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1930 Burnsville Census page 847 viewsThis page of the Census includes Oscar Dally, placing the location the Crystal Lake area of Burnsville. Head of Household names this page: Dally, Scott, Halverson, Holman, Regan, Streefland, Leonard, McNearney, Foley, Niemeyer, Belor, Worwa, Longworth.
1930 Burnsville Census page 645 viewsThis page of the Census includes the McAndrews family who lived near todays site of the Ridges Medical Complex. the Ratzlaff and Figura families. Head of households names listed this page: Kroohan, Rathbone, McAndrews, Ratzlaff, Henson, Figura, Visnovec.
1930 Burnsville Census page 142 viewsA sample page of the Burnsville 1930 census showing some of the residents on Highway 13. Note a number have boarders. Head of Household names this page: Oxborough, Hayes, Dowdle, Kennelly, Connelly, Casey, Lannon.
1930 Burnsville Census page 542 viewsThis page of the census includes the Hayes and Slater families which lived off Burnsville Parkway and County Road 5. Head of Household Names this page: Lynch, Hayes, Slater, Hoffman, Gallagher, Barnes, Nelson, Jacobs, Kline.
1930 Burnsville Census page 341 viewsThe 1930 Burnsville Census, this page includes the Egan family living on today's County Road 42 and Judicial Road. Head of Households this page: McMullen, Bagge, Bussie, Shea, Williams, Doherty, Kearney, Pinkus, Gallagher, Egan, Kelleher.
1930 Burnsville Census page 240 viewsThis page contains the O'Regan and Gallagher families near todays Highway 13 and Travelers Trail. Head of Household names this page: Jensen, Swanson, Hanson, Bohn, O'Regan, Revsbech, Swanson, Sneller, Gallagher.
1930 Burnsville Census page 738 viewsThis page of the 1930 census includes the Kohls, DeShaw and Gramsey families. Head of Households this page (some spellings may be incorrect) Meis, Martin, Kohls, Cederblade, Fitzgibbons, Ratslaff, Gramsey, Geofsky, Price, Thacker.
1930 Burnsville Census page 938 viewsA page from the 1930 Census of Burnsville. Head of Household names this page: Starbuck, Hedin, Lindanhal, Colby, Vander?hagen, Belmont, Ertsgaard, Hildebrand, Fosnes, Ogg, Wyman, Hanson, Wells, Peterson, Smith, Anderson.
1930 Burnsville Census page 1036 viewsThe final page of the 1930 Burnsville Census. Head of Household names this page: Bentham, Olson, Hutchinson, Davies, Tyler, Eiffel, Cofie, Jackson, Callan, Seile.
1930 Burnsville Census page 434 viewsThis page of the 1930 census includes the George Kearney family placing the location at today's Neil Park off Burnsville Parkway.
Head of Households this page: Foley, Giles, Kearney, Doebel, Nicholson.
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