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Marion Savage and Dan Patch sculpture 2018The Statue of Marion Savage and Dan Patch unveiled at the Savage Library June 24, 2018.55555
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The Landing - Minnesota River Heritage ParkThe Burnsville Historical Society is using photographs we took at the site to reflect the lives of our earliest settlers who first lived in cabins and then farm houses.

Shown is an 1880's General Store at the Landing set in the Village of Eagle Creek which is similar to the Berrisford Store in Burnsville. The Berrisford Store was located on the borders of Burnsville (Dakota County) and Hamilton (now Savage in Scott County). When talking with the owner "in character" he said he was well aware of Berrisford's neighboring store.

When the Civil War broke out, Berrisford enlisted with the Third Minnesota, serving with that regiment until the battle of Murfreesboro.

The regiment was later sent back to Minnesota on parole, and upon arriving here was sent out to western Minnesota to help quell the Indian uprising.

In doing so, the regiment participated in the Battle of Wood Lake.

It was after the war that John Berrisford opened a general store in Burnsville, near what is now the junction of Judicial Road and County Road 34.

At the time, this was on the old Shakopee-St. Paul Road, along which much of the horse and wagon traffic of that day travelled.

Nearby, the original St. John the Baptist Catholic Church was located. Thus, this became one of the most strategic locations of the community, serving the residents of Burnsville and also those of Hamilton, now Savage.
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2010 Dan Patch Days Button design for the annual event honoring Dan Patch and owner Marion Savage.55555
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Dille sketch of Orchard GardensThis rendering of the old Orchard Gardens railroad station is painted by Burnsville resident June Dille. The station was used by those who commuted between the area and Minneapolis on the Dan Patch line.55555
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