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This Week News begins new format 2008September 5, 2008 Thisweek News

Thisweek now publishes - Burnsville Eagan Thisweek, Apple Valley, Rosemount Thisweek and Farmington Lakeville Thisweek News.
Nov 29, 2021
This Week News begins March 6, 1979March 1, 1979 - Dakota County Tribune

March 6, 1979 is the starting date for This Week News, which will be mailed by third class to 50,000 homes in Dakota and Scott counties. Included would be a Burnsville edition. In 2021 the publication is Sun/Thisweek News.
Nov 29, 2021
Valley Ridge Shopping Center 2011Just before the shopping center was torn down.Nov 29, 2021
Franco'sA matchbook for Franco's - 251 West Burnsville Parkway. Nov 29, 2021
Franco'sA matchbook for Franco's - 251 West Burnsville Parkway.Nov 29, 2021
Carbones2017 Interior of Carbone's.Nov 28, 2021
CarbonesApril 2020 - Carbone's re-opens after being closed by the pandemic.Nov 28, 2021
Carbones Most recently Carbone's, this building at 12930 Harriet Avenue South is for sale in 2021.Nov 28, 2021
Clives Roadhouse BurnsvilleThe restaurant is located at 13050 Aldrich Ave S, Burnsville, MN 55337,Nov 28, 2021
Grand opening at Valley Ridge CenterMay 11, 1972 Burnsville Sun -

Valley Ridge Shopping Center, originally Jet Plaza, has a grand opening with a number of new shops...
Nov 26, 2021
Bloomquist Hardware while in Savage 1974October 3, 1974 Burnsville Sun ad for Bloomquist Hardware, which would later move to Burnsville.Nov 26, 2021
Country Kitchen 1973This ad appearing in the 1973 Dan Patch Days program identifies the Country Kitchen being located at Carl's Truck Stop. Eventually it would become the Lemon Tree.Nov 25, 2021
Burnsville Auto RepairLocated at Highway 13 and County Road 11.Nov 24, 2021
William Byrne Elementary School SignWilliam Byrne Elementary School sign designed by Burnsville's Precision Sign & Imaging 2021.Nov 24, 2021
Rahn Elementry SchoolRahn Elementary School sign designed by Burnsville's Precision Sign & Imaging LLC., 2021.Nov 24, 2021
Gideon Pond School MonumentGideon Pond School Monument designed by Burnsville's Precision Sign & Imagining 2021.Nov 24, 2021
River HIlls Town OfficesA business park at the corner of Highway 13 and County Road 11.Nov 23, 2021
Captain Towing2021 sign at Captain Towing, Highway 13.Nov 23, 2021
March 7, 1984 Burnsville SUNFront page view of the final edition of the Burnsville Sun.Nov 20, 2021
Burnsville's first merchant gained skills in UttoxeterAugust 31, 1983 - Burnsville Sun

Del Stelling visits England and town where John Berrisford came from...
Nov 20, 2021
Amore PizzaAt Highway 13 and Cliff Road - near the Millpond Apartments - 1983.Nov 19, 2021
Buck HillBuck Hill begins making snow 2021.Nov 19, 2021
Solaron - festival of the future 1983July 13, 1983 Burnsville Sun

Solaron, a festival of the future will open at Buck Hill...
Nov 19, 2021
Family Funways - Wild West returns 1983June 29, 1983 - Burnsville Sun

The wild west has returned to Burnsville. Some years back, the Sand Burr Gulch Village, part of the Stage Coach Complex, between Savage and Shakopee, featured several displays typilifying scenes from the Wild West. After Ozzie Klavestad sold the properties, the Sand Burr Gulch village was closed and displays dismantled.

Earlier this year, Rod Hopp, owner of the Family Funways amusement park in Burnsville made arrangements with Don Raverty of St. Paul, the display developer to have them installed in his park...
Nov 19, 2021
Visitors from England enjoy Berrisford store site 1983November 16, 1983 - Burnsville Sun

English visitors - the Sisson's of Checkley England, recently visited the Razors Edge Barbershop in Savage built by John Berrisford, who was also from England...
Nov 19, 2021
Burnsville Sun ends 1983March 7, 1983 Burnsville Sun -

The Burnsville Sun, a newspaper that has served the city since 1959 ceases publication this week and merges with the Burnsville Current to become the SUN CURRENT...

Nov 19, 2021
Embassy RestaurantAnother old Embassy photo.Nov 18, 2021
Herbie'sFrank Klingelhut with Herbie Pilger and Bill Bush.Nov 18, 2021
Embassy RestaurantAnother old Embassy photo Frank Klingelhut 1st on the left, when owner.Nov 18, 2021
Ground finally broken for new Ridges Hospital 1981November 17, 1981 -

Ground breaking ceremonies for Fairview Ridges Hospital...
Nov 18, 2021
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