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Cedar Avenue Bridge updateOctober 31, 1980 MInneapolis Star - the opening of the Cedar Avenue Bridge.Aug 06, 2022
Cedar Avenue Bridge updateOctober 4, 1979 Minneapolis Star update on the Cedar Avenue Bridge.Aug 06, 2022
Major City building needs exceed $70 million - 2022July 15, 2022 - Burnsville Eagan Sun/Thisweek News

Burnsville eyes city hall, police, fire, public works improvements.
Jul 30, 2022
Nicollet AvenueNicollet Avenue looking toward Highway 13 and Minneapolis in skyline 2022 - photo Matthew Baerbock.Jul 24, 2022
Interstate 35WInterstate 35 - 2022 photo Matthew Baerbock.Jul 24, 2022
Gregg Lindberg, new city manager 2022Summer 2022 - Burnsville Bulletin - Gregg Lindberg, new city manager...Jul 18, 2022
City Hall Campus 2022A view of the City Hall campus 2022.Jul 13, 2022
City Hall Campus 1970s1970s view of the City Hall campus and surrounding schools.Jul 13, 2022
Burnsville fights BloomingtonBurnsville fights to save itself from Bloomington's attempted take-over.Jul 08, 2022
Location of Black Dog Power Plant1960 aerial shows location of Black Dog Power Plant.Jul 07, 2022
City Asks Xcel to Pay for Improvements on Black Dog RoadSept 2011 -

No matter the time of the year, Rachel Waldhoff of Burnsville can most likely be found during the weekend on Burnsville’s Black Dog Road.

“It’s so peaceful here, we come to watch the birds,” she said while standing on the closed Black Dog Road wood-frame bridge, which on that day provided a great view of hundreds of egrets spending time on Black Dog Lake.

The area is popular for birders and anglers hoping for a catch. But due to structural issues and persistent flooding, the bridge was closed and vehicle access to the area is limited.

That’s all about to change. Burnsville could be the beneficiary of several improvements to public infrastructure paid for by Xcel Energy to enhance access to its Black Dog plant, as it undergoes a $600 million changeover from coal to combined-cycle power production.

Cause and effect
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The Black Dog Road West Bridge, as it is formally known, was built in 1956, but it is no longer safe for traffic. Currently, the only access to Black Dog Road is off Nichols Road in Eagan, but that portion of the road is also prone to flooding. Over the course of the past two years, the east access point was closed a total of 12 weeks due to high water.

The bridge closure may be an inconvenience for nature lovers like Waldhoff, but it’s a major logistics problem for Xcel: Trucks carrying ash from the plant are forced to use residential streets. As activity increases when plant construction begins, the company would like the Black Dog west access open.

The Burnsville City Council Sept. 20 adopted a resolution recommending construction of a new $588,000 concrete bridge to replace the old structure. Although the city is choosing the bridge design and specifications, the project won’t be moving through the normal approval channels. The city is in negotiations with the Xcel to pick up the tab for the improvements. Once finalized, plans will come again before the city council for approval, but the bid process has construction to begin in the winter of 2012. The proposed bridge will accommodate two-way traffic and a future pedestrian trail. Eventually, when the repowering project is complete, the west portion of Black Dog Road could be rehabilitated.

Relief from the rumble of heavy vehicles could also coming to the Burnsville and Eagan neighborhoods. At present, Xcel utilizes Black Dog Park and local residential streets to access the plant.

The council accepted a feasibility study and set a public hearing for Nov. 22 to review plans for a new $5.52 million year-round access created by extending 12th Avenue through Black Dog Park, which would redirect the plant's traffic away from more densely peopled neighborhoods. Negotiations have Xcel paying a portion of the extension.

“I do believe the taxpayers of Burnsville have been extremely well-represented” through the process, City Councilmember Dan Kealey said.

He called the park one of the city’s “hidden assets” that will be uncovered, once access improves. “It’s going to be one of the most picturesque parks in the city when this is done.”

A copy of the report is available for viewing in the City of Burnsville Public Works and Engineering Department.
Jul 06, 2022
Original Fire Station1Burnsville Fire Station, which was located on Cliff Road.Jul 04, 2022
Electric scooterplan moves ahead in BurnsvilleJune 24, 2022 Burnsville Eagan Sun/Thisweek News

Burnsville City Council members set the stage for the introduction of electric rental scooters...
Jul 02, 2022
Affordable apartments planned in Heart of the CityJuly 1, 2022 Burnsville Eagan Sun/Thisweek News

A 43 unit affordable apartment project is planned for a vacant lot in Burnsville's Heart of the City...
Jul 02, 2022
Police, fire make their cases for more staffJuly 1, 2022 Burnsville Eagan Sun/Thisweek News

Department stressed, chiefs of police and fire say...
Jul 02, 2022
August primary will narrow Burnsville City Council fieldJuly 1, 2022 - Burnsville Eagan Sun/Thisweek News

Seven seek two seats in Burnsville....
Jul 02, 2022
Burnsville Fire Station 1Fire Station 1 under construction 2021.Jun 30, 2022
Burnsville Fire Station 1The new Fire Station 1 under construction 2021.Jun 30, 2022
Burnsville Fire Station 1Burnsville Fire Station 1 to be torn down with the completion of the new station 2022.Jun 26, 2022
Cedar Avenue BridgeCedar Avenue Bridge 1947.Jun 19, 2022
Long Meadow Lake Bridge - aka - The Cedar Avenue BridgeBy: Denis P. Gardner

This article was originally published in Hennepin History, Vol. 80, No. 3, 2021

The city of Bloomington, Hennepin County’s second-largest city, recently preserved a piece of its engineering history – the Long Meadow Bridge, built by the Illinois Steel Bridge Company, an out-of-state contractor that had a branch office in St. Paul. The bridge does not actually reach over the main part of the Minnesota River, but across an overflow, a relatively shallow floodplain locally known as Long Meadow Lake, now a component of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. The bridge was complete in 1920 and is formed of five steel camelbacks (a truss bridge with straight sections giving the illusion of a curved top). The bridge has five segments, each measuring about 172 feet in length. In Minnesota today, it is especially unusual to discover a bridge formed of so many trusses. Historically, the bridge served as an auxiliary structure, carrying Cedar Avenue to an 1890 steel swing-span bridge that reached across the Minnesota River’s navigation channel.

At the time Long Meadow Bridge was constructed, Bloomington was still a modest farming landscape, as was the area across the Minnesota River immediately to the south. Cedar Avenue was a unique roadway, because it traversed this rural setting and delivered travelers directly into the heart of Minneapolis. The direct link to a major urban center proved an impetus to suburban development in southeast Bloomington and in locales south of the Minnesota River.

Over the decades, however, as automobiles became wider and traffic became greater, the Long Meadow Bridge clearly became ill suited to continue its traditional role. Traversing the narrow structure with its timber deck creaking with each turn of the axle made some locals queasy. Timothy Wegscheid, longtime Apple Valley and Eagan resident and good friend, remembers journeying over the crossings as a youngster enroute to Metropolitan Stadium: “Every time we had to cross that river to get to a Vikings game at the old outdoor stadium – sometimes in a big, one-unit camper/Winnebago thing that barely seemed to fit on the bridge – I was convinced I was going into the drink and would die a horrible, slow, cold death in the deep, scary waters beneath the bridge.”

The late 1970s brought a new, much longer and wider bridge just east of the Long Meadow Bridge. A phenomenal population explosion in and around Eagan and Apple Valley south of the river ensued. The swing bridge span over the Minnesota River was razed, and ownership of the Long Meadow Bridge was transferred from the state to the city of Bloomington and continued to be used by motorized vehicles until 1993. For the next several years, the bridge was open only to pedestrians and bicyclists and became a favorite platform for birders. In 2002, the structurally suffering bridge was closed to all.

The city of Bloomington has made sure the bridge lives on, though. The city secured multiple millions of dollars to rehabilitate and preserve the structure and it remains a very popular place for people to walk and bird watch. If you have not gone there, you really should. It is a wonderful place to spend an evening, relax, and enjoy nature.
Jun 19, 2022
Interstate 35WBelow Interstate 35W - photo compliments of Vince Workman.Jun 19, 2022
Burnsville sets new blacktopping policyJuly 8, 1965 Minneapolis Star

No more Burnsville streets will be permanently blacktopped unless they have storm drainage...
Jun 11, 2022
Fire Station 1The second Fire Station 1 - before being torn down in 2022.Jun 01, 2022
Savage to buy post office building 2010The Savage City Council voted unanimously Monday night to buy the United States Post Office building...

As part of the deal, the USPS will continue to operate the Savage Post Office in the front of the 2000 square feet of the property...

The back 9,000 square feet of the building is currently used for mail and carrier services and those operations will move to the Burnsville facility...
May 23, 2022
Burnsville's new Fire Station 1 -The patio area at Fire Station 1, May 2022. May 13, 2022
Fire Truck 2022A different view of the Burnsville fire truck 2022.May 13, 2022
Kennelly RoadKennelly Road, off Cliff Road, Burnsville.May 09, 2022
Burnsville City Council - how you can get involved2022 - Information about Burnsville's City Council.May 08, 2022
Have a voice in city government - fun for city council2022 - Burnsville has two council seats open in 2022....May 08, 2022
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