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Highway 13 and Interstate 35WGoogle map aerial view of the intersection of Highway 13 and Interstate 35W before the addition of business on that corner.Nov 28, 2022
Aerial view River Ridge Circle, 2018Aerial view of 250 River Ridge Circle, 2018.Nov 09, 2022
150 East Burnsville ParkwayCondos at 150 East Burnsville Parkway, year 2019. Jun 02, 2022
150 East Burnsville ParkwayCondos at 150 East Burnsville Parkway, year 2019. Jun 02, 2022
Interstate 35W and McAndrews Road2020 - Aerial view of Interstate 35W and McAndrews Road, looking toward the Minnesota River.Dec 26, 2021
Aerial view of County Road 11 and Cliff Road2015 view of County Road 11 and Cliff Road by Peter Jerde.Nov 13, 2021
Cliff Road and Highway 132015 view of Cliff Road and Highway 13 by Peter Jerde.Nov 13, 2021
Aerial view of County Road 11 and Cliff RoadA view of County Road 11 at Cliff Road, by Peter Jerde.Nov 13, 2021
35 W BridgePhoto compliments of Randy Monnens and Savage Pacer.

I-35W lane closures over Minnesota River begin Thursday- By Deena Winter Savage Pacer Oct 17, 2018

Rust-colored piles east of the northbound lane on the I-35W Minnesota River Bridge are a clear sign work is well underway in rebuilding the mammoth bridge between Burnsville and Bloomington.

"They're building a new bridge next to it," said Minnesota Department of Transportation spokeswoman Kirsten Klein.

Workers are building new northbound lanes on the east side of the bridge and then will move all traffic to that side to build new southbound lanes, she said.

Motorists traveling southbound on Interstate 35W between 106th Street in Bloomington and Cliff Road in Burnsville should be ready for alternating lane closures beginning at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 18, as the state begins a long-term lane closure.

Klein said the good news is three lanes will be maintained in both directions during peak travel times (daytime). That means one of the four southbound lanes will be lost between 106th and Cliff Road through the summer of 2021. The Mn-PASS express lanes will remain open.

If you use the 106th Street ramp to southbound I-35W, get ready for that to close Thursday through the summer of 2021. Motorists should follow the signed detour using northbound I-35W and 98th Street to access southbound I-35W. The Highway 13 ramp won't be affected, she said.

These lane and ramp closures are part of a $127 million, multiyear project to replace the I-35W Minnesota River Bridge. Klein said the bridge was nearing the end of its lifespan and "can't go any wider."

The work began Aug. 20 and will last until November 2021. The resulting bridge will be wider, with a new trail and truck lane. The new bridge and pavement will lift I-35W out of the floodplain and improve pedestrian access across the river and improve safety, enhance mobility, smooth out the road surface and upgrade drainage, according to MnDOT.

The work includes:

Reconstructing the I-35W Bridge spanning the Minnesota River and 106th Street.
Replacing pavement from Cliff Road to 106th Street.
Constructing a pedestrian and bike trail along the east side of I-35W between Black Dog Road and Lyndale Avenue.
Extending the truck climbing lane on northbound I-35W from West 106th Street to Cliff Road.
Improving signing, lighting and drainage.

MnDOT is partnering with Dakota County, Hennepin County and the cities of Bloomington and Burnsville on the project. For more information about this project or to sign up for email updates, go to mndot.gov/metro/projects/i35wbloomington.
Sep 30, 2021
Crystal Lake by air, 2017View of Crystal Lake by air 2017.May 23, 2021
Viewing the Burnsville High School from the Gallery ApartmentsView of the Burnsville High School from The Gallery Apartments, 200 E. Burnsville Parkway. May 18, 2021
Aerial view of Black Dog, Burnsville and Minneapolis2011 view of Black Dog Power Plant, a portion of Burnsville and Minneapolis.May 07, 2021
Aerial view of Buck Hill2018 - Aerial view of Buck Hill.May 07, 2021
Fall view of 35WInterstate 35W Fall 2020 compliments of Ames Construction.Jan 14, 2021
Crystal Lake by air 2020Air view of Crystal Lake.Jan 10, 2021
Walser Nissan by airA view of Walser Nissan 2020.Jan 07, 2021
Park Crysler JeepAerial view of Park Crysler Jeep 2019. Photo compliments of the dealership.Dec 22, 2020
Aerial from the Apex 2020Aerial view from the Apex near Buck Hill.Dec 17, 2020
Crystal Lake by air 2000'sAerial of Crystal Lake, year and source unknown.Dec 16, 2020
Apex Apartments provide aerial view 202015101 Greenhaven Drive, then called the Observatory, now called Apex. Built 1986, located blocks from I-35 near Burnsville Center, Buck Hill, Alimagnet Dog Park and Crystal Park, the Apex is nestled in a green oasis amongst the trees which allows you to immerse in the spacious scenery, while still being minutes from the heart of Burnsville. Large windows, vaulted ceilings and lots of natural light allow you to take in the beautiful views from the comfort of your own home. A pet-friendly property, your four-legged family members can also enjoy the natural scenery with your private patio or balcony. Whether you’re coming back from a day of hitting the trails, just finished a work-out at the on-premise fitness center or wrapped up a match on the tennis court, unwind and relax in the sauna, pool or hot tub. Dec 07, 2020
Aerial Highway 13, Interstate 35W Undated aerial, likely 2018, identifies the location of Burnsville Crossroads 1 showing the Minnesota River Valley and surroundings. Nov 27, 2020
Burnsville Crossroads aerial view of BurnsvilleLocation - Dupont Avenue and Ladybird Lane -

Leasing information created by Duke Realty includes an aerial view of property.
Nov 24, 2020
Provence ApartmentsView from Provence Apartments, built in 2001 and located at 1711 W 143rd Street.Nov 19, 2020
Aerial Highway 13 and Interstate 35WHIghway 13 and Interstate 35W.Nov 10, 2020
Grande Market Place and Ames Center2015 Grande Market Place and Ames Center.Nov 07, 2020
Aerial view Earley Lake2020 - Aerial view of Earley Lake.Nov 06, 2020
501 Highway 13 aerial 20202020 listing from Gonyea Commercial Properties for 501 Highway 13 East contains an aerial of Burnsville.Nov 03, 2020
Aerial Highway 13 and Cliff Road2017 aerial Cliff Road, Highway 13 visible by Peter Jerde.Oct 31, 2020
Ames Construction and original Town HallAmes Construction property in 2020 on County Road 5. A portion of the building in the background, near County Road 5 was the original Town Hall for Burnsville.Sep 21, 2020
Southcross Drive view.14255 Southcross Drive view.Sep 21, 2020
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