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The MET in Bloomington117 viewsHome of the Minnesota Twins and Vikings located on Cedar Avenue, today the Mall of America.
Eagan Minnesota 150 years117 viewsCity of Eagan celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2010.
Southdale 1950s117 viewsWith the opening of Southdale in 1956, major downtown stores came closer to Burnsville at the first enclosed mall.
Minnesota Twins/Vikings in Bloomington116 viewsMInutes from Burnsville - professional baseball and football.
Walsh's Grocery to close 1976.115 viewsWalsh's Grocery, 98th and Lyndale, served as a grocery store for many Burnsville residents before a major grocery store opened in Jet Plaza on County Road 5. The other grocery location was Kearney's in Savage. June 3, 1976 Dakota County Tribune.
Neal's TV Bloomington 1950s114 viewsJohn and Margaret Kennelly purchased their first television from Neal's TV in Oxboro/Bloomington. Neal also made
house calls to make repairs.
Apple Valley being built114 viewsThe township is Lebanon and the housing development called Apple Valley in this 1963 Dakota County Tribune photos.
James Slater #1 and wife Bridget O'Brien113 viewsBirth year is unknown, death Oct 8, 1886, his wife Bridget 1826 - 1913. They were parents to James Slater who would marry Margaret Corrigan.
Art Eaton dies 2006113 viewsFormer owner of Eaton's Ranch in Lebanon/Apple Valley died at the age of 87. When he was one year old his parents moved to Lebanon Township where they owned and operated Eaton's Ranch.
Shopping at Kearney's in Savage112 viewsInterior photo of Kearney's Grocery in Savage, Mn. Owned and operated by Gene and Mary Kearney.
The Big Apple at Cedarvale 1969112 viewsA newspaper ad for Applebaums grocery chain, with a location in Cedarvale.
Kennealy farm 1904112 viewsThe Richard and Catherine Kennealy farm next owned by his son Tom and wife Mary Kennealy. It stood on Highway 13 near Silver Bell Road.
Train derails112 viewsTrain derails near Cedar Avenue in Eagan. Burnsville, Eagan emergency crews respond. January 26, 1977 Burnsville Current.
Metropolitan Stadium112 viewsOpening Day 1963 Coming soon at the Met... on Cedar Avenue, now the site of the Mall of America.
Masonic Home Bloomington112 viewsAfter purchasing the Marion Savage Summer Estate in Bloomington, the original home was used for their facility and then replaced by this building.
Eagan 1879112 views1879 Plat Map of Eagan.
Downtown Rosemount 1940s112 viewsA portion of Burnsville students attended Rosemount High School. Also, depending on what area of Burnsville you lived, some used Rosemount for shopping, banking and fire department needs.
Cedarvale Grand Opening 1968111 viewsThe Cedarvale expansion is celebrated at this Grand Opening. The original section included the grocery, drug and hardware store.
Jim Scott's store to be burnt down111 viewsThe March 19, 1964 Dakota County Tribune reports on the "burning of the old Jim Scott Store", as part of a training session for the newly formed Eagan Fire Department. Scott opened the store in 1907 and has been empty for years.
Metropolitan stadium111 viewsThe last days of the Met.
Eli Kearney home110 viewsLocated in downtown Savage near the present St. John the Baptist school.
Cedar Grove Eagan110 viewsCedar Grove recognizes its place in Eagan history as the first major housing development with this T shirt.
Lebanon (Apple Valley) establishes first police department110 viewsNeighboring township - Lebanon (Now Apple Valley)

Township Growth
The township began to transform in the mid-1950s. Residential neighborhoods began to develop in the spring of 1955. A Planning Commission was established in 1962. In 1963, Orrin Thompson began building in the area. Thompson selected the name Apple Valley for several of his plats on either side of County Road 42 that were located in the southwest corner of the city. Thompson had an apple tree planted at each home in some of the new developments. In 1966, a volunteer fire department was organized. In the general election of 1968, the residents voted to incorporate the Town of Lebanon as the Village of Apple Valley. A mayor and four councilmembers were elected and took office on January 1, 1969. On January 1, 1974, Apple Valley became a statutory city.
Downtown Rosemount 110 viewsBefore Burnsville had a high school, some attended Rosemount High. Also based on what portion of Burnsville you lived, farmers would shop and bank there.
Starks Bar and Grill 2010109 viewsLong time Eagan business located at 3125 Dodd Rd, Eagan.
Gene and Mary Pat Kearney at their store in Savage108 viewsKearney Grocery Store owners Gene and Mary in Savage 1954.
Credit River 1965108 viewsThe year of the great flood, Credit River, downtown Savage is shown.
The Credit River issues from a small lake in the city of Elko New Market in southeastern Scott County, and flows generally northward through the townships of New Market and Credit River and the city of Savage. It flows into the Minnesota River from the south in Savage, approximately 14 miles (22 km) south-southwest of downtown Minneapolis.
District 196 brand symbolizes infinite possibilities for students 2017108 viewsThe Burnsville Sun/ThisWeek News September 4, 2017 reports on the school district's launch of anew website, newsletter design and logo as part of a new brand identity.
Metropolitan Stadium108 viewsA remaining dug out at the Met, now the Mall of America.
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