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Flooding of the MInnesota River Valley 1965Published in the Dakota County Historical Society's Over the Years - December 2006.
Nov 08, 2021
1965 FloodSubmerged Interstate 35W at flood peak - May 6, 1965 Mpls Star.Oct 23, 2021
May, 1952 Savage Bridge FloodedMay, 1952 the Minnesota River flooded. Dick St. Martin, took this photo at the Savage Bridge at the "Dan Patch" train crossing. Oct 07, 2021
May, 1952 Savage Bridge FloodedMay, 1952 the Minnesota River flooded. Dick St. Martin, took this photo at the Savage Bridge at the "Dan Patch" train crossing. Oct 07, 2021
1952 April Flood - Savage BridgeApril, 1952 the Minnesota River flooded. Dick St. Martin, took this photo at the Savage Bridge at the "Dan Patch" train crossing. Oct 07, 2021
Savage flood damage may exceed $75,000 - 1965April 29, 1965 Minnesota Valley Review

Preliminary estimates indicate flood damages in the village of Savage will likely exceed $75,000...
Sep 20, 2021
Flood at Valley National Bank, EaganMay 4, 1968 Minnesota Valley Review - Valley National Bank flooded.Sep 05, 2021
Flood potential 1976February 25, 1976 Minnesota Valley Review

Another of Del Selling's historical columns.
Aug 09, 2021
Savage Bridge during floodUndated flood photo, Savage Bridge between Savage and Bloomington.Jul 27, 2021
Future flooding of River virtually eliminated 1963April 25, 1963 Minnesota Valley Review

A 2 mile dike under construction at Port Cargill for the past several months is practically completed. It has been designed to protect the giant installation from future flooding of the Minnesota River...
Jul 21, 2021
Dikes, sandbags, hold back flood 1962April 12, 1962 Minnesota Valley Review

Heavy seasonal floods sweeping Minnesota lowlands hit Port Cargill last weekend...
Jul 09, 2021
October 1968 floodA view of the flood near Savage, October 1968 Dakota County Tribune.Jun 07, 2021
Flood damages crops in Cedar Avenue areaOctober 31, 1968 Dakota County Tribune

Minnesota's unusual October floods reached Eagan....
Jun 05, 2021
Minnesota River flood expected to reach Savage 1968October 26, 1968 MInneapolis Tribune -

Minnesota's unusual October floods were expected to reach Savage and Mendota today...
Jun 05, 2021
1965 floodNorth River Hills during the flood year.Feb 10, 2021
South River Hills HomesSouth River Hills Drive, 1965 flood.Jan 28, 2021
Cargill flooded 1952Photo from 1952 Flood Disaster Book - published by St. Paul Dispatch - Pioneer Press.Oct 21, 2020
Black Dog Plant isolatedApril 6, 1962 MInneapolis Tribune:

Minnesota River flooding waters were lapping at the edge of the Black Dog Power Generating Plant south of the Twin Cities today, but the 25 Northern States Power Company employees in the plant weren't particularly concerned. They used boats before to get in and out of the plant, which is built to continue operating when the area is completely flooded...
Jun 28, 2020
1962 FloodApril 4, 1962 Mpls Star Tribune clipping: Workers at Cargill Inc plant at Savage are working around the clock to build a barricade to head off waters of the rising Minnesota River...May 29, 2020
1965 floodApril 12, 1965 rail tracks at Savage flooded. Minneapolis Star Tribune story.May 29, 2020
Lyndale Avenue flooded 1952April 14, 1952 Minneapolis Star Tribune: Lyndale Avenue also Highway 65 unable to stay above Minnesota River beyond Oxboro (Bloomington). Likely photo shot from the Bloomington side heading into Burnsville. Mar 30, 2020
Flooding SavageThe Winona Daily News April 12, 1965 publishes an AP photo of volunteers in Savage fighting the flood.Dec 12, 2019
1965 floodFlood waters of the Minnesota River during the 1965 record breaking flood covered the tracks of the railway and extended to the north side of Highway 13 where a dike was constructed to hold back the terrent of water. Downtown Savage shown at the right. Photo by Del Stelling.Dec 11, 2019
The flood of 1965Sun News, 1980 remembers the flood of 15 years ago. From the scrapbook of Marian Bohn.Dec 11, 2019
Flood of 1965Remembering the flood of 1965 The Dakota County Tribune 1976 looks back.Dec 10, 2019
Burnsville copter lift beats flood 1969April 8, 1965 Minneapolis Star Tribune reports Gerald Iverson uses a helicopter getting into and out of his flood isolated home. Others inteviewed include Joe Connelly, Mrs. Richard Reese and Mrs. Charles Clem.Apr 15, 2019
Water supply under riverside landfills is safe despite floods 2019Savage Pacer March 29, 2019 reports: Savage and Burnsville's water supply underneath a landfill site near the Minnesota River isn't contaminated by flooding for now, but experts agreed the area's water will be threatened if cleanup doesn't happen in the coming years...Apr 04, 2019
Flooding 2019Rising water near Savage, 2019.Mar 27, 2019
1952 floods Cedar Avenue BridgeHeight of the Minnesota River water is shown by this airphoto of the north bridge at Cedar Avenue. The river reached its crest Wednesday of
this week. Many homes along the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers were flooded as the waters were at an all time high. April 18, 1952 Dakota County Tribune.
Nov 01, 2018
1965 floodA view of the 1965 flood compliments of Mark Champine.Oct 22, 2018
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