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Rosemount Depot86 viewsThe old Rosemount depot, artwork by John Cartwright.
For Burnsville farmers, Orchard Gardens, Rosemount, Eagan and Savage were the most likely choice for a connection to the rail road.
Caponi Art Park celebrating 25 years 201785 viewsFeb 23, 2017 Dakota County Tribune/Sun Thisweek reports on the 25th anniversary of the Art Park in Eagan. It is a 60 acre park off Diffley Road.
Cedarvale Mall85 viewsWorks begin to tear down Cedarvale Mall on Highway 13 in Eagan 2008. When Cedarvale first opened in Eagan it provided nearby grocery, drug and hardware stores for those living in the River Hills. There were two additions to the mall, which eventually closed due to lack of business.
Interview with Ken Wagner 196885 viewsTV Digest for the week of December 14, 1968 interviews Apple Valley resident Grandpa Ken from KMSP 9 television.
A & W Cedarvale Eagan85 viewsThe A & W near Cedarvale in Eagan, 1972.
Cedar Avenue85 viewsThis photo has been identified as being Cedar Avenue near todays Highway 13.
Red Owl Bloomington85 viewsLocated at 98th and Lyndale, the opening of this shopping center provided a shopping outlet for Burnsville residents before the opening of Jet Plaza on Co. Rd. 5.
Site of first Rosemount business85 viewsLocation today: Chili Avenue, 145th Street and Chippendale Avenue.

Settler Mary Morrison's home was built here on a stagecoach line one day's journey from St. Paul. She rented rooms to travelers and named her business the Prairie house. Another hotel and store, the Rosemount House, opened in 1859. Today's downtown formed one mile east, after 1864 when the railroad was built. It was torn down in 1995.
First State Bank of Rosemount85 viewsSign in front of Rosemount's oldest operational bank. Prior to Burnsville having a bank, some residents utilized Rosemount for banking services.
Cedarvale Mall84 viewsThe opening of Cedarvale brought a major grocery store - Applebaum's to the area. For some living in River Hills, shopping at Cedarvale was convenient. For many Burnsville high students, it meant a first job.

Founder Sid was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota on February 28, 1924 to Oscar and Bertha Applebaum. He was the youngest son and second youngest child of nine. His parents immigrated to the United States from Russia on their honeymoon. Oscar Applebaum sold produce door-to-door in St. Paul, Minnesota from a horse-drawn wagon. Oscar opened a fruit stand on the corner of St. Peter and 7th streets in downtown St. Paul with a $65 loan from his eldest son. That fruit stand became the first Applebaum's Food Market. As a young boy, Sid Applebaum bundled soap, bagged rice, worked as a box boy and delivered fruit and produce for his father’s fruit stand.

By 1979, the family business included about 30 metro-area Applebaum's stores and one in Duluth. In 1979, the chain was sold to National Tea Co., and Applebaum continued on, working for them.
Apple Valley84 viewsThe Lebanon Cemetery is located at the corner of County Road 42 and Pilot Knob Road. Lebanon Cemetery of Apple Valley is owned and operated by the City of Apple Valley as a public cemetery.
Cedar Grove water tower84 viewsWater tower for the then newly built Cedar Grove.
Slater Family Tree83 viewsOne brother Timothy Slater lived in Burnsville - the other James in Eagan. Here is a portion of the family tree created by Bill Slater.
Original Dakota County Courthouse83 viewsDakota County Courthouse was built 1869–1871 and renovated with a dome in 1912; noted for its Italian Villa architecture and association with Dakota County's government. Now Hastings City Hall. Photo 2018.
Southdale 1950s83 viewsWith the opening of Southdale in 1956, major downtown stores came closer to Burnsville at the first enclosed mall.
Tom's Standard83 viewsTom's Standard Oil, Highway 13 Savage.
Original Dakota County Courthouse82 viewsDakota County Courthouse was built 1869–1871 and renovated with a dome in 1912; noted for its Italian Villa architecture and association with Dakota County's government. Now Hastings City Hall. Photo 2018.
Masonic Home Museum82 viewsThe Masonic Home, Bloomington is the site of two museums - their own and the Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center. Shown is the Masonic Home Museum.
Apple Valley aerial82 viewsPhoto compliments of Frauenshuh Commercial Real Estate - Cobblestone Lake area on Pilot Knob Road.

Kennealy farm Eagan81 viewsFirst home of Richard and Catherine, then their son Tom and wife Mary Kennealy, located near Highway 13 and Siver Bell Road.
Old Townhall Council decides to move it away 198381 viewsCountryside News April 25, 1989 reports the City of Apple Valley votes to donate the Lebanan Township Hall to Dakota City in Farmington.
Axel's in Mendota81 viewsThe popular steak house was the original site of the long established Parker House. This upscale classic style restaurant is located in the Historic Village of Mendota and features exceptionally high quality American cuisine served in a beautiful setting by an experienced, guest friendly staff. AXELS River Grille is in the building of the former Parker House – a premiere restaurant which served the Twin Cities for over 60 years.
Mendota Bridge 192681 viewsThe building of the Mendota Bridge, 1926, compliments of the Dakota County Historical Society.
The Chart House 202081 viewsThe Chart House Restaurant & Event Center, the gem of Lakeville since 1968. located minutes from Burnsville's Orchard Gardens on County Road 5.
It initially opened in 1963 as the KonTiki Club, which burnt. Address: 11287 Klamath Trail, Lakeville, MN 55044.
Smoky Point, Bloomington81 viewsAlthough in Bloomington at 7800 Cedar Avenue South, the Smoky Point was the areas first Bar B Q place.
Elect Gene Kearney 196780 viewsBorn in Burnsville, residing in Savage business owner Gene Kearney runs for village clerk.
Dakota County Fair 190880 viewsAlthough the County Seat is in Hastings, the Dakota County Fair takes place in Farmington. This is a scene from the 1908 Fair.
Dakota County Fair 190880 viewsAlthough the County Seat is in Hastings, the County Fair takes place in Farmington. Here is a scene from 1908.
Marion Savage Summer Home - Bloomington80 viewsA reproduction of the original Marion Savage summer home which stood in Bloomington has been reproduced and viewed through these windows.
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