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Last additions - 1964 - Burnsville in the Dakota County Tribune
Bomb scare evacuates 1,612 from Burnsville School.May 7, 1964 Dakota County Tribune:

“There’s a bomb in the school and it will go off within 1 ½ hours”.

That’s what a man’s voice told Mrs. Sharon Penz, Burnsville school secretary to the business manager at 1:15 p.m. Monday.

School authorities ordered evacuation of 1500 children and 65 teachers from the building by means of a routine fire drill, and then kept them outside away from the building until buses could take them home.

All activities were cancelled for the remainder of the day, while Dakota County Police and school authorities made a thorough search of the building.

No bomb exploded. No trace of a bomb was found.

Veteran Superintendent John Metcalf said it was the first bomb scare the school has ever had. It was the first he’s seen in many years of school work.

It was the first bomb scare in a school that we’ve ever known in Dakota County or immediate area.

Mrs. Margaret Dorn, elementary supervisor, who was naturally concerned about the bomb complimented the youngsters on their excellent behavior during the fire drill. She said they waited patiently outside until the buses picked them up. The evacuation was completely orderly and went beautifully, she said.

When the apparent “crank” call came, Mrs. Peters said the man hung up after the call was acknowledged. She took the information to the superintendent’s secretary.

Superintendent Metcalf was attending a meeting at Mendota of Missota school superintendents regarding the possible use of TV in high school, also the salaries of janitors and bus drivers. As Senior Principal Pomije was ill at the time, the superintendent had a fast discussion with Junior Principal Ronald Goedken, over the telephone.

“We couldn’t afford to take a chance”, Metcalf said. “We ordered immediate evacuation”

The children? Most of them thought it was a fire drill and took it good naturally. Rumors that something was up spread rapidly when they weren’t brought back into the building. When the youngsters spotted news cameramen and TV units appearing on the scene, they became quite curious.

School board chairman Len Shafer noticed the activity and joined Metcalf and other administrators. Metcalf himself made a thorough search of the garage. Officers Jim Pesek, Carl Breanna and Chief Deputy McClellan searched the building. Swimming pool activities were cancelled for the evening.

Metcalf said the district would prosecute the caller if they learn his identity. Conviction of making such a call would bring a jail sentence. School was opened Tuesday morning.

The Anoka school had a bomb scare early Monday morning, but the second school was checked out and pronounced safe by the time the youngsters arrived.
Dec 26, 2019
Future school sites 1964Undated Dakota County Tribune article 1964 - The Burnsville school board does not know the order in which buildings will be built on sites the district recently decided to purchase, but it's safe to say all these sites will have buildings....Dec 12, 2019
What do council and mayor earn in 1964?A 1964 Dakota County Tribune editorial addresses salary of the council and mayor.Dec 12, 2019
High School Language LabOctober 15, 1964 Dakota County Tribune - Burnsville High School Language lab.Dec 12, 2019
Julie RichardsonOctober 8, 1964 Dakota County Tribune, Julie Richardson, wife of Burnsville's first mayor.Dec 12, 2019
Burnsville Village Hall interiorNovember 5, 1964 Dakota County Tribune - Interior photos of the Burnsville Village Hall during a meeting, location County Road 5.Dec 12, 2019
New phone number for Burnsville policeNovember 5, 1964 Dakota County Tribune - Burnsville Police has direct phone number.Dec 12, 2019
Allen Ambulance service is a family organization 1964January 30, 1964 Dakota County Tribune article features Allen's Ambulance service assisting residents of Burnsville, Savage and surrounding communities.Dec 12, 2019
Tom Stellmach dog catcherOctober 22, 1964 Dakota County Tribune profiles Burnsville's dog catcher Tom Stellmach.Dec 10, 2019
Chief of Police is professionalSeptember 27, 1964 Dakota County Tribune reports: Many years of police education and experience characterize the career of Burnsville's Chief of Police Edward Farrell...Dec 09, 2019
Burnsville High Band to present concertOctober 29, 1964 Dakota County Tribune: Rehearsal of the Burnsville High School Concert Band includes from left - Sally Williams, Jack Bergman, Jeff Korak, Bob Fagiem, Nancy Kehren and Ron Ronning Director.Dec 09, 2019
Resusciator is gift to police force 1964November 12, 1964 Dakota County Tribune photo: Lt. Robert French with recently donated resuscitator.Dec 09, 2019
Electronic secretary takes calls 1964November 12, 1964 Dakota County Tribune: Burnsville Police has an electronic secretary to take calls.Dec 09, 2019
Largest voter turnout expectedOctober 29, 1964 Dakota County Tribune reports: The November 3 election will likely have the largest voter turnout in Burnsville's history.Dec 09, 2019
Flower show in Burnsville 1964August 27, 1964 Dakota County Tribune features: The Beauty of Burnsville Flower show at the Burnsville Elementary School (part of today's high school).Dec 09, 2019
35 W shown in aerialAugust 13, 1964 Dakota County Tribune aerial of the expansion of 35 W.Dec 09, 2019
Frank Gibson BarbershopApril 16, 1964 Frank Gibson's Barbershop Rosemount eventually ended up at historic Dakota City, Farmington.
For some living in Burnsville or those attending high school in Rosemount, this was their barbershop.
Dec 09, 2019
Robbery at Embassy.October 8, 1964 Dakota County Tribune: Officer LeRoy Holman at robbery at the Embassy.Dec 05, 2019
Mayors' wifeOctober 8, 1964 Dakota County Tribune photo and feature on Julie Richardson, wife of new mayor.Dec 05, 2019
New offices completed in Burnsville Hall August 13, 1964 Dakota County Tribune: These new offices have been placed in the Burnsville City Hall. Shown is chief Edward Farrell.Dec 05, 2019
Billy Goat Bridge1964 accident on Billy Goat Bridge, Dakota County Tribune.Dec 05, 2019
July 15, 1964 Minneapolis Star Tribune provides the results of the election where Roger Richardson, board chair, is elected as first mayor. He received 583 votes over Gordon Hackman with 350 votes and Charles McDonald with 215. Warren Kelley, Ray Connelly and William Dolan running in a field of 15 candidates won seats as trustees.Dec 05, 2019
Burnsville Police move to medical clinicOctober 8, 1964 Dakota County Tribune reports: The Burnsville police moved to new offices in the Burnsville Medical Clinic on County Road 34 leaving the crowded quarters at the Village Hall...Dec 05, 2019
Braves' girls cheer for the Big B. 1964October 1, 1964 Dakota County Tribune includes photo of five cheerleaders.Dec 05, 2019
New power substation built at Orchard GardensJune 25, 1964 Dakota County Tribune reports: New power substation will provide electric capacity for Lakeville, Burnsville and Lebanon Townships. There are now 8 substations in Dakota County...Dec 04, 2019
July 2, 1964 Dakota County Tribune aerial of North River Hills (Highway 13 visible at top of photo).Dec 04, 2019
Charles Mickey McDonald for MayorJuly 2, 1964 Dakota County Tribune includes Charles Mickey McDonald's ad for his run to be mayor of Burnsville.Dec 04, 2019
Ray Connelly for trusteeJuly 2, 1964 Dakota County Tribune includes Ray Connelly's ad for his run to be trustee.Dec 04, 2019
Buck Hill reconstruction off slopesJune 25, 1964 Dakota County Tribune reports: Widening the chute and making it a more constant pitch at Buck Hill is changing the run from expert to intermediate. The reconstructing will almost double the capacity of down hill skiing at the winter resort according to Stuart Campbell, general manager....Dec 04, 2019
Burnsville High BaseballMay 28, 1964 Dakota County Tribune High School baseball team.Dec 04, 2019
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