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Valley View MotelMotel stood on Travelers Trail next to Warrior Building.

Judd's hotel at Crystal Lake was Burnsville's first hotel. The Valley View located at what is now Travelers Trail in the Heart of the City opened in the 1950s, being Burnsville only hotel/motel at the time.
It was owned and operated by Herb and Irma Lundberg and their children - Lee, Don, Gail, Gary and David. The Lundberg's lived in the farmhouse on the property until Highway13 was expanded for the new freeway. They then built a new home on the property and kept the motel open.
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Cliff Road by air 1977The businesses in this area of Cliff Road tend to be more commercial than consumer related.55555
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Alimagnet at center1964-7-4-WK-2EE-18755555
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Howard Johnsons Hojo'sPhoto 1977 Howard Johnson's.55555
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Aerial Crystal Lake at Center55555
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Lake Alimagnet by airThis photo appeared in the 1974 Burnsville Progress Edition.44444
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Burnsville by airCliff Road near Nicollet and the future Cliff Fen Park from a negative provided by the City of Burnsville.33333
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WK-6-435 Crystal Lake area of Burnsville by air 1937It is believed this photo showing Crystal Lake and the borders of Burnsville, Lakeville and Lebanon was shot in 1937.11111
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Burnsville by air 1970sThe following picture is looking west, from just north of the intersection of CR-11 and Burnsville Parkway. Highway 13 cuts in from the right side, HS parking lot, Pleasant View cemetery, drive-in theater visible; continues to horizon. 35W cuts across the image. Parkway Estates in lower left corner.11111
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