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Arson rocks BHS 1994395 viewsMay 1, 1994 Burnsville This Week reports on the $5 million dollar of damage to High school. Governor Arne Anderson and local legislators toured the damage seeking $1.2 million in emergency assistance.
BHS arson enters record books347 viewsThe Burnsville Sun/Current May 4, 1994 reports that the April 25 fire at the high school was the second most costly fire in the states history. The theme of the 1994 Year book was "The Fire Inside". Ironically, the theme was selected before the fire. The prior year the school teams changed from the Burnsville Braves to the Burnsville Blaze.
Fire rips through BHS 1994310 viewsThe April 27, 1994 issue of the Burnsville Sun Current reports on the extensive damage to the Burnsville High School following a suspicious fire (which later would be identified as arson).
Sky Oaks School179 viewsFirst graders at Sky Oaks school learn about Hannukah from Merle Rosenberg. December 14, 1977 Burnsville Current.
School arson is history repeating 1994176 viewsThe May 8, 1994 Burnsville This Week Newspaper notes the fact that in 1932 two schools - Burnsville District 15 and Eagan's District 104 wer both burnt by arson. Now 1994 Arson again occurs.
Automatic Sprinker effectiveness evident in school fires 1995173 viewsThree large Minnesota high school buildings were damaged by arson fires during the last week of April 1994 including Burnsville High School. the first and most damaging of these fires occured April 25, 1994 at Burnsville High School. Four days later, fires were reported during the early morning hours at two other high schools - Edina and Minnetonka. All the fires demonstrated the effectiveness of automatic sprinkler protection...
1965 Junior Senior Prom Dance Card165 viewsJunior and senior class officers are listed.
Neill School 1977165 viewsSchool students enjoy Halloween 1977.
1963 Year Book - Dedication to Richard (Dick) Hanson163 viewsRandom pages selected from the 1963 Burnsville High School Year Book.
Fire fighters entered an inferno 1994148 viewsThe May 11, 1994 issue of the Burnsville Sun Current reports that firefighters knew almost immediately that the April 25 fire at the High School was probably the work of an arsonist.
January 19, 1974 Commencement of Class of 1974145 viewsProgram for the January 19, 1974 graduation.
William Byrne School 1976142 viewsBeing a brick structure, the look of the building is consistent throughout the years. The school is named in honor of town founder - William Byrne.
Burnsville High School Graduation140 viewsJune 4, 1978 photo from the Burnsville Current of the class of 1978.
1968 School Dance139 viewsThe Dakota County Tribune reports on a school dance at Metcalf Junior High.
Rahn School Eagan129 viewsKindergarten class listen to guest speaker Beckie Felling September 7, 1977 Burnsville Current.
Classes to resume at new site 1994128 viewsFollowing the arson fire at the high school, high school classes are moved to Nicollet Junior HIgh/Sky Oaks School campus. Class periods were abbreviated and days shortened under a split shift arrangement.
Intro to computers 1970s126 viewsOne of the first computers being introduced to students in Burnsville schools.
1963 - Year Book Administration and Faculty123 viewsRandom pages selected from the 1963 Burnsville High School Year Book.
Sky Oaks School 1977122 viewsLocated at 100 E 134th Street. Today, Sky Oaks Elementary School, serves a diverse community of about 550 students in kindergarten through fifth grade.
Nicollet Junior High122 viewsOliver Kaldahl (teacher) with students Dave Hiasse, Mike Sunderman, Jeff Van Buskirk, November 16, 1977 Burnsville Current photo.
William Byrne School 1979119 viewsPrincipal Marilyn Kjolien with students.
Nicollet Junior High 118 viewsBrandon Gee, Mike Skog, Kevin Schultz and Bill Porter at a Nicollet Junior High event. February 23, 1977 Burnsville Current.
1965 Burnsville High school classroom114 viewsThis photo of students, unidentified, appeared in the 1965 school yearbook.
Sioux Trail School113 viewsMary Crawford (teacher) with Amy Hansen at Sioux Trail School. May 31, 1978 Burnsville Current.
1963 - Year Book Banquet and Prom112 viewsRandom pages selected from the 1963 Burnsville High School Year Book.
Superintendent submits resignation in Burnsville March 1966112 viewsJohn Metcalf, superintendent for the past 11 years submitted his resignation under pressure from school board members.
Nicollet Junior High111 viewsKim Hause, LeAnne Tubbs, Karen Lacher, Mike Dennhy artists- Burnsville Current photo November 16, 1977.
Byrne School 1978110 viewsFace painting at a kids event at Byrne School, South River Hills, 1978.
School lunch108 viewsA Burnsville Currnet photo of - Students during lunch at one of the Burnsville Elementary schools.
Tom Mraz 1970s108 viewsAn undated photo of Burnsville High School's Tom Mraz. In 1991 the Performing Arts Center was named in honor of Thomas B. Mraz, long time faculty member.
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