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Minnesota Twins/Vikings in Bloomington134 viewsProfessional baseball and football was minutes away at the Metropolitan stadium on Cedar Avenue in Bloomington.
Rosemount homecoming 1953134 viewsBurnsville has yet to open its own high school, so a portion of Burnsville teens attended Rosemount High School including the Holman's, Connelly's and DeShaws. Other Burnsville teens attended Lakeville, Shakopee or Bloomington, based on the location of their homes.
Metropolitan Stadium132 viewsThe first home of the Minnesota Twins and Vikings on Cedar Avenue, just minutes away from Burnsville and Eagan.
Kearney Grocery, Savage with new exterior131 viewsKearney Grocery Store, downtown Savage, owned by Gene and Mary Kearney, as it looked in 1954.
Here's what is playing at the Oxboro Movie Theatre131 viewsLocated at 98th and Lyndale in Bloomington, this provided an indoor movie for Burnsville and Savage residents.
Cedarvale Mall130 viewsThe opening of Cedarvale brought a major grocery store - Applebaum's to the area. For some living in River Hills, shopping at Cedarvale was convenient. For many Burnsville high students, it meant a first job.

Founder Sid was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota on February 28, 1924 to Oscar and Bertha Applebaum. He was the youngest son and second youngest child of nine. His parents immigrated to the United States from Russia on their honeymoon. Oscar Applebaum sold produce door-to-door in St. Paul, Minnesota from a horse-drawn wagon. Oscar opened a fruit stand on the corner of St. Peter and 7th streets in downtown St. Paul with a $65 loan from his eldest son. That fruit stand became the first Applebaum's Food Market. As a young boy, Sid Applebaum bundled soap, bagged rice, worked as a box boy and delivered fruit and produce for his father’s fruit stand.

By 1979, the family business included about 30 metro-area Applebaum's stores and one in Duluth. In 1979, the chain was sold to National Tea Co., and Applebaum continued on, working for them.
Metropolitan stadium130 viewsThe 1965 World Series, minutes away from Burnsville.
Downtown Rosemount130 viewsBroback Court aerial Rosemount. Prior to 1956 many Burnsville teens attended high school in Rosemount. And since Burnsville had no banks or stores, Rosemount provided a destination for banking and other needs.
Southdale Mall Edina opens 1956 130 viewsSouthdale Mall Edina opens 1956.
Cedarvale Mall 2008129 viewsWhen Cedarvale first opened in Eagan it provided nearby grocery, drug and hardware stores for those living in the River Hills. There were two additions to the mall, which eventually closed due to lack of business. It is shown being torn down in 2008.
Cedarvale Mall129 viewsEntry to the "new section" of Cedarvale, near the Jerry Lewis Movie Theatre.
Metropolitan Stadium126 viewsPhotos prior to being torn down to be replaced by the Mall of America.
Original bank building in Savage126 viewsOne of the oldest original buildings in Savage, first the bank, then the Glendale Township Hall, later the first Savage library, then a bank, a bike shop and now a gun business. Location - 4815 W 123rd St, Savage.
Downtown Savage late fall126 viewsNow, 2019 West 123rd Street, Downtown Savage. This was location of the first bank, later becoming the library and Allen's Dodge.
The MET in Bloomington125 viewsThe home of the Twins and the Vikings opened on Cedar Avenue, Bloomington in 1956, just minutes from Burnsville. From the hill of County Road 11 you could see the lights at night.
Studio 97 Movie Theatre125 viewsAlthough there were movie theatres in Minneapolis and St. Paul, the Studio 97 located at 97th and Lyndale in Bloomington provided a close location for Burnsville residents to view movies.
Eaton's Ranch clothing124 viewsApril 19, 1973 - Dakota County Tribune - the clothing side of Eaton's Ranch.
95th and Lyndale124 views95th and Lyndale in the portion of Bloomington called Oxboro.
Eagan's 1942 fire truck restored123 viewsPrior to the establishment of a fire department, Burnsville relied on fire departments from Eagan, Savage, Rosemount and even Bloomington - based on the location of the fire.
Apple Valley flag123 viewsThe City Flag 2017.
James and Margaret Slater122 viewsJames 1855 - 1941 and Margaret Corrigan his wife 1861 - 1949 lived on a farm at the corner of what is now Highway 13 and Nicols Road. Their children were;

Joseph Slater (1889 - 1960)*
Edmund J Slater (1894 - 1953)*
Mayme Slater LeMay (1897 - 1983)*
Raymond Slater (1900 - 1912)*
Frank Slater (1902 - 1978)*
Margaret Lillian Slater (1905 - 1912)*
Southdale Mall Edina opens 1956122 viewsSouthdale Center, colloquially known as Southdale, is a shopping mall located in Edina, Minnesota, a suburb of the Twin Cities. It opened in 1956 and is one of the oldest fully enclosed malls, and the first climate-controlled one, in the United States. This location brought "downtown" shopping closer to Savage and Burnsville residents.
Eagan 1874122 views1874 Plat map of Eagan.
The end of an era - Southport Airport closing 1974122 viewsAugust 29, 1974 Dakota County Tribune:

Southport Airport, Cedar Avenue and County Road 42 closes to become site of a shopping center.
Exterior of the Kearney Store Savage 120 viewsA slightly different angle showing the Kearney Grocery Store, Savage.
Interior of the Kearney Grocery, Savage Minnesota120 views1954 - Interior of the Kearney Grocery store, Savage Minnesota.
For college graduate, age 93, goals mean everything120 viewsA Minneapolis Star Tribune feature story on Apple Valley's Agnes Scott.... June 14, 1995 Minneapolis Star Tribune.
Walsh's Grocery to close 1976.120 viewsWalsh's Grocery, 98th and Lyndale, served as a grocery store for many Burnsville residents before a major grocery store opened in Jet Plaza on County Road 5. The other grocery location was Kearney's in Savage. June 3, 1976 Dakota County Tribune.
She's 87 and her next goal is a college degree119 viewsA feature story about Agnes Scott of Apple Valley, who taught in one room schools in Dakota County in the 1920's. She married and had three children and still lives in a house in Apple Valley built in 1874 by her father-in-law. Since becoming a widow in 1958 she has gone to college off and on... August 31, 1989 Minneapolis Star Tribune.
Cedar Grove homes 1963118 viewsMarch 10, 1963 ad for Cedar Grove.
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