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Edna HolmanEdna Holman in her home at Crytal Lake. It was the original Judd Hotel.Jul 27, 2021
Ella HolmanElla Holman, 90th birthday, lived at Crystal Lake. (1972)Jul 26, 2021
LeRoy Holman 13, traps owl with 4 foot wingspreadJanuary 12, 1951 Dakota County Tribune

A great horned owl in the Cyrstal Lake district won't kill any more pheasants thanks to the ingenuity of 13 year old LeRoy Holman...
Jun 02, 2021
Holman Farm Crystal LakeEdna and Earl Holman at Crystal Lake.Feb 13, 2020
Holman Farm Crystal LakeHerman Holman farm near Crystal Lake. Child either Edna or Earl.Feb 13, 2020
The Holman farmThe Herman Holman farm near Crystal Lake.Feb 13, 2020
Holman family 1972With Ella Holman on her birthday are her daughter and four grandchildren - Betty (Mrs. James Kamrud), her daughter Edna, Ella Holman,Grandsons Floyd, LeRoy and Lloyd.Jan 27, 2020
90th birthday Ella HolmanSeptember 14, 1972 Dakota County Tribune: More than 70 friends and relatives gathered at Ella Holman's home Crystal Lake to honor her 90th birthday. She has lived on the same property the past 67 years, when she came here as the bride of Herman Holman. They farmed the property until he died in 1945 and she later moved to her present home built near the site of the original farmhouse. She is the former Ella Scott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Scott of Lebanon Township, where she was born...Jan 27, 2020
Holman familySiblings, LeRoy (while in the service), Betty, Lloyd and Floyd Holman, 1957. Photo is outside the Holman home, which was the original Judd Hotel.Apr 23, 2019
Officer LeRoy Holman 1964Officer LeRoy Holman, at home, while on call for the Burnsville Public Safety Department.Apr 23, 2019
1954 Rosemount YearbookThe Rosemount yearbook for 1954 included elementary grades. Some Burnsville residents in the Crystal Lake area, like the Holman's attended Rosemount schools.Feb 19, 2019
Matthew HolmanBecause of his military service, Matthew Holman is buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery.Feb 18, 2019
Life Estate land document for the Holman property (click to open)Dated 1919 provides information on the land originally owned by Lewis Judd as it goes forward to future generations.Feb 18, 2019
1940 census of Crystal Lake areaThis page of the 16th census of the United States 1940 shows the Crystal Lake area including the Holmans, Kline's, Streefand, Swanson, Holman and Scott families...Feb 18, 2019
Herman Holman obituaryUndated - After nearly a year of illness from heart trouble, Herman Holman age 63, well known resident for many years of the Crystal Lake Community died in University Hospital April 13... He was born in Germany August 30, 1881, a son of Louis and Augusta Holman. At the age of one year he came to Minnesota and lived in the Rosemount vicinity his entire life. He married Ella Scott June 7, 1905 and they went directly to a farm on the shores of Crystal Lake, where they have continued to reside the past 38 years...

Besides his widow, he is survived by two children - Earl and Edna, his father Louis Holman and three brothers Henry, Simon and Adolph, three sisters Ann Boughner, Louise Blomgren and Minnie LeTendre and four grandchildren...
Feb 18, 2019
Holman family's relationship to Lewis and Esther JuddThis family tree shows the relationship of the present day Holman family to early settlers Lewis and Esther Judd who operated Burnsville's first hotel, which was the site of its first post office.Feb 18, 2019
LeRoy Holman begins home construction business at Crystal Lake 1969This is the beginning of the construction company LeRoy Holman owned after he left the police force in Burnsville. He purchased the property from Ella Holman. It was part of the property willed down to Ella Holman from Lewis Judd. Feb 18, 2019
Property deed to Nettie ScottA 1924 property deed from Ernest Johnson and wife to Nettie Scott for property in Burnsville.Feb 17, 2019
LeRoy HolmanLeRoy Holman was the American Legion 6th District of Minnesota Commander from 1983 – 1984.Feb 17, 2019
Simon Holman World War II Draft registrationOriginally from the Lebanon, Burnsville area, this member of the Holman family was living in Wisconsin at the time of his registration.Feb 17, 2019
Adolph Holman World War I registrationThe 1918 World War I registration for Adolph Holman.Feb 17, 2019
Henry F. Holman World War I registrationThe 1918 World War 1 registration for Henry Holman. He is another of the Holman family, who served in the military over the years.Feb 17, 2019
Simon Holman World War 1 Draft registrationThe 1917 Draft Registration for Simon Holman. Many of the member of the Holman family have served in the US Military over the years.Feb 17, 2019
Herman Holman World War I draft registration September 1918 registration for Herman Henry Hollman living in Burnsville with a Rosemount mailing address.Feb 16, 2019
Brett HolmanBrett Holman at their Crystal Lake home, once the Judd Hotel.Feb 16, 2019
Rick Kamrud 1979Rick Kamrud grew up on 530 Crystal Lake Road. his whole life. Rick was born on September 3, 1959. died Nov 10, 1996. His mother was Betty (Holman) Kamrud. He was a direct descendant of Captain Lewis Judd who settled at Crystal Lake.Feb 15, 2019
Duane HolmanA member of the Crystal Lake Holman family who served in the United States Air Force from January 01, 1981 to June 11, 1992. He is a descendant of Captain Lewis Judd at Crystal Lake. Feb 15, 2019
Scott Holman Scott Holman, Burnsville, served in the military. His ancestor was Captain Lewis Judd at Crystal Lake.Feb 15, 2019
Brett HolmanBrett Holman, 1960 in the family living room at Crystal Lake. Their home was the original Judd Hotel.Feb 15, 2019
Adolph Hagemeister. World War II registrationAdolph Hagemeister, born 1892 mailing address Rosemount.Feb 15, 2019
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