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Fire Chief appointment is good newsJune 13, 1979 Burnsville Sun - Editorial

Burnsville residents, we believe, will welcome the news that the city council has at last seen fit to appoint a full-time person to the position of Fire Chief -Brian Holzer.
Nov 05, 2021
Burnsville plans to reorganize city's public safety departmentMarch 28, 1979 Burnsville Sun.

Burnsville took some first steps towards reorganizing the city's public safety department last week as the council voted to eliminate the public safety director position and replace it with separate police and fire chiefs...
Nov 05, 2021
Separate departments proposed for fire and police 1979January 31, 1979 Burnsville Sun

A proposal to divide the Burnsville public safety department into separate police and fire units was discussed...
Nov 04, 2021
Heart of the City profileA profile of the Heart of the City published by the Metropolitan Council.Nov 02, 2021
The Heart of the City Heart of the City is Burnsville’s 54-acre downtown area. Centered on Nicollet Commons Park north of Burnsville Parkway, this part of the city offers a variety of housing options for a mix of incomes, along with mixed-use buildings that provide spaces for employment opportunities and civic, social, and cultural activities. Photo Randy Monnens.Nov 02, 2021
Minnesota Valley MInnesota Valley Transit, Highway 13. October, 2021 photo by Randy Monnens.Oct 28, 2021
Welcome to Burnsville signHighway 13 entering Burnsville from Savage. Photo Randy Monnens.Oct 28, 2021
Intersection of Highway 13 and County Road 5Photo Randy Monnens showing County Road 5 at Highway 13, October 2021.Oct 28, 2021
Burnsville Ice CenterInterior of the Ice Center 2021, compliments of the City of Burnsville.Oct 26, 2021
Riverwood DriveStreet signs for Riverwood Drive off 12th Avenue.Oct 24, 2021
Burnsville Post OfficeSign outside the Burnsville Post Office on McAndrews Road.Oct 24, 2021
Allen's Garage - Burnsville and Savage emergency servicesAllen's pays for a full page ad in the newly published 1967 Polk Directory listing emergency numbers for Savage and Burnsville,
their ad and their added ambulance and towing services.

Oct 23, 2021
$10,000 MInnesota River Bridge near total loss 1923Feb. 3, 1923 - Minnesota Daily Star

The Black Dog Creek Bridge, a 90 foot concrete structure which is located on Cedar Avenue crossing the Minnesota River ...
Oct 22, 2021
Heart of the CityHeart of the City parking 2019.Oct 17, 2021
Burnsville officials take oath 1974January 10, 1974 Burnsville Sun -

Mayor Al Hall and Council woman Mary Modjeski were officially sworn in...
Oct 13, 2021
Glen Northrup - a decade of progress observed by planner 1974February 7, 1974 Burnsville Sun -

Glen Northrup, planning director for the city of Burnsville for the past ten years has seen the community grow from a township of 4000 people to a city of more than 30,000....
Oct 13, 2021
1980 vision of the Nicollet Avenue areaToday it is known as the Heart of the City. This is a design showing a vision for the area of Nicollet Avenue and Burnsville Parkway. July 1, 1980 Burnsville Sun.

Proposed around 1980, this tower was part of a multi-building complex that was projected to be completed around 1985.
If constructed, it would have been by far the tallest commercial building in Minnesota outside of Hennepin and Ramsey Counties.
Oct 04, 2021
Interstate 35 WInterstate 35W at the Burnsville Parkway exit looking toward the Minnesota River.Oct 02, 2021
Billy Goat BridgeBilly Goat Bridge and the Dan Patch Rail Road tracks and Intersection of Burnsville Parkway and Judicial Road. Oct 02, 2021
First volunteer firemen near end of training 1980August 12, 1980 Burnsville Sun

A group of 13 Burnsville men has been assembled to serve as volunteer firefighters and will begin duty upon completion of classroom training September 20...
Oct 01, 2021
Burnsville mass transit hub to be loaded with incentivesJuly 27, 1994 -

The design for the new transit hub is revealed....
Sep 30, 2021
Richard Jacobsen named to vacant council seatJanuary 11, 1983 Burnsville Sun -

The Burnsville City Council appointed Richard L. Jacobsen to fill the unexpired portion of the term of Council member Connie Morrison, who became Mayor January 1. His term of office will run until December 31, 1964...
Sep 22, 2021
Ken Day - Constable - a mighty busy man 1962September 4, 1962 Minnesota Valley Review

Ken Day is constable of Burnsville township....
Sep 22, 2021
Burnsville street naming committee is confronted with complex problems 1964November 26, 1964 Minnesota Valley Review

Addresses are not for the purpose of drawing lines on the map, but for finding places. This is one of the conclusions reached by Burnsville street naming committee Monday night...
Sep 20, 2021
Council to reconsider coordinate numbering systemFebruary 16, 1967 Minnesota Valley Sun

Opposition continues to the coordinate numbering system proposed for Burnsville...
Sep 14, 2021
Burnsville police seek armed robbers of local food storeApril 18, 1968 Minnesota Valley Sun

Burnsville police are still seeking two armed robbers who robbed the Plaza Foods Store Friday...
Sep 14, 2021
Burnsville Town Board April 1963The newly organized Burnsville Town Board met for the first time last week April 1963. Pictured are Vance Grannis Jr (Legal counsel for the board), Ed Doebel - supervisor, Roger Richardson - board chairman, Charles Wahlberg supervisor and Pat Connelly Town Clerk.

Photo by Del Stelling.
Sep 13, 2021
Some residents oppose street naming changes 1967January 26, 1967 - MInnesota Valley Review

A considerable number of Burnsville residents appeared at the Monday night meeting of the village council in opposition to the proposed street naming changes...
Sep 11, 2021
Burnsville Ice Arena to hold open house 1973April 26, 1973 Dakota County Tribune

The Burnsville Ice Arena, located just off Nicollet Avenue on the Civic Center Park property, will be officially open this Sunday...
Sep 10, 2021
Who governs you? 1979Prepared by the West Dakota County Area League of Women Voters, January 1979 listing elected officials for the county and Burnsville...Sep 10, 2021
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