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Burnsville Teacher Patti Hatch to have huge role in husbands campaign 2006Burnsville Thisweek News - July 15, 2006 reports: Patti Hatch is wife of Michael Hatch MInnesota Attorney General, who is the DFL party's endorsed candidate for governor. Patti has been teaching in the School District since 1973, the last 20 years at Sioux Trail. The couple live in Burnsville. 55555
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Wally Day remembers when 1977The July 25, 1977 Burnsville Current interviews Wally Day -who at the age of 21 came to Burnsville with his parents when they rented a farm on Co. Rd. 5. They would then buy the farm and it would remain Wally's home. In 1964 he built a new home "across the road", sold some of the property, but retained the farm house and buildings renting them to Hot Sam's Antiques. The farm would be sold and torn down in 1986.55555
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Mary Modjeski 1977Mary Modjeski served on the Burnsville City Council and was a real estate agent. This photo appeared in a February 9. 1977 real estate ad in the Burnsville Current.55555
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