARE fundraiser, Neighborhood building grant received, Fire Muster, Recycling tidbits, Open skating and hockey and lessons at Ice Center, Burnsville Parkway and Nicollet Avenue project moves forward and seal coating streets extends life and improves safety of streets. Elected officials: Elizabeth Kautz Mayor, Charlie Crichton, Deborah Moran, Charlotte Shover and Liz Workman - Council members. Greg Konat - City Manager.Dec 21, 2017
Burnsville Bulletin Spring 1998Volume 8, Number 1 - A publication of the City of Burnsville. This issue includes: Community pitches in to help fire department obtain CairnsIRIS equipment, Home remodeling fair, Council places priority on increased communication in 1998, New water and sewer rates, License Bureau now open at Burnsville Transit station, Tree sale, Recycling hotline, South of the River Adult Soccer, Parkway project to begin in May, City Auction.Dec 05, 2017
Burnsville Bulletin Fall Winter 1997Volume 7 Number 4, a publication of the City of Burnsville. This issue includes: 1998 City budget focus public safety, infrastructure and basic services, Burnsville requires license for both dogs and cats, Police Department acquires $265,000 in new grant funds, Danger thin ice, Fire Safety, Council moves to preserve park land, Heart of the City picks up a beat, Council seeks people to serve on planning task force, Winter, County Road 42 Corridor study, Warming houses open until 9, Parks update, Burnsville Senior Center for 55 and above, Dakota County loans. Elected officials: Elizabeth Kautz Mayor, Charlie Crichton, Deborah Moran, Charlotte Shover and Liz Workman council members.Nov 20, 2017
Burnsville Bulletin Winter Spring 1997A publication of the City of Burnsville for residents. This issue notes Volume 7, number 1 and topics include: Key to understanding your tax statement, Southcross a success - City and Business coalition combine to fill jobs, City receives national award for excellence in financial reporting, Community notification of sex offenders begins under new state law, Fire Department looks to community to help solve arson, Bike trail to river a 1997 project, Tree sale, Ice Center schedule, Summer adult leagues, 20th annual Burnsville Ice Show, Recreational happenings Low and no interest loan options. The elected officials were: Elizabeth Kautz Mayor, Charlie Crichton, Deborah Moran, Charlotte Shover and Liz Workman Council members. Greg Konat was City Manager.Nov 14, 2017
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