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Burnsville High no longer Home of the Braves 1992December 11, 1992 Burnsville Sun reports at the end of the school year, Burnsville High School will no longer be known as the home of the "Braves". The unanimous decision to discontinue the use of the Braves logo was met with tears and applause at the November 19, 1992 District 191 Board of Education meeting...Apr 04, 2019
Harriet Bishop SchoolThe logo graphic for Harriet Bishop School, 2018.Jan 29, 2019
Burnsville High School logoLogo for the Burnsville High School 2018.Jan 29, 2019
William Byrne SchoolWilliam Byrne school graphic circa 2018.Jan 29, 2019
Rahn School.Rahn School logo graphic circa 2018.Jan 29, 2019
M.W. Savage School logo graphicLogo graphic for M.W. Savage School circa 2017.Jan 24, 2019
Edward Neill Elementary SchoolEdward Neill School logo graphic circa 2017.Jan 24, 2019
Sioux Trail School 50th AnniversaryRandom photos of the 50th Anniversary of Sioux Trail Elementary School 1964-2014.Jan 24, 2019
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